Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

 Happy Birthday Christine!!!  (you ol' lady!)
We went and visited her today, our first visit, with all of us,
 anywhere since Simeon has been born
(except the doctors)
Thankful for good friends like Christine 

Thankful for window clings!!  These kept these littles busy for a long time! 
 Thankful for big sisters reading bedtime stories to littles
(look at those sweet girls)
 Thankful for an early spring here in Minnesota, buds are blooming everywhere
 See?  I have a bag.  But my bag has sleeves!!
Thankful for babies in bags, on a blanket made by Barbara!
(How's that for B's?)
 Thankful for this, above, well, how do I even put that one into words, except thankful?
 Thankful for this beautiful, wonderful smile!!
 Thankful for kisses (lots and lots of kisses)
 Thankful for big tubs 
Thankful for bubble baths
 Thankful for cute little baby tongues
 Thankful for dishwashers
 Thankful for spring popping up despite the fact I haven't had the time to rake or cut the old plants yet!
 Thankful for mud soup
Thankful for red baby hair!!
(click on the picture!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

(I'm not liking this new blogger composing screen-not thankful for that change)


  1. Love all these pics- terrific, as usual! Love that red baby hair coming in!

    Happy birthday to Christine- did you take her chocolate???

  2. Shelly--Thanks, of course I did!!! I brought her chocolate coffee too!

  3. The world should join you in being Thankful for any and all redheads (even if being a rehead means that you might loose hair color early in life and now depend on a bottle for the color.)!!!!

  4. He IS a Ginger! So precious.

    I was sorry to miss you at Mass on Sunday! We're praying for you and yours.

  5. THANKFUL THURSDAY meant a lot to me because I got chocolate from a very good friend.
    Now that is what I really look like..totally dorky.

    Simeon is so cute and I got to hold him a ton. Thankful for precious little babies that smile at my dorky face. He smiled and smiled and smiled at me. Not fussy one bit. Just pure sweetness.
    You made my day special.

    The other kiddos are getting so big.

    Ava said right away "Sweetie-pie go?"

    That bubble bath is awesome!

  6. I'm so jealous of your bathtub!

    Simeon's eyes as usual, captivate me! Aren't their smiles at this age so fun?

    I thought Christine looked beautiful, as usual! I don't think there's ever been a picture that you posted that she looked bad. Happy birthday, Christine!

  7. Neen--who cares--red is red, even from a bottle!! haha! (my husband likes red-heads--but I'm not dying my hair--yet)

    Laura--"Ginger" I love that!! yes, I was sorry that I missed you and sweet Kolbe--K filled me in on how cute he was!

    Christine--you don't look dorky. EVER. (just old--haha) Stop putting yourself down!!! Sweetie Pie and Ava will be big buds over these next few years. The kids had a blast!! It was great to see you, we have to do it more often!

    Becky--yes, their smiles make the world happy. Everything is happy, just talk to me and I will smile at you!! Christine NEVER looks bad, really, NEVER! And yes it's a great bathtub, I didn't picture me in there, but it is how I get 3 baths done at once, and I only yelled a couple times about getting bubbles all over the walls...and floor...and toilet...and TP......

  8. Happy Birthday Christine and thank you Jamie for all the precious pictures. Have a happy friday and enjoy your weekend.

  9. another lovely Thankful post, Jamie Jo. How wonderful it is to see the joys and gratitude in everyday moments! Have a great weekend!

  10. Love that picture of your daughter reading to the littles.
    Also, an fyi- if you're talking about the dashboard interface on blogger, there is a nut/bolt looking thing on the top right. If you click on that a drop down menu will let you go back to the old interface.

  11. I surgery on for sure? Did he gain the weight he needed? We are praying.

  12. Oh golly, I've missed a few posts here! I always love to view your comments, too, on Thankful Thursday. It blesses me to read and witness loving followers. Love the window cling idea...those are such pretty ones. Where do you get yours?


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