Monday, March 4, 2013

Catching Up...

 I've got a busy little boy who finds every cupboard that is  not locked...
 And is very happy about it!
We have cans and pans all over our floor most of the time!
 We've had broken cupboard doors for a looooong time
and I finally decided to do something about it
You know, it's one of those things that just got overlooked,
til our busy little boy started taking stuff out every day
(don't worry, it's all safe stuff and he can't open any of it anyway)
My no sew $3 curtain...I cut it off and got a spring rod and it worked.
I didn't have a choice in the color for that price,
 but hey, 
it looks a ton better than before!
 I painted our upstairs bathroom
We used to call it the "purple bathroom" 
then it was the "blue bathroom"
I hated the blue
I had to pick quick, because we had a painter that time 
(someone Tom works with)
and I picked blue...that was 2 years ago
(since then, I've had another baby)
so now, I painted it WHITE!
I love it.
I think.
We still have colored rugs and colored towels...that's OK
The reason we keep  painting it, is because we get this thick,
brown stuff oozing out of the's slimy, we have no idea what it is
The painter had no idea what it was
This time I got a good primer and hopefully it's gone for good.
We'll see. 

 Now that the "white bathroom" is done
I need bathroom pictures of the 2 littlest!

Simeon loved being outside the tub...
but not so much inside the tub....he's used to the sink!
 She loved taking a bath with Sims
 My next project is the stairs....painting them white, getting rid of that blue...
 Then we can put up our Stations of the Cross...hopefully before Easter!
(this is what it was before we painted it the last time)
 Found this on Pinterest...worked super!  
Crescent rolls, with pepperoni and 1/2 a cheese stick, rolled up and baked
1/2 the kids loved it and 1/2 did not
Speaking of 1/2 the kiddos liking something and 1/2 not,
we were out of buns and used bread for our hot dogs today,
You'd think there was mold on the bread or something.
(there wasn't)
I mean, this is what I grew up with, we never had buns!
We had bread for hamburgers too.
Kids today are spoiled.
This is one of the kiddos who liked it!
 I was just as sad as everyone else about the Holy Father,
but this picture puts things into perspective, 
his first day and his last day as our Pontiff
He's aged quite a bit in 8 years, 
why is it 8 years with him have flown by, 
yet 8 years with Obama are taking foooooorever?
 Betty White....Betty, Betty, Betty....You are celebrating your 90th soon, right?
 I love you as much as the next person,
but aren't you even thinking about the next world yet?
You should be.
Don't you worry about some old people's souls?

 And young people....come on--need I say anything about this?
I can't even bring myself to watch even a little of this stupid show.

And finally, these will be gone soon...
Simeon is officially not taking a bottle anymore.
I am sad just typing it.
I try to rock him, as he screams and kicks
finally his tired body gives in and he falls asleep in my arms
as his mama's heart is breaking each time.  
(this usually only takes a few minutes, but it feels like forever)
(he needs to be weaned to a sippy cup without the spill proof thingy by surgery next week)
(he can't form a suction with a hole in the roof of his mouth)
Saturday he had no nap, he wants that bottle to fall asleep...
So hard to wean him at the age that seems too young to do so.
it must be done
And it will be fine.

I have been done pumping breastmilk for 4 weeks now,
I have enough breastmilk frozen to last til May sometime!!
Yay, that's enough to get him past his surgery and then some! 

Well, this was a mixed up post of things on my mind...
God's blessings to you all!


  1. I really like your white paint. A few years back we painted our family room and kitchen and thought we had picked a fairly neutral color but once on the wall, it was yellow, plain and simple and now I long for just plain, good 'ole Navajo White...something clean and truly neutral so I can have color in other elements of the room. Hope everything goes well with your son's surgery.

    1. Debbie--my white is called "Polar Bear White" Had to pick a cool name. I think it's the name that sells the colors!

      Thanks for thinking of Simeon--God bless you!

  2. Hi Jamie much to love here! Your curtain covering your cupboard is perfect! I love it! I also love the white paint, it is so bright and you can just change out different colored rugs etc. for a new look anytime.

    Have a wonderful week with those cuties! And we love bread instead of buns here! : )

    1. Yay for bread instead of buns!! I think that's why I like the white too...bright and clean and can be colorful with accents! You have a good week too!

  3. That sweet little boy is also a busy one! I love the looks on his face in those different poses- it's like he's thinking already what to do next.

    Your paint looks good, and your curtain covering is ingenious!

    And oh, that Honey Boo Boo. I have no words for what I think of the adults in her life...

    1. Oh, Shelly, he is...I love how when he gets into something, he stops and looks to see if we are cute--little stinker!

      I have no idea what the adults are like in her life, as I can't bring myself to even watch for a little bit, hoping my not watching will help get it off the air...but I can imagine they are not very bright?

  4. Happy painting! I always love fresh walls---except when I'm doing all the work. You are so spot on about the 8 years with BXVI vs Obama. Ugh. And I love the Shirley Temple meme!

    1. I do like painting...everything looks so new again! We need Shirley girls love her!

    2. Yes, but....we got a DVD from the dollar spot years ago that had her very early toddler stuff from vaudeville. It was so awful I threw it away! Very sexualized stuff going on between tots! I couldn't let my children watch it.

  5. Love that little stinker and I remember the days of picking up the tupperware from the kitchen floor six times a day.

    PS had to ask my 21yo who the little girl is next to Shirley. I am so glad to live under a rock. Our society needs to be put out on trash day.

    1. Simeon likes to take the lids of the pans and bangs them and slides them (think screeching scratching a blackboard sound) on the floor....all boy that kid--ALL BOY!

      That show..never seen it, but I just cant' believe it has enough ratings to stay on the air...stupid.

