Friday, October 12, 2012


 Thankful for Jedi's old clothes...some are timeless,
some are going to goodwill, some the garbage.
(who knew that socks would lose their elasticity after 12 years?)
 I mean, a person just can't find clothes like these anymore, 
 Thankful that some of my kiddos are so very photogenic and always ready for a picture...
 and others are not.
 Here's some reality Thankfuls, 
so no one thinks my life is perfect or something from reading my thankfuls
In fact, I write the thankfuls to remind myself how blessed I truly am, 
through the muck and reality of every day life homeschooling, 
and raising 6 kiddos.
Thankful I almost always have a pile of laundry like this waiting 
for me to fold on our kitchen table.
(I have the kiddos lay everything flat, fold the socks, washcloths and underwear, 
but let's face it, some fold better than others and I'm pretty picky about laundry, 
it's my thing--I think I need a whole separate post about laundry)
 Reality about cute babies in the sink:
He always needs a bath after he eats, always.
there are always piles of dirty dishes waiting to be rinsed and/or washed
dirty washcloths from the day behind the faucet...
Thankful for babies in sinks and dishes to wash, 
it means we always have plenty of food to eat.
 Thankful for fall walks....
I wanted to go for a walk all day, 
but it just never happened, til finally after supper, 
at 6:30 I was trying to find hats and mittens for the kiddos and yelling,
because I just wanted to get out of the house and it was already getting dark outside!!
 Thankful we did catch this....
 Thankful that since we couldn't find our mittens, it was actually not too cold outside!
and we made it to the end of the road and back...
 Thankful (more reality here) that we homeschool and can wear our jammies
if the kids don't get dressed if we want to.
 What did I tell you about the good posing  kiddos?
 Thankful for cute handed down winter hats and beautiful curls sticking out...
 Thankful for giant blue eyes...
 I mean seriously, look at those eyes, they take up half her face!!
 Thankful she's always right there ready to put on an apron with me while I cook.
A little reality:
I am constantly telling her to get off the counter and not to eat anything...
 Thankful we still have a little color left in our yard, but this is the last tree.
(except one that waits til spring to lose it's leaves)
 Thankful we found a new Tae Kwon Do place and Jedi loves it!!
We are back at it twice a week!
we have not done it since last November, things just got busy with the baby
and then our place moved....and it cost a ton of money....
Thankful for generous grandparents who help out with extra curriculars!
Thankful we found some time to do some fall art...
(water paint some white paper, then glue a black tree to it, add some pumpkins if you want)

Have a blessed weekend everyone!


  1. Wonderful post and awesome pictures! Maybe I should post a pic of Peter's tush. He would win for tiniest tush. He seriously has no butt!

  2. Great thankfuls, although I bet Simeon won't be thankful you posted his butt when he's bigger :) Have a great weekend.

  3. Yes, there is always something to be thankful for even in the daily mundane tasks like laundry and washing dishes. I love your sunset picture and your cute fall crafts. You have a beautiful family. God bless you all!

  4. I kept getting interrupted when trying to comment on your last post. I am thankful for your Simeon, who has touched the heart of my older children (9 and 7). They have prayed for him, and they ask about him, and when they saw the latest pictures, they cooed as if he were a dear friend. I read your post out loud (through some tears) and we talked about your family. We talked about praying not just for Simeon, but his siblings. Mine know, as the oldest, that big families attract attention (good and bad) wherever they go. We love that Simeon has so many to love him but we recognize that it will be hard sometimes with all of the looks and the comments from strangers - well meaning or not. We will pray for all of you. That is one way God is using your Simeon. You are right that he is beautiful just the way he is. Thanks for letting us all learn from him and from your journey.

  5. My 5yo always wants to don an apron and help me cook too. What else can I say but "yes"?

    We still pray for Simeon every night - the kids always remember him!

  6. Simeon is getting so big! Wow! And I LOVE his little smile! Btw you look great Jamie!

  7. So cute. You know, I think our 3 year olds are a lot alike, though I hope you receive more smiles than I do (mine is too often a Miss Grumpy - no fun!).

    I often wonder why I even buy my kids clothes other than pjs and church clothes. Seriously, they never want to change out of their pjs!

    God bless, Jaime Jo!

  8. I just loved this. Chatted with Shaun all about it while I was reading it after 11 at night (he'd just gotten home after a long day). I love the PJ's... I think that may be more my pace. Those kids... man do I wish we lived closer (oh... and your sink? TOTALLY the same here... and the laundry? Ditto.)

  9. We are like that in the summer...pj's all day. That is the way to go!
    I love these posts also just to see your world and kiddos big blue eyes. ALL your kids are so cute and sweet.

    laundry..I always fold everything. Put it in the buckets for each kid and they put their own clothes away. Often someone gets the wrong clothes for some reason. I am picky too!

    happy weekend friend drink mtn. dew

  10. oh. my. gosh..... he looks so cute in the kitchen sink!!! :) I think we will have to try the tree/watercolor picture it is really cute for fall.
    God Bless

  11. Another Great Thankful Thursday! I love your Thankful Thursdays, it reminds me of all I should be thankful for. Again, I really need to start doing this. (Maybe if I didn't have to spend 9 hours in school with Declan, I could have a little free

  12. I think your "thankful" posts are my favorite. Some things I noticed beyond the obvious…
    Your kitchen is nice and big with counter space everywhere and really well lit. - love it!
    Your way awesome Star Wars aprons - love it!
    Super cute dolly eating a yummalicious looking pear - love it!
    Signs of homeschooling all over your home - LOVE IT!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend! :)

  13. I love your matching aprons!! and your baby in the sink !! isn't it a blessing to have all that laundry to fold and all those dishes to wash!! yes, your daughter's eyes are light bright stars!! God bless your weekend, Jamie Jo!

  14. Love your being thankful for the reality of life, it reminds me of how to be thankful for the not so perfect.

    The sink brings back fond memories. Thank you!


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