Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Please Pray for Simeon!

We need to bring him into the hospital tonite.  He's not been eating, except an ounce or 2 once in a while and has lost 2 pounds, bringing him down to only 10 lbs.   They are going to put a feeding tube into him and do some lab work to see what's up.  He's a little lethargic, but no fever.

I'll post when we get out of the hospital. I'm assuming in a couple days....

Thank you for all your prayers.

The Pioneer Woman

 Have you caught this show on the Food Network?
It's great!
It's one of my favorites
(I have many favorites on that channel)
I DVR this one though
She always cooks things that I say,
"I'll have to make that, I can do that!"
She makes me want to have people over and cook what she cooks.
Then, I remember that I need to pump again...and realize that will have to wait a while.
She makes it look so easy, yet gives lots of tips for shortcuts.
Her life is interesting.
It's different.
I think that's what draws people in.
She has 2 great kitchens for petes sake!
I don't get that whole "lodge" thing, I mean,
How does she stock 2 kitchens?
How far away is the lodge from her home?
She drives there, so it must be kind of far...
I hope people like her show as much as I do.
She's natural, real and dorky.
She homeschools, she blogs, she loves taking pictures.
(of course she's much better at it all than me, but that's why it's fun to watch)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

 Thankful I finally got time to  unload my pictures from July!
Thankful, I guess, that I finally joined Facebook,
 I think I'm the last person to finally join
I have no idea what I'm doing
and have mixed emotions about the whole thing.
I only joined because my 25 year (gasp!) class reunion is coming up
I want to see pictures of everyone!
They will be posting pictures on Facebook...no idea how to see those pictures
when they get there....but knew I had to join to see them.
Now every day, I have people suggesting friends, wanting to be friends,
friending me...well, it should be called "Friendbook"!
Some people I know, some people, I've never heard of
how does that happen?
I think I have enough things that take me away from God,
so I don't really need another thing
 Thankful, this sweet little guy, and his sweet little toesies,
always brings me back to God
In the middle of the night, when all is quiet, I hold him,
and cry tears of joy. 
Pure joy, that God would entrust this sweet baby to me.
Tears of sadness too, that he will endure so many surgeries in his young life.
 Thankful for shoes on the wrong feet
Thankful for painted toesies
 Thankful that the heat and intense humidity brings at least one good thing
and that's these beautiful curls!
 (I have no idea what Jedi is doing in this picture)
 Thankful for Lemonade stands....on hot days, and a mailman that buys a ton from them!
 Thankful for all these kiddos!!
 Thankful for sweet, yummy, soft toesies!!
Thankful I finally tried baby food and he liked it (kind of) 
 Thankful for my grandma!
She celebrated her 90th birthday this month!!
 My dad, in the middle, and his brother and sisters
He has one brother and one sister who are deceased
Totaling 7 sisters and 2 brothers
 Thankful my littlest brother finally got engaged....he and his fiance, Sarah
have been together for like...a really long time!!!
 Thankful Rosie turned 10 and she  picked this calorie free chocolate mocoa cheesecake for her cake!
 Thankful for this sweet baby.....praying his front thing goes into his mouth....
his top lip is supposed to press it in, slowly, but hopefully within a year so he can have his next surgery....
 Thankful for Simeon's godparents Jeff and Nicki and
the special day he had celebrating
"the Rite of bringing a Baptized child into the Church"
It was the 2nd part of his Baptism, since we baptized him in a
 Thankful I've had time to play games with the kiddos this summer....
 Thankful she missed her eye....when standing on the Sit and Spin,
she spun out of control and hit the dresser.
Then came downstairs and told us to get rid of
the Sit and Spin because it was "too dangerous!"
 Thankful for cute piggy tails
 on cute little girls....
(yes, I buy Reeces Peanut Butter cereal for the kiddos--I know, bad mommy)
 Thankful for cookie making days....
 Go ahead and click on it for a close up
Can you taste them? 
Peanut butter oatmeal (gluten free)
 Thankful for blooming hydrangeas....adorning my counter and table every day!!
 Thankful for bedtime prayers...
Thankful Simeon is now 7 months!!
He's not sitting up yet on his own...but we are working on it!
(he's not the smileyest baby---he makes us really work for those smiles and when that camera is there, he's studying that black thing!)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

No Clever Title

Ice cube maker broke
Water literally pouring out of the fridge
all over the floor
$300 to fix
Buying ice til we can get some ice cube trays
Ice cube trays with 6 kids?

Air conditioner broke
for 2 days
We are so spoiled

Computer broke
partly fixed
Hard to get back into blogging
after being away
How do I catch up?
Blog a little
blog a lot
Can't use Google Reader
Read a little
Read a lot?
Start fresh I guess!

Rosie is at camp
(put on by the Schoenstatt sisters)
We are missing her very much
Today is her 10th birthday
She'll be home tonite!

Not even starting to be ready to crawl
(which is fine with me)
big mama baby
days full of kisses, kisses, kisses

Sweetie Pie
Potty trained!!
Poopie trained!!
I am woman, hear me roar!!!
(I trained another toddler!!)
It took a good 2 1/2 weeks total, start to finish
People who don't believe in miracles, have never potty trained a toddler!

has new friend coming today to spend the day while his mama works
He's so very excited to have a friend
who also has 4 little sisters
and loves Legos!

Mary Hannah and Colette
changed bedrooms again
We've moved these girls like 3 times
I told them this is the last time
Tom told me it won't be the last time.
He's right.

We have them upstairs now with Sweetie Pie
now has her own room
(for now)
Til we move them again.

My Grandma had her 90th birthday last week
90 years
She's a beautiful lady
She had a beautiful party...more on that later

Christine is on vacation
I  miss her calling me.....

I have 4 kids
waiting here for me

I gotta go!
I miss you too
"I'll be baaack"

(sorry for the Arnold quote, can anyone say that without saying it like him?)

Google Problems

We have our computer back
Our computer won't let me do anything from Google
No emailing out
No changing screens
No Google Reader

Google Chrome pretty much does not work at all anymore on our computer
Internet Explorer lets me do minimal stuff

I have Google Reader, but it does not let me update or link to any blogs

My husband thinks it has something to do with Google and our computer
We had it checked and de-virused and it's still doing it

He wants me to open a Yahoo account for email
That's like moving
I have to move all my contacts
I have to let everyone know I've moved (when I do it)

what about Google Reader?
Is there any other kind of reader out there?  (for blogs that is)

Anyone else have problems with Google?


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