  6. You are the Queen of breastmilk! The bathroom looks really nice, poor Simeon's face in the bath (but it was cute too!). I prayed for Simeon today in the car with the kids, I couldn't remember his surgery date but the Holy Spirit made him pop into my head :)

    1. Not anymore--I"m DONE pumping! It IS nice to have that supply though in the freezer...Thank you so much for your prayers for Simeon, they mean the world to me!

  7. Your bathroom turned out wonderful and your staircase will, too. I'm so sorry about the bottle thing. That has to be SO hard. The bread/ bun thing? We use bread in our house. I use buns for "special" occasions :) Growing up, we never had buns either.

    1. Yay!! Another bread eater....I admit, I always buy buns, they are cheap and easy and good...but you know, we almost always throw a bunch away..they get old quick. So it's not really that cheap is it?

      The bottle thing will be's really the same as giving up nursing has been for me, it's sad. We want them to be babies forever....He's doing fine, it's hard though, he drinks his sippy cup then fusses and sometimes settles in and lets me rock him....usually I need to stand though. It will be fine...

  8. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one in the world with broken cabinets! I thought it was just a curse set upon me. I have one that is a corner cabinet. I have no idea how to fix that one. I need to figure something out though!

    I can't tell you what an inspiration you are in doing all you do. This last year plus, you just amaze me! I am so happy to be able to get to share in your life and to be able to pray for you guys. You are all a blessing!

    1. Oh, gosh, Amy--we have more broken ones, broken drawers, with cardboard taped and covering the holes! Broken doors...There's so many things broken in our home, it's sad. BUT we LIVE here, right? It's bound to happen!

      Corner cabinets...ours is a lazy susan and it's lopsided and we have things lost behind it that we can't reach---like my chopper!

      YOU are the inspiration--with all the working out you've done and losing all that weight--I think about you every day. I'm thinking about going Gluten Free again, after reading your post....(THINKING...)

  9. Hi Jamie, your amazing to find time to paint while raising our kiddos! Your bathroom looks great. Ours is white too because my hubby is anti color! The only room with color is my son's and we change it every few years or so depending upon what he'd like done. Simeon is so cute! Love to see his big smile while playing in the cabinets :). God bless!

    1. Noreen, I was all for color and now, I'm kind of wanting the white and bright! God bless you too!

  10. Leo hated the bathtub for a long time too ;)

    1. My last baby did's so big and different for them after the sink...but sinks are so darn easy and quick!

  11. I bet that big bad bathtub was downright frightening after all those sink baths! Do you think he will hate the swimming pool? I'm sure with all those siblings he will adjust! I just love your posts and had to laugh out loud. I knew exactly who was next to Shirley...only b/c I've had friends post about her on the FB. I just can't watch that show...although I saw clips of it after watching a naughty Tosh O segment! LOL As for Betty White...I know not what you speak of b/c I've never seen anything with her since the Golden Girls, but I'll take your word for it!

    Love the new paint! I am totally wanting to redo our 1st floor...I painted mine blue too!!! We must be soul sisters! LOL Now, I feel stuck decorating around the blue b/c we can't really afford to get it repainted anytime soon. *sigh*

    1. Valerie--I have no idea what Tosh O is? I've only seen commercials of the Honey Boo Boo kid--can't hardly type that.

      Betty a raunchy show called "Hot in Cincinnati" and I read a recent article about her and she's pretty liberal...when she dies people will glorify her, when they should be praying for her!

      Bucket of paint--$20 Home Depot!
      I wanted more of an ocean blue and got bathroom blue!! hahah!

  12. OH..I want to come over and sweep that baby out of the tub..just look at his face! So sad but so cute.
    I have an itching to paint the kids room upstairs. Painting walls or rooms just changes things up so much. Nice to do that every once in awhile.

    We are bun people. No hot dogs. We are also very spoiled.

    That honey boo boo show IS horrible. I watched it out of curiosity. I am amazed how happy the mom is?? She laughs a lot. Not sure if that is just for the show. VS. Jon and Kate plus eight..kate is a big crab.

    I totally get the snuggling the babies to help them fall asleep. I still snuggle Ava.(arm pit thing) She still has a nuk.
    Loved this post!

  13. Too funny - this one and your home photo shoot. You deserve a "Keepin' it Real" award for sure!

    I personally think it's much more difficult to pick paint colors that look good with brown trim. I kick myself every day for not insisting on white - anything looks good next to white! Brown though, I think warm greens, beiges, red (sparingly), and very few warm yellows are about the only hues that are harmonious with oak trim. Brown is just so cozy. The cooler colors look awesome with white.

    I'm with you - let the young look young, let the old look old!

  14. There is so much here. The cupboard/pantry thing? Living it here. Driving me nuts. Talk about piles. Lately, my girl has discovered the bag of rice and just loves to open it and "play" with it.

    The bathroom? Looks good. I have a hard time with white walls. Often they have a weird undertone. Yours looks good though. I guess I'm for color right now because our rental home is just so blah.

    I had no idea for either of those shows. Thankfully. And that is too bad about Betty White. I have fond Golden Girl memories.

    Those crescent roll pizzas? I'm taking a great big pretend whiff and taste now. If I could, I would so try those.

    Bread vs. bun? As a kid, I hated hot dogs but when forced to eat them (yes, I was forced to eat hot dogs...), we usually had buns but we also didn't bat an eye if it was only bread. My husband? Buns all the way and he spoiled me. Now that we have to work really hard to have any kind of carb with bread, and I actually DO like hot dogs now, we just eat them by themselves.

    The pictures of Pontiff Emeritus do tell a story, don't they? And his new title is so weird to say.

    Bath pictures? Priceless. Your 3 year old sure is a ham lately. :)

    And now to end my longest reply ever to a post. God bless!


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