Monday, February 4, 2013


 Thankful Oh, Lord, for so  much!
I do these "Thankfuls" to remind myself of all the blessings
even though life can be hard and messy at times,
the blessings are always there too.

 Thankful for girls painting snowmen!
 Thankful for tea parties, anywhere, anytime with these sweet girls
Thankful for baby tennies!!
Aren't those just adorable?
Thankful for hot cocoa mustaches!! 
Thankful for little brothers watching big sisters! 
Thankful I finally taught her to tie shoes!!  
(Colette is learning too)
I  know, it's late, it's just one of those things
they don't have many tie shoes!
Thankful for family game night!
it's such a fun time to just enjoy eachother
Kiss the baby..who doesn't want to be kissed constantly
I can't help it little baby!
Thankful for crying 3 year olds...
It wouldn't be game night (or any night for that matter)
If the current 3 year old didn't cry at some point..
Thankful for busy, busy babies! 
He is constantly on the go!  
Look at his forehead--bumps!!  
Thankful for warm fuzzy snuggly jammies!

Thankful for daddies who play games with the kids every day!
He's been home on a "home vacation" for the past 3 weeks!! 
His first day back was today...we are missing him!  
Thankful for Tom, who works hard every day, so I can stay home
and be with the kiddos!
Thankful I took the time to enjoy this sunset, and take a quick picture
and a quick picture of the arctic snow we have, glistening--it is iced 
from our below zero temps we've had this past week
Thankful we have kids who love to shovel for $3each!
Thankful Rosie got 5 fish, and 3 are still living....
Thankful they all love watching the fish
Simeon gets a little over excited and bangs on the tank!
Thankful we have an air hockey table so the girls can make Barbie houses...
Thankful for that sweet little tongue!!
(please forgive my dirty floor, we do sweep every night!)
Thankful for sweet babies driving cars!
Thankful another "mommy date" completed!
We went to Old Country Buffet (again) her choice
Good thing I like their salad!
We went to the library afterward and brought along my recipes,
we are putting them into a cookbook for her.
She's always asking for my recipes!
Thankful for praying babies!
He loves to pray, then quickly claps and wants us to all cheer for him!
Thankful for Sunday Sundaes!
(during the Superbowl!  Daddy watched, I didn't)
Thankful for that sweet little tongue...Did I already say that?
(I said we do sweep every night!)

Thankful for these visitors this morning during school!  

Thankful for all of you--God bless You!


  1. I'm thankful for your thankfuls because it reminds me to be THANKFUL :) I'm serious. Thank you. Your Thankfuls always make me smile-such cute kiddos.

  2. Loved today's "Thankful" post! I could comment on every single picture!!! I am loving his little tennies...AND head bumps! Such a great sign...he's healthy, curious, active! Love that you're putting recipes together for your girls! So smart! Family game nights are the best! Jealous of all that snow! Boy, you guys have a ton. Probably not as fun for you all...but we would love some down here!


    1. Oh, my gosh, don't be jealous of the snow. Funny how we are never happy where we are, right? Because I'd love to be in a milder place like where you live!! (no snow!)

  3. I LOVE all these pictures, but I think my favorite is Little Simeon praying. You guys certainly know how to raise kids the right way. I also loved seeing you in more of these pics! That little tea party looks like it was so much fun. I wish I could get my teen to have a tea party with me! (Maybe I should just ask her- she might!)

    And if I were anywhere near that arctic ice, I would slip on it and die. Be careful!

    1. Shelly--You could just offer her some tea and throw in a cookie...according to my 6 year old, you HAVE to have cookies. (she prefers homemade, but that just is not happening nowadays) Then, VIOLA!! Tea party!

      If I were near your heat and warm sun and--but that's where I want to be...

  4. That pic of the arctic snow is the same around here!! Glad it snowed a little to cover it up and it is going to get a little warmer!
    SO jealous you had a husband around for 3WEEKS! That is so nice!
    Sims is cute with shoes and bumps. Looks like you have been busy crafting, gaming, eating out, and kissing that baby. Perfect way to spend time.

