Wednesday, February 6, 2013

His First Step Caught on Tape

While doing "So Big!"
My little brave boy, who is afraid of nothing
(except doctors touching his face)
just out of the blue, took his first step!
I keep watching this and it makes me laugh every time!
I do not think the kid will actually walk
I think he will run
He's such a busy boy!

We are going to the doctor today for a 6 week check up-post kidney surgery
I'm nervous.
Please, could you spare an extra prayer for him and the mama?

We also need prayers, for his next surgery coming up
We meet with his plastic surgeon again the beginning of March
(we met with him last week)
He wants to do surgery end of March, first part of April
Which means his premaxilla, (that front part sticking out) 
needs to move quite a bit down and into his mouth in the right place.

His surgery will be on his palate.  Closing it.
He needs it done, and the doctors prefer doing it before 18 months, 
because it puts babies quite a bit behind in speech, without it done.

He'll then go from a bottle to a cup
and his food will no longer come out his nose!  (yay!)

Our prayer is for his premaxilla to move into place and for his surgery to be successful.
(you can see it has quite a bit to move yet)
I'll post another update as we get closer and we know more details

Thank you so very much for your precious prayers for my sweet baby!

Simeon's appointment went great!  
He can now be off the antibiotic he's been on since July!! 
He does not need to see the kidney specialist for 6 months!

Thank you for your continued prayers, they are such a blessing!


  1. Love capturing those precious moments....praying for his surgeries. God Bless.

  2. Done! So cute to watch his fist step on video! Good job mama!

  3. Have I told you he melts my heart? Well, he does! Continued prayers for all of you.

  4. I had to watch that without sound (wrapping up at work) but it was still sooooo cute! And to see his sister put his hands up for him, and how proud of himself he was :)

  5. I have to watch it late with sound (Ava's napping) but SO cute and proud! Be assured of our prayers sweet Jamie! I know how worrying this can be, but in the end ALL will be well. xo

  6. He is just so adorable! We will be praying!:)

  7. Hahaha awww! What a great video!

    Praying for you all. Let me know if you all come down to the Cities for his surgery (I think you do?) if you need anything I'm right outside of St. Paul and would be happy to help!

  8. Hi Jamie,

    That boy is just sooooooo adorable!

    I'm praying for you all!

  9. How sweet! Cutie little boy- he is going to move right to running! Just try keeping up with him~

    And I've just prayed for him and for you, my friend, and I know the Lord hears and answers. Big hugs to you~

  10. Congrats, Simeon! Your adoring internet fans continue to be captivated by your cuteness ;-)

  11. How fun that you caught it on tape! I love all his cheerleaders in the background. :) Good luck with everything coming up for him!

  12. Sooo cute! We'll be praying for Simeon's upcoming appointments and surgeries.

  13. oh my gosh and you caught it on video! That's so great! He is so cute!!

  14. Hi Jamie, That little one is getting
    "SO BIG"!!

    I hope all the appts. go well! UPDATE! What great news. He is such a trooper!

  15. what a great result from the appointment. such glorious news! Praying for you and S for the surgery. :)

  16. Loved the video with sweet voices! So happy to hear you have a praise report:)

  17. Such good news for the sweet little walking banana boy!

  18. Wanting you to know that although I have not been commenting, I and my family have been and will continue to pray for your precious Simeon. All of you are so beautiful, so inspiring. You are doing great!

  19. Sweet video ! That's exciting to catch that step without even trying! Lots of prayers for you and Simeon.

  20. That's great news. He's in our daily prayers. This morning, we'll thank God for the progress made!

  21. So glad everything went well! I can't view the video on my Surface 😞. I'll have to try on the laptop went I get up. I love to watch babies first steps, they're so wonderful and so proud of themselves. Simeon has come so far, he's such a sweet baby!!!

  22. Yeah for answered prayers! May God continue to work through the hands of the surgeons and nurses as they continue to maintain little man's health. And what a BIG BOY!!! Glad you were able to get it on video!

  23. Wonderful news! He is such a sweetie!! We pray for him every morning!

  24. I ALWAYS love to read of Simeon! That precious little boy of yours makes my cheeks hurt from smiling! It's so good to hear that he's doing better and be assured of my continued prayers for his surgeries and health. XO!

    P.S.- Loved to hear him talking!!


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