Friday, January 25, 2013


 Thankful the play Oklahoma! Went wonderful!!!  
Rosie here, in her receiving line
4-almost 3 hour shows done!  
Everyone did an awesome job!
 It was so fun to see!!
It was hard to watch anyone else when my daughter was on though!
She's experiencing some very sad days though, missing everyone
After months of practices together every week for hours!

Thankful we also got our piano recitals done this week too
 Thankful for baby gates (and sisters who protect him)
Boy, he can climb these stairs very fast and if the gate is off, 
he's there within seconds, he has a radar for gates and locks off!
Thankful for little girls with laps full of books waiting for me to read!  
I love this!  
Look at those eyes, the excitement!  
(click on the picture to make it bigger!)
 Thankful for standing babies, who smile and dance and sing every time!
 See?  Radar for unlocked things...see the lock hanging?
Thankful for curious, quick babies!  (and locks)
 While locking the other cupboard, he quickly got into this one!! 

 Thankful for old puzzles, they sit and play these for hours...Well, Sweetie Pie does!
 Thankful for string games and big sisters to teach them!
I used to love doing these games, it's so fun to see them doing them now! 
Kind of makes me feel old though...
 Thankful for those curls, click on the picture, they are gorgeous! 
(they are not as tight in the dry winter weather though)
Thankful warm weather is coming (20's)!!
 Thankful for hand-me-downs from good friends! 
 Thankful for rosey cheeks after playing outside!

 And Thankful for hot cocoa, to get them to come in!
 Thankful even "almost teenagers" get rosey cheeks!
Awwww, isn't it cute? 
 Thankful for more book houses
(as our doll houses sit empty)
 Thankful for this happy,  happy little guy!!  
Every time he stands by something, he dances and sings and giggles!

Thankful my floor does get swept eventually....
Enjoy the sweet baby giggles!
 Google Readers: There's a video here!

 Thankful with less pumping breastmilk, I've had the chance to have a couple 
"mommy dates" as we call them.  It's time alone with each child,
not shopping or with any agenda, just time to listen and enjoy them
Jedi and I went to Mongo's to eat, then to the library, where we had time
to look and get all he wanted---usually we are reserving and running in and going quickly
 It had been over a year since we had time to go alone and do something like this
It's catch up time
I told you, everyone has suffered this past year of pumping
After, we went to Cold Stone to get ice cream!
He's such an awesome kid! 
 Thankful I got to take "Rosie" on her "mommy date" too!
(another day)
We went to Old Country Buffet (not my favorite, but she loves it!)
(I do like their salad!)
 We went shopping, she had gift cards to spend! 
She had been saving up her money for quite a while 
and one thing she really wanted to do was buy fish.
She had $66, I donated 20 more bucks and
here's what she got!  
We went to Petsmart and talked with the salesperson there 
she asked questions, and wrote down the fish she is planning on buying 
next week when the water is ready!

It was a fun time, she's also an awesome kid! 
 Thankful for more awesome kids and Thankful that "mommy time" 
for these cuties can be shopping with mom at Sam's Club!  (alone)
 Thankful for Cheerio finders! 
 See?  I told you that floor would get swept! 
Thankful my kids have daily jobs
and weekly jobs!
(see Rosie doing dishes in the background)
I just couldn't do it all alone!
 Thankful we are back into a routine with school
 and didn't lose too much time with the surgeries
We should be done by the end of May!
(With a week off for the next surgery)
 Thankful for messy table-food eaters!
He double fists it, mixing it all together!
 He has peas and carrots and noodle remnants here from 
homemade chicken noodle soup, avocado pieces,
 and I think there is some banana in there too...
 Thankful this mini trampoline keeps the kids hopping
on these cold winter days!
He loves watching her! 
 Oh, oh!  NO NO!
 Hahahahah!  He giggles and laughs with her, it's just adorable!
 Look at her hold his hands
 and kiss him!!
Thankful for so much love! 

Thankful for these little things,
to remind me to be thankful even 
during long days and messy floors!


  1. The love is pouring out of these pictures! I love your mom dates, I need to do more of them, it just always makes the other kids feel so sad and impatient for their turn. How do you deal with that part?

    1. Who said I deal with it? hahah! That is why the 2nd child's date is pretty quick after the first child's...the others are pretty patient. But they do ask, which is fine, they just need to wait in order, wait for more money, more time and their turn, it's an age thing. Winter dates are more costly, with eating out, but we were long overdue. Summer/spring/fall dates can be no money at all, pack a lunch, go for a walk, go play someplace....

  2. I love the video of Simeon. I've been reading your posts on abortions. And it makes me so sad for the women who have abortions because they are persuaded by the medical community. They are deceived when they are most vulnerable. Doctors have no way to predict or quantify the quality of life while a child is in the womb. Seeing Simeon is proof. You are a witness to how much is still really unknown to the scientific community and they should not advise abortions like it is Tylenol. Thank you for sharing all your children but especially Simeon.