    1. Now, that was not "crafting" that was Art, right? You are the Art teacher....

      It was a nice January, made one of my least favorite months go quicker!

  5. I just live these posts of yours...I smile until my cheeks hurt while reading it! Much of what you're thankful for is what I'm thankful for too. Well, to be honest, seeing that arctic snow made me grateful to live where it's just a wee bit warmer. I complain when it drops to 50 degrees after December 25th.

    1. Awwww, thanks Elizabeth! Oh, gosh, I do dislike winter here in MN. But it is pretty. And 50 degrees sounds so tropical right now....

  6. Simeon is so big! What a cutie. I love baby sneakers!!!

  7. I thought it was Thursday for a moment! I so love your thankful posts, Jamie Jo. Little Red's tongue is so precious, no wonder you love to snap a photo of his face when he poses his little tongue! you cracked me up about the hockey table making a great house for the barbies. my daughter uses my table in the living room as the place where all her stuffed animals make their adventures, and she has animals and girlie jewelry necklaces dangling off of my lamps in that room. It's pretty hard to learn to tie shoes when it seems all the shoes are velcro close! yay for your daughter. and how wonderful that you are able to have some mother daughter time. bless her heart for asking for your recipes -- she will be a marvelous mother someday!~!!!

    1. I know, I can't get the day right!! I'm glad my house is not the only one that is taken over by girls playing!

      Shoes? Velcro or slip on, hardly any tie shoes out there!

      She will be a wonderful mother someday, she's such a super helper too.

  8. Awww, I love Sims little shoes. I really need to buy Sam shoes so he can walk around at Disneyland.

    You should see my floors, yours are spotless compared to mine!

    What happened to the other two fish? What did she get?

    My three year old is always crying too. Even worse, she bangs her head on any wall she can find when she gets mad. Screaming and head banging drives Sean

    We watched the Super Bowl too. I was more interested in the commercials though. Loved the Budweiser horsey and Walking Dead commercials the best. Despised the GoDaddy commercial though.

    I had to stop and think what day it was, lol.

    Wish my husband could take 3 weeks off. He's never around, and when he is, he's doing school work.

    Another wonderful set of thankfulness! Always a blessing to read.

    1. Arley, we don't know why the fish died, they do have a 2 week return policy, if they die within that time,they will refund or exchange the fish. We got Rosey Barbs and Tux guppies. One each died.

      I did NOT watch the husband watched til around half time...I saw a couple parts of commercials...I saw the Doritos one with the daddy playing with his daughter, loved that one! Started watching the half time show and couldn't watch. Stupid. Had to look up that GoDaddy one, bad, really bad. How much do you think they paid her?

      Hubby took time off, to relax. Every time he's taken time off this past year, it's been for one of Simeon's surgeries or hospital stay. Depression, work stresses, 6 kiddos....he just needed to take some time off to just relax. He's the boss, so we are blessed he can do that.

  9. Aw, your "thankful" posts are so sweet! I may have to start doing my own thankful posts because you are so right...we are surrounded by so many blessings, even in the more challenging times.

    1. I love reading thankfuls. Do it! It helps me to feel more joy and to be more joyful.

  10. These make me so happy to read!

  11. I lovve this. Your children make me smile. They (and you) are so beautiful. Just beautiful happy family life. Kisses to them all!

  12. Thankful that there are mommies out there who stop, while the world is still spinning around them at dizzying speeds, and is thankful for all those tiny moments in one's life!

    1. I love how you put things into words Patty!

  13. And thankful that you share your tiny moments with your readers! God bless you and your family!

    1. Thank you Noreen! God bless you and your family too!

  14. What a fun post and photos filled with joy. I think God made Dads to balance Moms out:) I know my husband sure does! Simeon's praying hands are beyond precious!


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