Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Novenas!

I usually pray this St Andrew Novena, every Advent, it is so beautiful.  This prayer card was made by
JOYfilled Family, you can get a printable novena card by clicking on her link!  She did a beautiful job!
It starts tomorrow, the feast of St Andrew and goes til Christmas Eve!

This year, I decided to do the Immaculate Conception Novena too...click on it on my sidebar and you can
join me!!  If you sign up, you can receive daily emails with the prayers, I really love what this man did to start these online novenas.

 This one started this morning and I am praying for such personal things right now and am so emotional
that I cried through the whole thing!  Yesterday and today, my patience are set on very low and my tears are
set on very high.  I'm a blubbering baby right now.

We did get some good news last night.  The Perinatologist (sp?) called last night, personally, from our
hospital here in town.  He said there is no reason the baby couldn't be delivered  here!  We have a Urologist that comes up from the Twin Cities and would be here to do the tests needed when the baby is born.
It is all dependent on the fact that so far, the baby's right kidney is doing fine.  If that changes, then it might change as far as where we deliver.  This is such a blessing to find out one of my many questions.  I did also
find out  that the baby will be in the hospital longer than I will.  Mostly because of the cleft lip/palate, because of feeding issues, learning how to suck for the baby and learning how to feed, for us.  There will also be lots
of tests done because of the kidneys.

So much to pray for and so much to be thankful for, all at the same time.

My thoughts and worries are still the same with a few added things, like how do I go home and try to manage a family at home and a baby in the hospital, when in my heart of hearts, I won't want to leave the hospital
at all?  I did go through this with my first baby, (he was a preemie) but, there were no others at home to
worry about.  I only went home to sleep and pump breastmilk (because the nurses forced me to)

I feel like such a drama queen with all this deep stuff.  I will get some more light hearted posts done soon!
Until then, will you join me in either of these novenas?

Thank you all again for all your precious prayers, they mean the world to me.  I send my prayers back to you
for graces and blessings in your lives.


  1. You are amazing.

    Don't you dare worry about being more light-hearted! You worry about what you need to and make sure to hand it off to Him, so your burden is lighter.

    I will be joining you on your Novena. Something I need this year!

    I wish I was closer, so I could help with your kiddos. Just remember, that if someone offers to help, don't be super mom - take the help. It doesn't make you any less of a mother. It is part of offering it up and Him taking care of YOU!

  2. OH, Traci--Yes, that is the hard thing for me, accepting help. It's so humbling and I can do it all!!!

    That is where the worry has to be given to our Lord. Thank you so much!

  3. That is wonderful about the good news in delivering there. I am continuing to pray and believe the news will just continue to get better. Do they know yet about how much longer the baby will have to be in the hospital than you? That happened with my second one, and it was a ripping of my heart each day when we had to leave. I am also praying strength for you. I can't help but continue to think how blessed this baby is to be born into your family, and how blessed you all are going to be by this baby.

  4. Jamie Jo, you are an amazing woman. God will give you the strength you need to deal with everything you are going though.

    I've been stalking you for a while but decided to come out of hiding to let you know that I'm also doing both novenas this year and that I will absolutely keep you and your baby (family too) in my prayers.


  5. Yes, I a praying the Immaculate Conception novena as well (I love the email reminders). But the Christmas novena is so beautiful too.

    Good news on delivering close to home. I'm sure your kids, especially the older ones - will step up and surprise you with all the help they give.

    And, you're so not a drama queen. :)

  6. Your worries are normal and loving from a Mama's heart, not drama at all. I'm offering your intentions as mentioned in my recent post. Advent peace to your sweet soul:)

  7. We all love to see good news on your post Jamie and I pray that there will be continued good news to come. I clicked on the sidebar and entered my email so I can get help daily. Good night and sweet dreams,

  8. Jamie--

    I'll be joining you in the St.Andrew's novena. Thanks for suggesting it!

  9. Shelly, thank you so much! They don't know how much longer, it all depends on when the baby can eat on his/her own. That's the way it was with my first, once he could suck, he could go home.

    Jessica--Nice to "meet" you! Thanks for coming out of hiding, and thanks so much for your precious prayers.

    Nicole--I like to be light hearted on this blog, it just seems it's been so serious lately! Yes, I know, after the last baby, I couldn't believe how much the 5 year old at the time helped, a ton!!

    Tiffany--Thank you so much, your post was beautiful!

    Odie--you are the 2nd sweetest man I know (my husband being the first!) Hope the novena brings you closer to God. I'm praying for you, God sees that yearning and is filling you with Grace!


  10. Dear Jamie,

    My heart goes out to you! Please know I think of you, the baby, often and you are in my prayers! I pray the rosary and 7 sorrows rosary every day and include you and the baby in my intentions!

    Everything will be all right Jaime! You will see! Just trust God and continue praying!

    Much love and hugs to you!

    Maria :)

  11. Jamie,
    I am praying the Immaculate Conception Novena too, and love those daily emails with the prayers. Isn't it great how John-Paul has that set up?!

    We do the St Andrew Novena every Advent, and wouldn't think of stopping it now. (Know that you and Baby are included in my intentions in both novenas.) Thanks for the beautiful novena card link.

    I agree with the others, no drama queen issues here, just a loving mama being honest. And in the midst of all that is going on, don't forget: God is so good!

    Love and blessings to you all -

  12. Thank you Maria Therese and Lori,
    Your prayers are precious and mean so much!

  13. Jamie, you are not a drama queen. These are legitimate concerns you have. You continue to be in my daily prayers.

    I, too, love this St. Andrew prayer and look forward to it every year. Lena did a beautiful job on the prayer card document she made. I printed it out for our family as we have been using a not-so-pretty print out I made a few years back, lol. It's nice to have something that matches the beauty of the prayer. :)

  14. Echo Traci: you are SO amazing! I'm praying.


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