Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 This being Holy Week and all, I've been thinking alot about all the things 
I need to do before Easter...like groceries and planning all the fun things we want to do
like coloring Easter eggs and some other fun treats.
My good friend, Sarah, emailed me this picture last week,
looks like a easy way to get those darn hard boiled eggs out of the shells!
It said to just cut the egg, with the shell on, and then spoon it out.
I always have a hard time getting the shell off the egg,
I could never make those pretty deviled eggs.
I don't like eggs much, since I only like the yolk, 
so I don't make boiled eggs except on Easter
and the kiddos love them, see?  
Once a year makes them a special treat!
 The first thing I think I'm going to have after I'm done 
nursing pumping (when Simeon is a year old) is a good granola bar, 
like my good ol' Fiber Ones....I think I miss them the most, 
OH, and grilling burgers just isn't the same when you can't have a bun with that burger,
 I'll have a burger with a bun, for sure when this gluten free stuff is over.
I did remember that Monster Cookies have no flour in them!!
I might have to make some of these using Easter M&M's this next week!
Don't those look yummy?
This is why I can't let other people get groceries for me.
I sent Tom to get "chopped green chilie peppers"
He didn't get the chopped kind.
It was fine, it only took a couple extra minutes to chop them myself
I'm a control freak.
What can I say?
I am that type A personality, you know, the perfectionist type,
the kind where I need things to be orderly.
I live with 7 other people who do not have that kind of personality.

God is teaching me patience.
I know He is.


  1. I know what you mean about your granola bars. I can't even decide which dairy thing I will scarf down first. Cheese? Ice cream? Half and half with a splash of coffee?

  2. It is great to learn tips and tricks to make life easier. I find neat stuff on Pinterest all the time and will be trying some of their recipes soon.
    It was a fun day for me being outside with the dogs until Rocky saw a man walking down the road and headed straight for him. The only thing that kept him from crossing the road is our extremely deep ditch. He will not listen to anyone calling him so it was inside confinement for him the rest of the day. I got a lot of pine debris and cones burned and the place is looking much better. Have a great rest of the week.

  3. Type A orderly personality - boy do I get that. After telling my husband that the house is a disaster. His response? "It's not that bad." I beg to differ.

    Months ago you said going from #3 to #4 was hardest and I agree with that.

    Anyway, I hope you have a joyous Easter (and I am definitely trying that egg trick!).

  4. That egg trick is totally the kind of thing that makes my day! I love to find little helpful things like that.

    I haven't had bread in several years now, and while for the most part I don't really miss it, I do think about a hamburger with a bun now and then. You'll be enjoying them before you know it!

  5. That is so interesting about the egg! I'm giving it a try:) God bless you for all of your Mama sacrifices!

  6. I am SO going to try that egg trick! My 'angel eggs' never turn out nice either since I have a heck of a time getting the shells off. Now I'm itching to make some hard boiled eggs.

    The Fiber One bars are my favorite and we get the big box at Sam's Club. *love* I currently have a box in the pantry...I'll eat one for you. :) Sorry to rub it in.

    Mmm...that photo (and the thought of) Monster Cookies looks yummy. Of course, anything with chocolate pretty much does. May need to whip up a batch!

    Blessed Holy Week to you Jamie!

  7. Great egg trick. I have to try that. We eat a lot of eggs around here.

    I actually don't mind burgers without buns anymore. I just top more toppings on it. The taste great topped with chili. Hubby introduced me to those. Hang in there.

    I should look through my recipes and send you a recipe for granola bars without gluten in them. I think they are packed with seeds and such.

    God Bless from one type A personality to another. I know what you mean.

  8. Ha,ha, Type A people cannot stand me. I am not Type A at all. I sometimes wish that I were, it seems that Type A people get the job done fast and do it right.

