Friday, February 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 4)

Can you believe I'm still doing this?
Here's my not so quick takes:
(really, I'm working on being quick, it's just I have so many pictures to show)
Last year, Christine told me she leaves her hubby notes every day til Valentine's day,
I thought that was such a great idea to show my love for my husband,
I did it too.
This year, I'm doing it again.
SO each day I write
a note and hide it somewhere he will find it.
Sometimes it's a sweet note,
sometimes it's a more sexy note,
sometimes it's a love and respect note,
sometimes it has a special treat with it.
It's so fun to do and I can tell my hubby loves it.
And, I get a kiss every time he finds his note.

Anyone watch the office last night?
Did you scream with excitement and yell "woo hoo!"
when Michael and Holly finally kissed?
Oh, me either.
No, I really did!!
I do so hope when Michael leaves the show, he goes off with Holly.
I love them together.
Anyone want to talk "The Office"?
Like, who will replace Michael?
Did you see last week, they had the man who is the star of the English Office on?
Now, he'd be a great replacement!!
It will have to be someone good.

I'm still working out every day, except Sunday.
(but I'm going to add Sunday)
I'm still getting up early, but
Yesterday I didn't get up early and didn't workout til 8pm!
I was in my workout outfit til then, waiting for that "window of opportunity"
to workout, but it didn't happen til 8pm!
This DVD is a new favorite.
I got it at Wal-mart for $10
I weigh Monday.
We'll see if any poundage lostage.
None yet.
I did take measurements though, so I'll wait a couple weeks on that one.
I DO feel soooooo gooooood though.
It's like my "core" is better.
I have more energy.
Except when I sit down to nurse baby....I doze off....while reading stories to the kiddos.....
Wake up mom!!
We have a new piano player in our home!
Mary Hannah started lessons last week and loves it!!
I always love listening to the kiddos practicing!
I think I'll frame this picture and put it on the piano.

We also have a new artist in our home.....

Look! Her first painting!!!
Look it's all over the counter.....

and her legs.....

Pink painting for February....
Add a little white to pink and red,
what happens?

Bright gets us through February....

Everyone in our home has been sick these past 2 weeks.
We've gone through
runny noses,
sore throats,
stomach aches,
Ear infections,
eye infections
Not in any particular order, just a bunch of stuff, each day something different.
This mama did not get any of it...
(maybe because of #3?)
I did have lots of little sleep nights though.
This might be a little R rated, depending on how you look at it, so beware!
When taking a bath with your 6 year old, you might have some interesting questions.
Questions you are not really ready to discuss with her.
6 year old: When can I shave my legs?
Mom: When your hairs turn black, see your hairs are almost clear?
6 year old: Will I get hair on my bottom? (she means the "front part" if you know what I mean)
Mom: Yes. When you are a teenager.
6 year old: Do all teenagers have hair on their bottoms?
Mom: Uh, yep.
6 year old: Does Melissa? (our old babysitter, who is now 20)
Mom: Yep, she does.
6 year old: Will my hair be black?
Mom: Ummmm, proooobably, but maybe not, I don't know, probably.
Maybe you shouldn't take a bath with mama anymore honey.

***Have a great weekend everyone!!
Minnesota is in a temporary warm up, til Monday!!
It's supposed to be 33 degrees today!!!


  1. HolyMoly glad to hear everyone is feeling better. That sick stuff can really be hard on a family.
    Mama must have a great immune system.

    I give snicker candy bars as treats to hubby. We only give homemade cards on LUB DAY so the treats beforehand are fun.

    I will have to add the "big muscles" to one of his. Good idea.

    I second the black and white for a photo to frame. Beautiful long fingers.

    ps....colette practices piano and it drives me crazy so I make her put the headphones on. I am such a bad mama.

    Enjoy the nice weather!

  2. Hi, I saw a comment on Paula's from A Catholic Harvest and came over to introduce myself. I'm new to blogging... started at the beginning of this year. I'm happy to have found yours. Your pictures are fantastic!

  3. Hey Jamie

    I too, have joined the "7 Quick takes"! (Giving the credit to the Conversion Diary, of course.)

    I also have made mine too long--longer than yours really, and yet I didn't have much to say! We are trying to get over the flu over here and that's been our main event.

    I'm going to start the Walking Away the Pounds too! I have been wanting to start a workout program but have been scared (we heart attack victims tend to be afraid to do anything after a heart attack) but I like the Walk away the Pounds because it isn't the crazy bouncing around stuff!

  4. I will comment on the Office, since Steve and I love the show...

    I'm sad to see Michael leave, I don't know if it will be as good once he's gone! Although perhaps if they had someone else just as funny, like the guy from the original it could be good.

    I thought it was about time they kissed since they're perfect for each other :)

  5. Love your way of leaving notes for your husband! That is just too cute!

  6. I think your tradition of leaving the notes is so sweet. Glad to know everyone is better from that assortment of illnesses. That was some really great pictures of your family at the bottom of this post.
    Continued good luck with the weight loss. Have a great weekend.

  7. Those notes for your hubby are so wonderful. It reminds me that I need to so something for my hubby too- not just for v-day, but every day.

  8. Love The Office (the Brit version as well). I hope M and H run off together, too.

    Okay, Ricky Garvais (sp?), the original boss in The Office? He's got this show on Science Channel called "Idiot Abroad". Have you seen it? It is hilarious. Not for kids. Just so you know - I think they'd ask too many questions, and they warn of nudity, but they black it all out. So, there's not really any nudity. Still.

  9. I was squeeling for Michael and Holly. They are so perfect together and that was a great show.


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