Friday, September 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday (on Friday)

Thankful for St Therese paper dolls from a friend, whose daughter already cut out!
The girls played these all weekend!
 Thankful it's actually Friday!
After not so a great week at school....let's just say the older kiddos just aren't liking 
the more work thing, that the 2nd month of school brings.
We had to lay some ground rules and make a schedule.
I'm not that great at schedules...especially when I have to get up earlier.

 Thankful for girlies who love to play in the dirt...
 Thankful always thankful for cuteness...
 Thankful for fall Sedum growing....
 Thankful for babies who love babies and hugging and snuggling, 
I still rock this baby to sleep for her naps.
OK, she's not really a baby, she's 2 now...but, but, she's such a baby to all of us still! 
I can't resist, she loves it and she goes to sleep usually within 
5-10 minutes.  
She'll probably only be napping for another year or so....soaking all that love in while I can!
 Thankful for my favorite kitchen tool....the hamburger masher!!
My husband likes his hamburger mashed into smaller pieces,
 I grew up with bigger chunks of meat I guess and learned to do it that way.
I really like using this tool and he likes it too!
 Thankful I finally got a new can opener!!
After making chili a couple weeks ago, and opening all those cans of beans, 
I realized it probably was my opener that was bad, not opening the cans very good at all!
It's actually been like that for years.  Terrible, I know!
I looked in the store and new ones are only like $6.99!!
Now, my cans open very nicely.
Why didn't I do that sooner?
 Thankful my kiddos love these very healthy very quick and easy ramen noodle soup cup thingy's
Makes for a very quick lunch!
 Thankful....OK for more cuteness...
 Thankful for dried up hydrangeas that still look beautiful on the table...
 and 2 little blooms I found the other day and put in my window, a little bit of summer leftover...
 OK Thankful for a little more cuteness...
 Thankful for big brothers who love their baby sisters and 
baby sisters who love their big brothers!
 Thankful I got tired of no bangs and at a weak moment cut some!!
Thankful they didn't turn out too bad!
 Thankful for this clay pot from Jedi's friend, John, what a sweetie to give this to me!!
 Thankful for our fall trees and for fall weather to enjoy...
 And since it's fall, Thankful my husband let me order some much needed HUGE maternity clothes online.
They came in yesterday.
I think I ordered a size too big, but it's hard to tell how big I'll be in December!!
 Thankful after taking the kiddos to Tae Kwon Do and getting out of the van,
 and stepping right on a scooter, 
(that was not put away)
(I admit it, my kids don't put their outside things away!!!  Their idea of putting it away is somewhere in the garage...hence the scooter right outside my van door)
I actually cut my big toe (I have a really big big toe, I know)
on the bottom, really, really bad, there was blood everywhere, literally.
All that kept going through my head 
(besides the kiddos MUST clean this garage up this weekend)
was Thank God I didn't break my leg again. 
(I know, I shouldn't be wearing flip flops, but if I hadn't been, I figure I might have actually re-broken my leg)
Because the toe was open, it caught the scooter and ripped.
 Thankful Jedi is going to his first homeschool youth group meeting tonite!
They are going to make rosaries for the missions and have a huge bonfire and play outside games in the dark!
I made these bars found in my newest Taste of Home magazine
Make them like Rice Krispie treats,
 but use these ingredients
 and add 3 TBSP peanut butter to the marshmallows while melting them!
Perfect for fall...
 You thought I was kidding about all those appointments?
Here they are!!
(it's actually on 2 pages)
I have 32 to be exact starting Oct 3rd.
It actually doesn't get too bad til the week of Thanksgiving, then I will be there for 
3-4 appts/week, they combined some of them on the same days.
Thankful for these appointments, it is to monitor the baby and me and that is so important!!
It is so worth it.
 Thankful for perfect bananas!!!
with the cooler weather, the bananas are lasting a day or two longer!
Our local grocery store has them lined up right by the registers, so they are so tempting and 
I really love that they do that!
It's so much better than something else they could put there!
 Thankful for remnants of summer....
And Thankful for fall all around!

Thankful Thursdays
A time to remember to be thankful
A pause in the week for praise,
thanksgiving and thinking positively
in addition to the normal daily praise
we need to give God.

St Padre Pio, pray for us
Rosario, a longtime reader, has a Tupperware give away, visit her today!

God bless you, have a great weekend!!

We have church pictures tomorrow....trying to coordinate 7 people to look semi match.
I don't like to do the typical all jean people or all white shirt people...
so the 2 youngest are in rainbow shirt dress thingy's and the 2 oldest girls will be in purple 
and the rest will be in black.
We'll see how that goes!!!

Thankful this long post is over.


  1. I so love your thankful posts.. what a wonderful thing to read. The picture of her cradling her baby is so precious- soon she'll have the real one in her arms! The picture of you is terrific- your hair looks great! Take care of the toe-

  2. Ha! That recipe makes me laugh! Only because my son's therapist sent home this same exact recipe for me and my son to make together (for practicing following directions.) I had sighed and thought, just another thing to do.

    Aren't I a good mom? And here you make the same recipe without being forced into it!

  3. LUV your bangs and your hydrangeas. Thanks goodness you only cut your toe!

    Be careful and have a great weekend.

  4. Oh, Jamie! I'm so sorry you cut your toe so badly! I'm glad you didn't break your leg, though.

    You look so cute with bangs!

  5. You look beautiful! I enjoy reading about all that thankfulness. Hmmm, maybe I should try it!

  6. wow. that was long a post, but I enjoyed reading. and your toe is really big- but I wouldn't have noticed if you wouldn't have said anything ;) I hope you didn't fall and hurt the baby. I always had to remind myself when I am pregnant to be extra careful when going up and down stairs, but I guess falling can happen anywhere, anytime.

    I hope all your appointments go well. I can't believe how many you have! Thank goodness for health insurance!! I always tell my hubby that the high cost of the premiums is nothing the for the years we have babies.

  7. I really love your Thankful poem! Made me realize how much there is to be thankful for :) I love the picture of "your baby loving her baby" I've got a little "baby"too that loves to love her sweeT!

  8. Thankful for you long post. So fun to read.

    I think your bangs look great...but your toe looks owie. Man oh Man please be careful!!!! Soak it so it does not get infected! My toes and feet are way bigger.

    Zach loves Ava also. Something about that older brother-little sister relationship. The other kids he picks on. Really everyone loves the baby in the family.

    Hope Jedi had a good time last night. Perfect weather for a get together.

    my garage sale is so stupid because we really cannot open it unless there are two adults here and most of the time there are not. Wish I had like 5 sisters....those are the kind of people who came help with stuff like that. My friend CJ helped one morning but it is so hard to ask friends to do stuff. It is also impossible to do anything with a toddler. Especially one who nurses....all the time. It is getting weird. I probably need to start saying no...but it is so hard when "baby" loves it so. sigh.

    Love the new gizmos for the kitchen. Will try that new recipe bar thingy...looks yummy.

    I think you should just set up camp at the drs. and move in! That schedule is unbelievable!

  9. Love the pictures of your family and your new bangs look cute! Glad to hear that your toe wasn't broken but just cut. Annoying to deal with but it could be worse!

    Hope all of your appointments go well! You have much to be thankful for:)

  10. I love your blog! So thankful we found each other ;)

  11. Your bangs look very cute! I've been tempted to cut mine back lately, but haven't.

    And I just posted about the St. Therese paper dolls too! I recently pulled them out with her feast day coming up and my girls have been playing with them! I wasn't lucky enough to have ours all cut out for us though... That is awesome!


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