Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bad Books

I love ordering from Scholastic Book Club!
Great books at a great price, usually.
Sometimes the problem is that you can't see what the books are like until you get them.
Well, last time, they had this book,
which looks very cute, doesn't it?
They had this book selling in a set, with 2 two others, Purplicious, & Goldilicious.
They are stories about a bratty little girl who fights with her brother and
disobeys her parents and walks all over them with her bratty tantrums.
I was so disappointed.
I want to throw them away.
But I paid for them.
So, I decided to use the pretty pictures inside the books for beautiful collages.


  1. Yep, you don't want any of your crew getting one of them and reading any of that negative stuff. Better luck next time. Hope you are having a happy Wednesday.

  2. I agree! My sister bought this book for my girls, but it has since then "disappeared!"


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