Monday, November 5, 2012


Simeon is crawling all over now, please excuse my loud voice, 
when the prize (a Lego magazine) is better than mama, there is no way he's gonna look!
Thankful for busy crawling babies & crying 3 year olds 
(I think Google Readers have to come over to see the video)
 Thankful for curlers
Thankful for big sisters who help so much, 
He loves her so much, his face lights up when we mention her name!
 Thankful for curls....
 and good friends and birthday parties!
 Thankful for lots of pumpkins, and lots of pumpkin seeds....
 Thankful for "Moon Dough"
4 cups flour
1/2 cup oil
 (I used canola oil, but you can use baby oil or any kind really)
Per child
 It will be messy
 But that's OK
 Thankful it worked...
I've been trying to mess around with my black and white mode
(I'm not very good)
 Thankful I have girls always ready to model and pose...
 Thankful for little babies in big puffy coats
What do I do at this age to keep him warm? 
I don't think those 
"keep him under the car seat cover things"
 will work this year

 Thankful I am patient enough to take care of sick, whiny, Eeore type kids
 Thankful hot cocoa always brings smiles
(maybe it's the marshmallos?)
 Thankful for girls in gymnastics
 It is
 so fun
 to watch!
It makes for a busy Monday though
 Thankful I have a freezer full of milk
It's so full, that it takes up the whole basket and one whole side of the freezer
I have to start dumping my extra now...
I just have such a hard time doing that,
It's time, man, time
I'm throwing away time
Today, I made a cup of chocolate ovaltine milk for Sweetie Pie,
she gobbled it down!
It's so healthy for her, might as well
give her the extra, right?
 Thankful for giant carrots, carrot slicers (the girls) and carrot eaters!
(I love carrots--with salt)
What's up Doc?
 Thankful for Jedi's fun idea of turning the game of Lego Ninjago
into a tournament with his friends and sisters
 His plan is to hold a tournament every season
This was his 2nd one, we have pizza and snacks
and the winner takes a traveling trophy
(that each winner gets to keep til the next tournament)

Are you still with me?
I know, it was a long one, 
and you know what, there are still things I'm Thankful for

I am a complainer
I need to do these Thankful posts for myself
to constantly remind myself of those little things
all those little things that add up to be big things,
Big blessings from God,
that we have every day.


  1. You always make you're home look like such a fun and cozy place to hang out. Wish we were neighbors! WE took our baby out of the infant carrier early because he was so big and now he uses a convertible car seat and wears a winter jacket and hat...he won't keep mittens on!

    1. That would be great--when are you moving? There are homes for sale in our neighborhood!! (just sayin')

      Simeon won't leave his hats on--haven't tried mittens, I just put his hands up in his coat!!

  2. Looks like you have a fun home and a happy family. Thank you for raising your children to be good citizens and believe in God...our country needs many, many more parents like you!

    1. Thank you Jones, I had a thought last night when I was feeding the baby, that with only the conservatives having children, our next generation will be filled with faith filled people, right?

  3. Blessed! These are the days....

    1. I try to tell that to myself through the muck!!

  4. I loved this. Your children are so beautiful. I want curls and hot cocoa and moon dough! They're just flourishing under your care. And look at your son, how happy he is with his friends and his family! And your house is so clean for all those kids! And you're my "pumping hero". I could never get that much. I mean, she mainly nursed exclusively and now that she has a bottle (we just weaned her right before her 1st birthday) I keep thinking... Is that how much she drank from ME? Sheesh! I didn't have anything left to pump!

    Anyhow, a joy to read. xo

    1. My house is not does seem cleaner in pictures for some reason though...I only pump though, he can't nurse, so I think it's so different than when I breastfed...but who knows, it's different knowing how much I get each time...when you breastfeed, it's just there for the taking!! Counting down the months....quitting/tapering off in February!

      SO do you give Ava whole milk? Do you warm it up? I've always nursed my babies til a year and a half at least...he will still need a bottle til his palate surgery hopefully next May.

  5. Such goodness and loveliness! I always lookk forward to reading your thankful posts, Jamie, because they're more refreshing than a day at the spa. Really. Good reminders to us all!

    1. OH, Shelly, a spa sounds pretty good to me!! Glad it makes you smile though!

  6. I too always enjoy reading your thankful posts. Reminds me of my own moments to be thankful for. :)

    I could comment on each photo but I will stick to the big carrot. That is one long carrot! I've shown my kids the secret, sweet core that you get if you eat all the outside off first. They have always liked crunching on carrots but when I shared that the other week, it was like magic. I remember feeling that way when my dad showed me as a girl.

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Never done that before, gonna have to try that one--thanks Nicole!!

      You have a great week too!

  7. I also love your thankful posts. Fun to see the kiddos and that long carrot! I find mine at Coburns because I cannot find the big bag..we eat a lot...anywhere else.
    Sims is growing up so fast. Look at him go. Does that keep it more busy now he will be getting into things?
    I miss having Colette in gymnastics. It really kept her in good shape. They wanted her four days a week...that will not work for our family.

    Looks like you have had a lot of fun things going on and friends over. Lots to be thankful for.

    as I always say...thankful for you my ya.

  8. I love your little videos. Simeon is growing and changing so quickly. Scary how time flies. Wonderful Thankful post this week. I'm a complainer too. It's sometimes hard to remember all the things we're blessed with when bad things happen often. You inspire me! Thank you and God bless!


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