Monday, April 16, 2012

What are these for?

OK, now what are these "bags" for?
(I know, babies)
But, their arms are out, and I just don't get it supposed to be 
kind of like a blanket, that doesn't cover their arms yet keeps their bodies warm?
I don't get it.


  1. Hmmmm. If you leave the hanger in, it looks like you could hang the baby and the garment in the closet. (jk!)

  2. I don't get it either. I never buy those because, even though I understand it's to keep the baby warm, it's a pain because my babies always like to be wrapped tight. So I have to end up taking those off anyway. Not to mention if you need to strap the baby into something, it's a pain because of the bottom of the thing.

  3. Looks rather confining for a baby. Arms are free but the legs are confined. I would think it would make the baby kick and kick to get his/her legs free! Doesn't look like easy access for diaper changing either.

  4. I tried using these with kid 1. Could not "get it". He'd get drowsy while nursing, I'd run for the sleep sack, shove his arms through the tiny holds, zip him in, and he'd be wide awake looking at his crazy mother.

    Never even tried with kid 2.

    But now with Roslyn, they are perfect because they keep her brace from banging around in her sleep and keep her form getting tangled up in blankets! I just figured out to zip her in well before I start the soothing routine!

  5. A baby sleeping bag!!!

    It is cute though all blue with puppies on it. love little boy cute things.

  6. These sleeping sacks are great! I have been using them since day 1 with baby number 1. In case you don't remember, I had baby #1,2 and 3 in Germany and these are what everyone uses. Blankets are frowned upon.

    They are used so your kid doesn't get SIDS. No blankets, just the sleeping sack! They come in different sizes, so be ware. If the sack is too big, it is dangerous.

    Their main purpose is to keep baby warm, because baby's don't stay covered up for very long. Another feature, that is not advertised is that an older baby or toddler can't escape his/her crib in one of these sleep sacks.

    We used them mainly nights and not during nap time. I put them on before I nursed the baby for the last time, tucked the little one into bed and voila! That's it. Genius!

    Just my 2 cents, though. To each their own. I think they a European thing.

  7. Best use I've heard of is from my SIL. She uses it to keep her 2+ year old in her crib. With this little sack on, she cannot lift her leg to climb out...good thing she hasn't figured out zippers.

  8. I used sleep sacks all of the time when my kiddos were infants (basically 12-months and younger). I didn't realize they came in larger sizes for toddlers!

    B/c my husband is a fire fighter paramedic and has unfortunately run more than one SIDS call, he was adamant that we have no extra bedding besides fitted crib sheet in the baby blankets, stuffed animals, infant pillows, etc. (He wanted me to remove the bumper pads as well, but I refused!) ;) Anyway, I found the sleep sack to be a great "blanket" for my kiddos. From my experience, I thought they made changing baby super easy during the night time. No legs to pull out of sleepers...not snaps to fumble with...just zipper up and down!

    I will say that some of my babies did not care for them as much as others...I think Mary and Luke, my laid back kiddos didn't mind them so much, but Ben resisted...he was always my kicker!

    Never thought about "crib confinement" via the sleep sack! HA!

    I'm not sure about the "sleeveless" aspect of this...I would think their little arms would get cold. Perhaps a long-sleeved white onesie underneath?

  9. I just found these with my 6th baby and I thought they were wonderful. Granted, he was my first baby to go to a crib at an early age so that has something to do with it. They keep their body temp even. It seems with the sleepers their little feet get cold but not so with these. Yes, you put a onesie underneath (I did long sleeve t-shirt type--it was winter). The added bonus is that he couldn't pull up on the side of the crib and then get stuck there screaming! And I liked that he had a onesie underneath so if he came to bed with me in the nighttime I could just zip it off. (OH--thought of something else, the ones I had zipped from the top down which made it so easy to catch those little wiggly toes!).

    A sleep sack is one of those things that you don't really need but for some babies come in handy

  10. my sister used them with her babies and loved them. I never did try them. it does seem that the sleeveless defeat the purpose of keeing baby warm. I love what Tina Marie said about baby not being able to get his leg up over the crib to get out! haha. wonderful.

  11. Love the Easter Header. Beautiful kids.

  12. Thanks for all your responses, even Shelly--hanging baby in closet!! haha!

    I still really don't get the sleevless thing....we live in MN, it's cold!!!

  13. LOVED these little sacks for my babies ~ especially in winter! (Just use a long-sleeved onesie =) I think they keep them warmer, and you don't have to worry about having a blanket on top of them ... When my twins were born, the hospital used a certain brand with a blanket that velcro-ed on the back, and it was the perfect swaddle! (When they're really, really little.) As they grow, I don't use the blanket part. The babies can kick around in them, too, so they really aren't confining ...

  14. Ditto what Tina said- Eurpoeans are all over these things! I see three year olds in sleep sacks shuffling around on their way to bed... lol!!!


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