Thursday, March 28, 2013

Home Photo Shoot--Take 153

 Our home photo shoot, "Retakes" for Jedi
(because it didn't go so hot HERE)
His favorite was this one, and if you are a Star Wars fan,
you'll understand why, he said, "Hey, get this one, upside down,
it's like Luke Skywalker in the Wampa cave!"
I laughed so hard, I had to share it with you!
(and , no, we are not getting this one)
 The smiles were much better this time, 
I  kept talking about the Easter Bunny hopping into his room
using a funny accent
 Hey, it worked!
My sweet teenager, please stop growing up.
How can a mama be so sad and happy at the same time?


  1. He looks great. He has amazing blue eyes and they do grow up so fast. Zach was just this age and in 4 itty-bitty short years...he is now 17.

    SO dont cry mama..just enjoy every itty-bitty moment!

  2. Wonderful pics, Jamie Jo!!! I agree with Christine...those blue eyes just pop right out!And yes...despite all our pleading and tears...they still grow before our very eyes, don't they? : )

  3. What a good looking boy. Totally got the "Star Wars" pose. We own the entire series on Blu-ray. My husband turned our kids into

  4. Awesome!! Great job mom and Jedi. He definitely is growing up, isn't he? Wow. The time keeps on ticking.

  5. These look terrific- he is so photogenic! I agree with Christine- just enjoy every itty-bitty moment!

  6. What a handsome boy! They came out great! Boy, do I wish I could hear your "bunny with an accent voice."

  7. Cute, cute, cute! Big brother and little brother have the same beautiful blue eyes!!!!

  8. What a handsome...and clever guy!

  9. Jamie Jo! These look just GREAT!


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