Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Men and Pillows

 We recently ordered this comforter set
(it looks much nicer in the ad)
This summer when we had our lice thing, 
(boy, it was a looooong summer with lice and chicken pox and nausea)
We got rid of our extra pillows and ugly brownish/paisley swirly ugly bed set.
Literally, my husband threw it in the dumpster.
He hated it.  
Did I say it was brown?
Just not our style.
As if we have a style, 
because we don't.
I plan to paint the walls white and get white sheer curtains...sometime
It's going to bug me til I do
(our walls are brownish--brown-ish)
My husband has been spoiled since summer, with no extra pillows, 
no extra blankets, just a sheet and our one blanket.
When this came 
he was like "What do we need all those pillows for?"
"Do we have to put all those on?"
"Can't we just use the comforter?"
I told him not to worry, I will take care of all the pillows.
he's not the one who makes the bed anyway.
He also hates the pillows on our couch.
Because, I suppose, they are always on the floor, 
and I'm always picking them up and putting them on the couch.
What is it with men and pillows?
Or is it just my man and pillows?
(Can you tell which side is my side of the bed?)
I like to read.
(My hubby's wires on the side there are all for his breathing/sleeping machine, IPod, alarm clock and lamp)


  1. That is a really pretty set- and my hubby doesn't really like the extra pillows, either, so maybe it is a man thing. They're more into function than interior design. Are you going to paint before or after the baby? I admire your energy! It will look beautiful, I know.

  2. Shelly--Yes, I'd love to paint before the baby comes....but...I don't think my husband will let me...I tend to overdo and then pay for it later.

    I will probably have to wait til after the springtime when we can open windows.

    I will get those curtains though!!:)

  3. Seriously, do you live in my house?! We have the exact same dilemmas. Couch pillows and bed pillows are just not useful in my husband's mind. It's hilarious! And my side has the books and his has all the wires too! Too funny!

  4. Man thing. :) And, if we had anywhere to put stuff, mine would be full of books and my husband's wires like yours. Too funny.

  5. Yeah, it a guy thing. I don't even get to have pillows! My husband complains enough as it is about the couch pillows so I don't even bother trying to do bed pillows too. I think they're pretty and decorative, but I have to agree with him that they're kind of in the way. (And the kids would eventually carry them off anyway.)

  6. Oh my goodness - how funny! My husband has the exact same reaction to pillows, shams, and pretty much any decor that isn't "functional"...

    And my "side" is flooded with books piled high too!

    How funny - thanks so much for sharing!

  7. That is a pretty set :) So nice to spiff things up before a baby :)

  8. If I know Jamie well, she will paint BEFORE baby comes. You are one driven mama. Also, maybe nesting a little bit.

    I WANT I can throw out my ugly comforter. just kidding yah. I know the lice thing was horrible. But, I have had mine for so long now it has holes in it.

    I am more like the pillows. No pillows on the couch. No pillows on the bed. I have a baby in my bed...that is enough!

    I love your comforter...however, it is white!!!! If I had white it would get a stain like in one day!

  9. Christine--It's blue!!! (light blue) It's the only one out of like a million that we both agreed on!!

  10. I am like your husband. I cannot stand extra pillows because the littles drag them all around the house and use them for 'stuff'. Drives me nuts to always be picking them up. I got rid of all extras except for two with shams on our bed.

    Your bed looks real comfy though!

  11. If I want to keep my decorative pillows nice, I have to keep them away from my hubby who will fold them in half and use them . . .

    . . . I like your bedding!

  12. My husband did this...a spoof off the Apple commercial, but with a Saintly message. Happy All Saints Day!


  13. Thanks Amy, that was really good....never saw the Apple commercial though....


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