Monday, May 16, 2011

The Good Shepherd's Garden Party--Week 3

 Here I am finally getting to this garden party stuff.  It always seems I barely make things by the skin of my tail, a day late and a dollar short!  We don't have the stickers that go with this.  This is actually the first year I really looked into it (2 weeks late) and thought, "Hey, I could do this!"
The kiddos loved it!
The Heavens Tell God's Glory
The Rainbow is pictured above, we did fruit kabobs, but I forgot to take a picture of them seperately!

 I'm trying to get used to this new blogger editor, so, stick with me, my pictures might be out of order for a while.  Here we are showing The Wind....bubble style, it was beautiful today so this worked out perfect!

 Do these bubbles count as my Rainbow picture?

 The Sun
We actually have several things involving the sun.  I love the sun!
Can you tell?
Above:  Yellow paper plates (we are not formal here)
*Make sure you use permanant marker to make the faces!
Below:  Orange slices with Carrot sticks (I love carrots too)

 We made sun cupcakes, but only have one cupcake pan (because there's a paint mess in the other one)
So, I made a round pan of the leftover batter and used Mandarin oranges for the sun's rays.
 For the cupcakes, I got what I thought would be much more yellow than it was...but it turned out cute anyway. The kiddos loved the lemon flavor.
 Below:  is what I originally wanted to do....but I couldn't find orange or yellow licorice anywhere!!
I checked 3 stores, and decided to do the other ones instead.
The girls loved making these...and licking the spoons!
Thanks to Tiffany, my picky eaters were happy too!
 Rain and Hail
 Hail Maker
Thunder and Lightning
This salad I found kind of bland...probably because I used dried herbs and my garlic wasn't fresh, it was the minced kind.  Jedi loved it. He wanted to make sure I saved the leftovers.
(I also substituted black eyed peas because I like the group because I didn't have chick peas and didn't think anyone would eat them.
(wasn't that cool? I just did a strikethrough!!--this new Blogger Editor thing does have some cool stuff!)
OK, Now onto the next   this week's Garden Party....
Oh, first I must head on over to Catholic Cuisine to link up!

***We had this salad today as leftovers and I added 2 Tbsp butter and salt and pepper, heated it in the microwave and it was delicious!!***


  1. I'm so glad that your kids enjoyed the Garden Party! They really are lots of fun, and generally not too hard to pull off. (Once a week is SO much easier than the daily activities that Charlotte and I use to do with our kids!)

    Everything turned out wonderful! I loved all the Suns... especially the Orange and Carrot sun! I actually have orange and yellow licorice in my cupboard (I bought a couple packs of rainbow twizzlers for the Mum Cupcakes, which we made for our last Little Flowers Meetings, and I only needed the green...) Too bad you live so far away, you could have had them!

  2. Jamie, your Mandarin orange sun cake looks great! And I love how the "lightning" is on the storm cloud plate. :)

    Did you see that Charlotte had made a printable Calendar with printable "stickers" to be placed on it? That may be an alternative for you. I've thought about printing it out to let the kids color their own and we do have the actual calendar set. I just think my kids would have fun with it.
    here it is:

  3. P.S. The first year we did The Garden of the Good Shepherd for Easter we also started on Week three!! :)

    And, I don't know if you noticed or not, but last year Charlotte illustrated a printable version of the symbols for the calendar!

  4. Oops! Looks like Kelly and I were posting at the same time! :)

  5. lovely party. and beautiful suns. your lightning bolts turned out much better than mine.

  6. What a colorful party! Those yellow plates are great for the whole theme. You did get a picture of the rainbow can see them in your first
    photo:-) Love the bubble addition! Have a blessed week 4!

  7. I want to live close to you and be your friend!!! You have the best ideas, and your kids are always having so much fun!!

    I hope our first year is even remotely close!

  8. I loved all those creative dishes that looked so lovely and colorful. You and your kiddos sure have lots of fun. Love to see those smiling faces. Have a super great day.

  9. I am loving the sunshine also. We sure deserve it here in MN. Looks like the kids had a great time...a great bubble sunshine time!

  10. Wow - you're THE mom! I think you deserve the "Domestic Excellence" award of the week!


  11. Hi Jamie Jo, your Good Shepherd Garden Party looks like it was fun for all. Your creativity in the kitchen is fantastic. I bet your children absolutely loved using food items to create art!

    I must ask though... I've seen a few bloggers doing this and I'm missing the meaning behind it. What's the scoop? :)

  12. Blowing bubbles to represent the wind is a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love all the suns. We are very late in posting anything with the Garden Party :-(. But hope to join you all soon.


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