Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Home Photo Shoot!

 So, here's how my home photo shoot went:
I was the photographer
My assistant was my 10 year old daughter (she was awesome)
I was inspired by first Patty--here
Then by Sarah--here
I purchased a black sheet and a white sheet
around $10 each at Wal-Mart
I ironed them and pinned the black one on a wall next to a window
for natural light
(I'll try the white one in the summer maybe)
I used my flash on some pictures, not sure which ones, as you will see
there are quite a few pics...I just snapped and snapped
No Simeon, you need to sit....
 No no, don't pull that down...sit
 No no honey, you need to sit...here let me straighten that bottom sheet...
 Toy, get a toy!!  Maybe he will stay with a toy!
Wait, let me straighten that bottom sheet...
 No, no, you need to sit....
 Oh, no, no girls, that's too many toys....
 Oh, my gosh, why am I doing this?
 Oh, now you smile...
 Finally, a good one...but wait, your foot is moving and blurry....
 hmmmm...pretty good, but your toes and foot look too close...
(in the background Sweetie Pie is screaming because he has her Batman car 
and this is why he's finally smiling!)
This was the best we got that particular day...
and no yellow bruise on his forehead like in the brown outfit photos...
Uh, OK, no Peek a Boo, that's not working guys...
 This is my favorite one!
 Onto Sweetie Pie (age 3)
The almost perfect model...kind of...
Don't show your neck, 
(she looks at me like "what are you talking about?")
Ummmm, (think like a photographer)
Move your chin down...
 Yep, that's your chin...
 Don't show your neck, OK?
 OK, maybe you can show some neck...
 When I asked her, "Would you like to hold a dolly or teddy bear?" 
She said, "I want to hold a sword!"
Ummmm, OK, whatever.
 She did turn out to be a great little model,
so much so, that I had a hard time picking just a couple shots to enlarge...
Click on the pictures for a better view!
 See, why I call her "Sweetie Pie" for the blog?
 "Colette" here used to be called "Babycakes" for the blog, 
Is there any question why?
She was the perfect model and I loved these shots!
 Cutie Pie!
 She gets that dimple chin from Tom.  
 This perfect model 
only gave me like 3 poses
 Good thing she's photogenic!
 My handy assistant, came up with these poses
and she could have modeled all day!
 She was a great help and her pictures turned out great...
I don't like that the color of her skin turned out different in these poses
But she doesn't care and they are both great photos.
 Jedi--can your smile GET any faker?
Uh, OK, yep, it can.
Retakes coming up
Thank goodness for digital cameras!


  1. So funny and so cute!! You all made me smile.

  2. Love them, Jamie Jo! And you are awesome!

  3. Now that is hil.ar.i.ous. And very cute. That's hard work, isn't it? I have to preface my photo shoots with "all hands on deck!" to let everyone know I need their help.

    Girls are definitely easier models and not quite as awkward with thie poses and smiles it seems.

    1. Oh, some girls are....you are right though, they do like to smile and pose..just wait for Jonah's First Holy Communion, he won't want to take as many pictures as Lily did...it will make you sad!

      Thanks for the inspiration--you saved us a ton of money from Sears!

  4. GREAT JOB!!! What a fun photo shoot. :)

    1. It was kind of fun--can't wait to try white!

  5. Oh, what cutie patooties! Little Sims is saying if you're going to take his picture, you're going to have to do it his way.

    Your kids are gorgeous!

    1. Oh, gosh, yep, he's the boss. Little stinker.

      Thanks so much.

  6. Pretty impressive! I'd be curious to see how the white backdrop turned out,too.

    1. We actually did not do the white, I ironed it and planned on it, but gosh, this took so much work, I was drenched in sweat after Simeon's! We'll try white for summer...

  7. Beautiful children! The ones of your two youngest reminded me of how mine are for pictures. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

    I also wanted to let you know that I tried your lemon yogurt bread recipe and it is so yummy! I had to use pineapple yogurt because the store didn't have any lemon, but it was still so good.

    1. Yay, Kari--glad you liked it--it is a good light bread right? Lemon is hard to find,I try to get yoplait light Lemon meringue. I think vanilla would be fine too.

      It was fun...with the older ones. Actually I really liked doing my 3 year old best. She loved it.

  8. You must have been exhausted after all that!

  9. You had me cracking up with the comments. Almost peed my pants!!! They turned out great. I love how Sims kept trying to get up. Sammy does the same thing. IMPOSIBLE to get a good shot of him. I have two that put on the fake smiles as well. At least they all had fun. Can't wait to see more.

    1. The way it finally worked was the brown outfit, a different day, (bruise and all) up on a bench, because he couldn't just go off--he tried, we were there to catch him....some slanted pictures of him swaying backward--pretty funny!

  10. Cute, cute pictures! Good thing you did the hardest one first!

    1. Yeah, sure made the others seem so easy!

  11. All I can say is, Thank God! for digital, huh??!! When I took Miss Clementine's at 9 months, I was sweating like a pig!! I was petrified to try 12 months, but for some reason, with Daddy helping and the kids sent outdoors to the park, it went really quick. Your back drop looks GREAT! Glad it worked (and it did work). Thanks for linking it back. BTW, you did get some great shots....I loved the subtitles you added. So funny!

    1. Oh, that's for sure!

      Oh, gosh, had to laugh, yes, I was drenched in sweat after Simeon's pictures....for some reason, I thought it would be easier.

      Thanks for the inspiration!!

  12. FUNNY..like everybody said. Especially the weapon!
    Great idea and they turned out pretty good! I like the black background.

    Cannot ever have too many pictures of our precious kiddos!

    1. Yeah, it was more like,
      "Are you sure you want a sword, how about your puppy?"

      "No! I want the sord!" (picture stomping now and a whiney voice)

      "OK, whatever, let's get this done"

      Great talking to you yesterday!
      Love you

  13. So cute Jamie! In the spring you should go outside...nice backgrounds and no need for flash. Everyone looks better in natural light :-)

    1. Oh, yeah, then I'd really be able to keep Simeon down...haha! No, you are right...I love Fall pictures too, I always take pictures of the girls (they love to model) next to trees.

  14. Sweetness...All of them! Who needs exercise? I think I'll go do a photo shoot;-)

    1. Oh, gosh, I wish it were the kind of exercise that tones and helps you lose weight that's for sure, it just seems to drain my energy....

  15. Oh my goodness, I am still laughing. Great shots with great remarks. I love the reason why Simeon finally smiled. Too funny. The kids are precious. I wonder if I will have time for pictures any time soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Neen--get your big kids to help, it would be so fun, they'd come up with some great poses I bet!!

  16. Great job! You make me really want to try this! Was it a certain time of day? The lighting is very nice.

    Love to see your kids' smiling faces!

    1. I think it was around noon-1pm, the window is on one wall and I put the black sheet on the wall next to the window wall...make sense? I should have taken a picture of that...maybe next time! Your daughter would be a great model!!

  17. Ha ha ha! SOOooooo been there!!! So been there. Haven't read blogs or been on the computer in a while, but this sure had me smiling. xoxoxo

  18. I read all your previous posts, but haven't had time to comment. Baby is FINALLY napping. Oh, it's been a long week!

    I loved everything about this post. You got some great shots of the kids. I think shooting in the summer is a good idea because of better lighting (and green grass and outdoor shots!). You'll have to do a summer shoot.


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