Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School is So Good!

 OK, we actually went back to school 2 weeks ago.
It is sooooo good!
I  have to say this is the first year, we  I am not in tears, 
yelling by the end of the first week, 
"That's it, you are all going to public school!!"
The only difference this year, is we started early, but I think the biggest difference
is I didn't set super high expectations for the first week, or even the first day.
I stuck with what I know works.
I did the easy happy mama cookies (the refrigerated kind)
I didn't do special prizes for starting school
 I didn't feel guilty for not doing those special prizes!!
(you can read my excited comment though from 3 years ago....
oh how much I've learned about myself, since I've turned 40!)
(no offense please, I'm just kidding everyone!!)
It's good for the kiddos to be back on schedule.
Too much free time is...well....too much free time.
Don't get me wrong, I think that is what summer is meant for,
It's just that, 
now there is less fighting,
the kids seem happier and busier and just more confident!
Good-bye lazy summer!
Hello planned meals, 
scheduled days & busy schedules, 
hello learning new things and growing together in our minds and hearts.
 Hello Kindergarten!!
 And First Grade.....
 And Fourth Grade.....
 And Sixth Grade!!!
Orange you glad school is back in session?
Some of the kiddos said, 
"Orange  you glad school has started?"
And some said,
"Orange you glad we only have 8 1/2 more months of school left til summer vacation?"


  1. You are a great teacher and your children are blessed to have you both as mom and teacher. Hope your school year is terrific!

  2. I am with you. I am trying to not get too caught up in everything. Making the goal of this year "Learning is FUN -- not stress" lol.

    I am also working on creating rhythm, not a schedule, since ours always fail, but a rhythm, I think we can do!

    God bless your school year!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that all is going well with school this year for you! This year I also tried to remain realistic for my starting out expectations. There's nothing worse that crabby and disappointed teacher and students.

    I almost did the schultutes this year. I remembered them Sunday and intended to run to town to get all the supplies on Monday. In the end, time at home and a family bike ride was more fun. Great idea and everyone's look so pretty...but it just hasn't happened yet for our school. Oh well. That's just fine.

    Hope your school days keep going well!

    ps...just saw on your sidebar that you are 20+ weeks....half way there! Hooray!

  4. We had our first day yesterday. I, too, am trying to be more relaxed this year. The first day was good! Hopefully we both will be able to keep in mind our goals throughout the year.

  5. My kids do not get treats for every little thing under the sun. I love traditions though and if some things for starting school are special...then it is good.

    I think it is better to be happy and not so stressed out then having everything perfect....like treats. The kids will be just fine.

    Last night we finished up our summer journals. I make my kids write about their "fun stuff" they did. We staple them up and add to the last couple of years and reread some of them. Amazing how fast kids change and grow up.

    I cannot believe you have a 6th grader already! I cannot believe I have a 10th grader! He drove to school this morning with Brian. Even those these are crazy times it is the only time we got. Enjoy those little kids because they grow up so fast.

    Congrats on the 20 week mark! Very exciting!

  6. Hi Jamie, I think starting out a school year with too high of expectations can lead to frustration which is never good at school. You're homeschooling for a bunch of kids and they all have their own needs and expectations. You set the tone, and the kids will fall in line!

  7. Thank you all....I'm finally learning after 6 years to not expect as much as I'd LIKE to do, which is EVERYTHING!!

  8. Yep, sweet thang, back to work and fill their pretty heads with knowledge. Loved the pictures of them a the end. Lovely touch.

  9. It is so nice to get back to a routine. Too much free time and my kids start to fight, even more than normal! Many blessings on your school year :)


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