  9. Jamie, this is so weird, but when I was reading a magazine on Monday (at the gym on the treadmill...the only time I can read a magazine - ha!) I saw a trick for peeling hard boiled eggs. you boil them and then crack them on a flat surface (counter) and then put them in a bowl of cold water for 5 minutes. The article said the cold water seeps into the crack and seperates the egg from it's shell. I am so trying it next time we eat boiled eggs which is ALWAYS!! I could live off eggs...and cookies...

  10. Am I ever glad I logged onto blogger today...I always have trouble with the shells & eggs. I am going to give your suggestion & Colleen's a shot. Thank you!

    I am also a type A and live with some that aren't. I am so thankful my husband is not. Things would be troublesome otherwise. One of me is enough! :)

    I must have missed a gluten free post. Is it just for the baby? Either way, those cookies look awesome! (We are somewhat gf for Karley)

    Hope you have a great rest of the week!

    God Bless!

  11. Jenny--You have it much harder than me, dairy, I"m so glad I don't have to give up dairy!!

    Odie--I'm off to watch your video after this, I did't have the time yesterday...

    Nicole--Happy Easter to you too! I'm going to add to that 3-4 kid thing, that the 6th, if you have to pump every feeding, well, it's the hardest. (whatever we are doing is always the hardest, isn't it? hahah!) NO, I really did think the 5th was the easiest of all.

    Shelly--I want to hear about your diet!! It would be so very interesting to me!! I LOVE bread!! A good whole wheat bread....or bun. That sounds like a really hard thing to give up. (at least for me)

    Tiffany--God bless you for all your mama sacrifices too!!

    Sarah--Yes, we always get our granola bars at Sam's Club--everyone eats different ones! I love my granola bar/french vanilla coffee breakfast, it's easy and fast! We can make those cookies and think of eachother while we bake!!

    Tina Marie--The gluten free thing is just for me, so I haven't baked anything and don't really plan to, I just don't have time, I just have things I can grab after making everyone else their stuff...Some nights I can have what they have, some nights I can't. It's ok. I'm just missing my quick granola bar breakfast, although, I have to have Fiber One bars at night because of the farts that follow....

    Becky--I love people who are not type A because I wish I were more like them....it's just hard to LIVE with them!! (haha)

    Colleen--interesting!!! BUT that wouldn't work for coloring eggs, would it? Maybe I'd make hard boiled eggs more often if it were easier to peel, like that!

    Tina--Yes, I am doing this gluten free thing for Simeon, he is much MUCH less fussier now. YES, you are right, two type A's would not work!!

  12. Thankful you are still my friend even though I am not Type A at all...maybe I am eve a Type Z! Thankful you have patience with your family when they are also Type Z people.

    Jonah Jonathan and I are more laid back and the other people in my family...neat freaks..and perfectionists.

    Those peppers look yummy! Wonder what you put those in.

    I would HATE to not have a bun on my burger. You sure are sacrificing a lot.

  13. I'm type A too, and my daughter is too -- I just know it!! and my hubs...is not. ugh. Is it better is your spouse is opposite what you are? I don't know. Blessed Holy Week. I agree, a burger must have a bun!

  14. Yes, it's a good thing you and I were never roommates. It's one of the reasons why me and a good friend of mine who is Type A decided not to room together before I was married; we wanted to keep our friendship!

  15. Christine--type Z--I don't fall for it, you are so organized, you have little bins for all your kids winter stuff...I still remember that the first time I went to your house, you had labels with pictures on these baskets in your entry way for all the kids stuff...shoes, hats, etc...I thought Oh, my--she's organized!!

    The peppers were for Chicken quesadillas--Tom's favorite!

    Gardenia--I think it's better to be opposite, because then we both need to meet in the middle sometimes, right? It's all about making eachother saints, right? haha!

    Becky--hahah!! No, I'm glad we were not roomates...Christine too, if she's a type z!

  16. I'd love to be a personal shopper. I figure in 15 years maybe that can be my career.

    Have a blessed Triduum, Jamie. :)

  17. Too bad we don't live closer... I only like the white of hard boiled eggs!

    I'm off to google a recipe for monster cookies...


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