Friday, October 5, 2012


 Thankful it does not have to be Thursday to be Thankful...
Thankful for fun trees at the park for kids to play in....
 Thankful for these cool red bowls I found at Target
(for really cheap)
When I go to Target, I feel like I'm shopping at a fine department store 
compared to good ol' Wal-Mart where I usually go.
At Target, everyone seems to be dressed up, the shoppers are just...different.
 Thankful I can get lots of milk still...
last week, I tried to take away one pumping
(the middle of the night one)
big mistake
it effected all my pumpings
my supply went down.
(by 3 ounces)
SO I'm
back to pumping every 6 hours, even in the night.
I pump for over an hour to get the 12 ounces Simeon needs
for the next 6 hours
At least 4 hours per 24 hours, I'm sitting pumping
SO Thankful I've made it almost 10 months!!
My goal is to pump til he's 13 months, then
use my freezer supply 
and somehow ween him to whole milk....

 Thankful we had beautiful weather here in MN
the first part of the week and we were able to escape to a park to enjoy it!
"Wait!!  Are you throwing rocks at the ducks?"
 Thankful for big sisters who help so much.
Look how she's holding her hand, just automatically.
I didn't even have to ask her to!
Big sis helping in the picture above this one blessed.
 Thankful for as crazy as life is
as hard and busy as it is, I'm still so very thankful 
for these kiddos!
 Thankful for funny things like this.
Seriously, who put away the napkins like this?
Ya have to laugh.
 Thankful for cuuuuuute cub/boy scouts like these that come to my door, 
Now, how is a mama to resist buying popcorn from these cutie pies?
(I couldn't even resist kissing them and taking a picture!)
It's OK, we know them!
 Thankful for chubby babies
 Baby kisses and baby giggles and baby hugs and baby fuzzy heads 
Oh, the joy babies give to us.
 Thankful for little girls and this grocery cart that has made it through 
all my kiddos, she pushes this cart everywhere, and plays shopping all the time!
 Thankful again, for babies!!
 Oh, yeah, and babies in the sink...
 and rolling babies....
why crawl, when I can just roll everywhere?

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. As always, you bring a smile to my face and make me thankful, too!

  2. I love how your "bigs" are so good to your "littles." SO precious.

  3. I love when you do these posts! They always remind me of how thankful we should be, even when times are tough....(Like our first day of school...sigh.)I really should start doing the same thing. Thank you!!!

    I just want to gobble Simeon up!!! He is so darn cute!!! I love how your daughter protects her baby sister. My oldest son Declan is the same way with our baby Sammy. Always trying to protect him. Gotta love big families!!!

  4. Suddenly your kids look so big, Jamie! And I love your header photo. So much better than the crying toddler one. ;-)

    PS your sacrifice of pumping in the middle of the night will be rewarded in heaven. Such a good mama.

  5. Love your thankful post as usual. :) That tree is awesome! Gotta love the baby giggles and smiles. I sure am gobbling up all I can here. Mine is not interested in crawling either. She rolls and pushes herself backward so she can "cruise" the room pretty quickly.

    Great header and look to your blog. Feels very seasonal. God bless!

  6. Jamie Jo, your daughters are going to make wonderful mothers. look at all the love they are learning from you !! I bet your son will be a nurturing attentive dad too because of all the nurturing he gives his younger sibs. what we learn in the home stays with us for life!! I lovelove your new header photo -- everyone's happy !! look at S -- I cannot believe the joy and happiness his eyes tell! and rolling over? what a big lil guy!! you guys are all in shorts and t shirts. it's cold down here in Illinois !

  7. and I hope I don't have to borrow those green hands that make noises for Flower's costume! :)

  8. I just want to give you a standing ovation for pumping this long.

    You are a rockstar.

  9. Amazing, the pumping. I have the big tray that matches those Target bowls. I love it. Love all,the pictures today!

  10. Cute, cute, cute! I can't believe you've made it this far pumping. You are super momma! Seriously. I've never made it half that long pumping. I've always had breastfeeding/milk supply issues, though.

  11. What a delightful way to perk up my Saturday morning seeing all these wonderful pictures of your gorgeous family and a couple of cute guys. Have a blessed weekend my sweet friend.

  12. You inspire me. Such love you have and share! Thanks for such a lovely post! I'm also so thankful for all the blessings in my life. I cannot afford to forget to be thankful!

  13. Your baby is just the sweetest bunches of joy.
    Your family is so blessed.
    I love all the pictures the the kiddos...especially baby..I love babies!

    My toddler is giving me troubles...has a little attitude.

    Thinking of you at soccer games. You are stronger then me!

  14. Beautiful family! God bless your baby. What sweet memories. I love your blog. A new blogger fan of yours. =)

  15. I am so thankful for all your pictures. You have a beautiful family. It reminds me of when my older ones were that young. They will continue to help and care for each other. I love what homeschooling does to siblings, it turns them into lifelong friends. Real friends, they don't wait to see what the other one can do for them they take care of the other. In turn they build a love that can not be broken - jealous outside friends will try.
    you family is so precious.


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