Monday, January 7, 2013

Kelly Needs Prayers...

My good blog friend, Kelly, (we've talked on the phone, does that make her a real life friend?)
had her baby girl, Anna Lola, very early, both mama and baby are in ICU.  Could you spare some prayers for them?  Kelly also has 8 other kiddos and a saintly husband in charge at home.

Please dear Lord Jesus, 
surround Kelly and her sweet baby with your Graces,
help her baby to grow and develop and to come home 
quickly.  Help Kelly to heal and to be where her Mother's heart 
wants to be.  Please help her husband and children to be strong
and patient as they wait for mama and baby to come home.

Mother Mary, please surround Kelly and her baby with your Mantle.
Protect them, keep them safe and strong.  You know Kelly's fears
and the love she has in her heart for her children.  Please help her to 
feel the peace she needs to heal quickly.



  1. Happy and honored to keep up the prayers! Thank you, Jamie...What a dear friend you are!

  2. Just found her blog yesterday before the birth of her daugther, praying. Thank you for the opportunity.

  3. You have better social skills then me, girlfriend...
    I would be like scared to call anybody!


    praying for Kelly, her family and that sweet precious babe.

  4. I would usually be afraid to call someone I didn't know as well, however I have faith in my Catholic Blogging sisters/brothers and know they're not crazed Any of us who blog about our families, faith, homeschooling and so on openly, I tend to believe are safe to be friends with. #Faith&TrustinGod

  5. Found your blog from Dominic's.
    Praying for Kelly, her baby and all of her family. Thank you for the request.
    Your family is beautiful.
    I just read your blog entry on pumping - to pump the way you did for a year is a massive commitment. What a gift for Simeon.

  6. I'm praying, and asking St. Anne to cover little Anna and her mother Kelly in prayers as well. Thanks for sharing this information with us all, Jaime Jo.

  7. God Bless Kelly and her little one. Console Kelly and in Your Infinite Mercy and let Your Peace surround them. Amen. I will add them to my prayer list and offer a Divine Mercy up for them.

  8. I'm sure Kelly appreciates all our prayers! Thank you ladies!

    I also have to say, Kelly made the first move in calling...I"m not that good at it. I just called her back...and that was a couple years ago....I think, maybe even longer!

    I"m not that brave, ask Therese (first commenter) She tried many times to get ahold of me, I never called back....chicken. That's me.


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