    1. I know, Towers, you are right, those doctors and people in a position to persuade, so sad, but at the same time, I think these women know, most know now, in this time and era, with Google and all the info that is out there. It's the easy way, the immediate "problem" fixer. We live in an immediate pleasure seeking world now. We want it and we want it now.

      Thanks so much for your kind words!

    2. I don't disagree that we live in a immediate pleasure seeking world. But Satan is very good at deceiving. And when you are told the "horrible" pain your child will face I think they are put in a very horrible position. And it is not like the medical field really supports you when you choose to go against their "advice". I think they think "I can't do this" and they are right. They can't do it alone. They need support and love and encouragement and most importantly God. We need to pray for more doctors and staff who are willing to support mothers of "imperfect" children. My aunt (who is only 9 years older than me) had an abortion of a child who had a condition that sounded a lot like Dominic Pio's. She shared with me several years later the regret she felt, how scared and confused she felt, and how she wished someone had been courageous enough to speak to her with encouragement not to proceed. Just one person would have made the difference she said. She is and was a strong Christian and Satan deceived her at her lowest point. I am just sharing because you were looking to find compassion for these women. They are responsible ultimately for their decisions and there is a great deal of selfishness involved. But for as much information that is out there to encourage there is also so much more to destroy and discourage. That is why I believe that mothers of the Dominic's and Simeon's of world are the key. :) You show us and doctors the hope in the darkness.

    3. I agree Towers. How very sad for your aunt. It just seems that now, in the world we live in, with most people (not all) they go home and google everything. I think there is time for compassion but also calling it like it is. She is sorry. There is a difference, from her and these women who wrote the other day about their abortions, they are not sorry and that one of the saddest parts I guess. Every situation is different, but it seems now, in this time and age, there are a lot more having abortions for whatever reason, for a quick fix. (with unknown long term side effects)

      You know what strikes me about your aunts story is that God was there. He was always there. Did she ask Him? Probably not. I agree the devil is deceiving, he is working through the doctors to "trick" mamas into doing the wrong thing, but we also are given the free will to choose. There is our "choice" given by God. I guess we have to pray that in our lowest time, we turn to God.

      I have the compassion, I just start feeling like maybe I have too much and then, I get mad about it. Sometimes I think they play on our compassion. On everyone's. Like, I said the other day, we need to call it like it is, it is murder. Period. Each case is different and hopefully you are what your aunt needed when she talked to you about it. I hope she has found God's forgiveness.

      Thanks so much!

  3. Seeing your own kid in a stage production is just magical! I'm sure she was the star of the show!

    The mommy dates are such a neat, fun thing. They'll be remembering those when they're grandparents themselves.

    Seeing little Sims in overalls makes him look so grownup! I could almost hear him giggling as I scrolled through.

    And you old? Never!!!

    1. Oh, gosh, Shelly--it is!! I watched parts of 3 shows (the 3 hours was too long for me to be gone from Simeon) I could have watched a ton more--loved it and everything made me laugh over and over again!

      I love babies in overalls!

      Old? hahahahahahhaha!

  4. What a lovely list of thankfulness! Simeon is just too precious laughing and smiling--so good to see. Sweetie Pie's curls--beautiful. And her hair is getting so long!
    Rosie looks so pretty in Oklahoma--I bet she did great. How fun!
    I enjoy your mommy date posts, they always look so fun. I need to get on that. My big kids need it and I do to, for them.
    We love your library and hope to get there once the weather gets better or flu season is over. One of my kids' favorite liraries!

    1. I wish we could do the mommy dates more often...our goal is every couple months.

      We'll have to get together sometime when you are in town!!

  5. Your oldest son suddenly looks all grown up in these pictures! It's like he had a growth spurt or something since your last blog post! Crazy! And look at Sim!!! Super kid!

    And your girls!!! I can feel the love. You are one lucky mama.

    1. I know!! Doesn't he? He always likes to hug me, and every time I think to myself, "is this going to be the last time he'll make the first move to hug?" Hope that never goes away!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I wish we lived closer!!!

  7. Just watching your daughter at the play is totally normal. She is your star!! Last night at Zach's wrestling game...he wrestled and I was like..OK! let's go home! I am so not a team sporto..sit there for hours kind of person. I actually might be able if I didn't have other kiddos. Needed to get home.

    Sims is precious...AND BUSY! look at him go!

    you do have special beautiful sweet kids. you are so blessed.

    looking forward to warmer weather also. Today is horrible!

    1. I have to admit, I'm kind of glad we don't have any team sports to watch (right now) Sit for hours? That would drive me nuts I think!

      I think the warm weather is coming Sunday!

