Friday, June 8, 2012

Potty Training

When you learn that your 2 year old can hold her potty for a really long time to avoid actually going in the pot.  (like 7 1/2 hours)

That she doesn't really care if she's wet or poopy

That it gives so much hope when there is finally a "go a little, stop, run to the  potty and go more in the potty" time....(this was after the 7 1/2 hours)

That that hopeful time is soon diminished by many more "doesn't really care if she's wet or poopy" times.

That when she goes again in the potty and not in her underwear, I think to myself, "she's so smart."  "She'll be done training after today"  (see "hope" part)

She, after saying "I'm fine" to "Do you need to go poopie?" immediately goes out of the room and poops her underwear...and potties it too.  

Good thing I know this will be all part of her potty training story and in a month (or 2 or 3 maybe) we will all look back and laugh. 

I'll be able to laugh, right?


  1. YUP...might take a couple weeks of this "fun stuff".
    Ava screams when she sees her little potty.
    Like they say, they are usually potty trained, in their own bed, no bottles, no college!!!

  2. oh, the memories you'll have of these potty training days!! yes, 2 or 3 months at most ;)

    my daughter was trained in peepee but did not want to train in poopie. she'd go peepee in the potty and wear regular underwear all day until 4 PM when she would say "I need diaper." Makes me smile to remember those days.

    Your baby is starting earlier than mine did. so that's a plus!

  3. Oh, two steps forward, one step back, or sometimes one step forward and two steps back. But Christine's right- for sure by college!

    Hugs and prayers to you!

  4. As soon as she figures out there are more pros to going in the potty than her pants, she'll be there. Just gotta figure out what those are...she's a smartie.

    And remember, this too shall pass.

  5. We had started training Anna too--but only for a day. Actually, Dennis did started training her but I had no idea he was planning to do this. We're going out of town next week though, so it's probably not a good time to start potty training. We'll probably start again when we get back.

    Potty training is so fun, isn't it? Anna was good at it for the day, but I'm not looking forward to the days when the "glory" wears off.

  6. I don't think these days will ever end for me. Your daughter sounds like Liam did. Could care less about sitting in his own poop.
    Thankfully Analee has been potty trained for quite some time. She was pretty easy compared to the first. Now I'm ready to start thinking about my next one in the line up whose showing signs... oye.

  7. Oh, yes. Potty training is CRAZY MAKING!! It also doesn't help that each child is so different that you have to learn new techniques with each one. Good luck!

  8. Like Shelly said and at least by her Junior year. LOL Sure you'll be laughing about it soon my friend. She sure is a cutie. Just like her mom.

  9. I know it doesn't seam like it but these are the fun times. Each little potty mess is how we mothers pray. We clean our children, and grumble under our breathe, but do it for love of our children. Don't forget that glorifies God. I know it is hard to see how our why a poopy mess can glorify our creator but it does!

    Yesterday Twin B pooped all over dad while I nursed twin A. We had to call the NICU nurse to change bedding and yuck. Today believe it or not, While I nursed Twin B, Twin A got dad good. It was everywhere. I did laugh until I cried. Maybe I already have them "trained". I just let dad have the prayer time today! LOL Good luck, and by Monday I hope that this is all a memory!

  10. Ha Ha! Boy... is this what I have to look forward to???

  11. You are not alone. I can't get Bear to do #2 in the pot at all. I think it will be the death of me.

  12. She's a smart girl and will figure it out quickly! Love her smile!


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