  8. I love the mommy date photos and I love her long curly hair! We are still waiting for our 3 year old to get some longer hair, it's still pretty short and thin.

    1. I think Simeon will be like your 3 year old, he hardly has any hair at all! (our first baldy)

  9. Aww, Jamie, they are growing SO BIG and BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for the video, too. LUVed seeing that happy little man!

    1. They are growing, aren't they? Thanks Allison!

  10. I have three sisters as well and the pictures of them playing together, especially them playing cat's cradle, reminds me so much of photos from my own childhood. Beautiful photos that your girls (well, all of your children of course) will treasure one day :)

  11. Don't know when I have had so much fun looking at beautiful pictures. Yes my friend you have soooooooooooooooo much to be thankful for and thank you for letting us share in that joy.

    1. Odie!!!!! Gosh, I miss you on here! It's nice to see you on Facebook, but blogging is my favorite!

      Love and hugs to you too!

  12. Another wonderful Thankful Thursdays! I especially love the video of Simeon. He has grown so much and looks so happy. I just love when older siblings show so much love for younger siblings. We have a lot of that with Sammy. They all just adore him.

    Mommy time is a great idea. I wish I could do that, but I can't drive, so it's not possible. Sean works so much, but every now and then, he gets a little extra time to take one or two of the kids out to Costco or a movie and lunch. We're just really crunched for money until he finds a job that pays more.

    1. Now, Arley, why can't you drive? I think I missed that somewhere. You live in CA, you can do that mommy time cheap!! Summer dates do not cost a thing!! Pack a lunch, and go for a walk to a park, and picnic....go roller blading, My son always loves the library! My 6 year old loves "tea parties" for mommy time! Another mommy time thing we do sometimes is a movie with mama after the other kids go to bed...they get to stay up late and have popcorn or ice cream and watch something. (and I try my very best to not fall asleep!) With the girls, we can do "spa dates" where they take a candle lit bubbble bath, I give them a face mask to wear, paint toes and fingers, massage their feet, play with their hair....have a special snack with it hour in the bedroom/bath and nothing spent, except time!

      Now, boys would not like that one, but there are cheap at home things to do!
      Plan a meal with one of them and make it together!

    2. I have a phobia of driving that dates back to when I was 18 and my parents trying to teach me to drive. It didn't end well and some hurtful, scaring things were said by my Mom that has given me a paralyzing fear of driving.

      Thanks for the ideas, my girls love tea parties and spa days. I just never thought to do them at home.

  13. What a lovely peep into your life! Such beautiful children, surely much to be thankful for!

    1. OH, thank you Debbie, yes so much to be thankful for!

  14. My kids always see me smiling and run over to see. "Is it Dominic Pio or Simeon?" They ask. They still pray for him every night. Thanks for sharing him! Your posts this week have been great. I'm sad with the world but sweet families always cheer me!

    1. oH, Mama Bear!! That is so very sweet!! We pray every night for Dominic Pio and now Baby Anna Lola, (the Careless Catholic blog)she's a preemie baby! My kids call her "Anna the tiny baby"! Isn't this blog world just amazing for bringing kids and families together to pray, we are all the body of Christ!!

      Thank you so much, and hug those kids extra from me!

  15. Again...your family photos look so much like ours. We have that same trampoline to jump some energy off when it is too cold to play outside. We have gates on the stairs and Peter can always tell when one of the little girls knocks it down. He high tails it to any unguarded stairs and is halfway up before we can catch him. He's super good at going just to work on the going down (safely) part!
    Turns out we both know the Cash family. We were just in Wisconsin Dells with them last week. Small world, huh?
    Dates with the kids....I need to get back into that. I try to get alone time with them. They are so different one on one. If only there were more hours in the day!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. What a small world!! Lisa is amazing!! Hoping this betters our chances to meet someday!

      Yes, the going down the stairs part is the hard part!! I like to teach them to use those stairs rather than be scared every time we see stairs. But right now, he has no radar for distance and would just fall!

      You have a great weekend too!

  16. What a great post! Where to start?

    I'll be quick and say that I love the photo of Simeon in his high chair. While they are all cute this reminds me of my littles. And the holding hands one would be my 2nd fav.

    I'm inspired to have some Ma-mah dates as soon as I can. :)

  17. Loved all the pictures! Such happiness! Little Simeon looks like he is doing so well. The play looked like a lot of fun!

  18. Great pictures! I love the mommy and me dates. I really need to schedule some of those as my kids are growing up WAY TOO FAST.

    And it's really good that your daughter is researching and doing fish the right way. Way to go!

  19. I loved this post so much! I'm thankful to you for sharing your joys. Oh, and I could never live up there...happy to see it warm up to the 20's??!!! Brrrrrrr!

  20. You inspired me to do a post on things to be thankful thank you :) I live in Minnesota thankful for the 20's as well!


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