Monday, March 11, 2013

Please Pray for Simeon!

 Begging for prayers again!
Our sweet Sims is going in for his 4th surgery in 14 1/2 months
He's our hero
 Each time is just as hard as the last
We go through the same fears and worries and constant praying
 But this time, it's seeming to be a little harder for both Tom and I.
Little Simeon has a personality now, he's so fun and active, 
walking and getting into things constantly.
 Getting excited every time he sees us (melts a mama's heart every time)
Playing...he loves to play and read books
He loves to be held, if you are standing, no rocking or sitting allowed,
he will point where he wants you to walk to.

 How can you not smile when you say "No No!" when you see this face?
He's so used to everyone around,
  he doesn't even care when his toes are being kissed
while eating!

It feels  harder because we feel even more like we are almost 
betraying him.  Tricking him.  He goes in happy and 
comes out in such pain.
We will have to earn his trust again.
I tear up just typing this.
For the next few weeks, he will be afraid to be put down
He will not trust us.
And it breaks our hearts.
Come on over Google Readers, and see some great baby dancing!
Please ignore my loud voice and the Farkle playing in the background
(see more broken drawers here, covered with cardboard)

This picture shows his teeth good, except now he has a 5th one and is working on more.

Hard to imagine the doctors working in this small space for such a long time.
I get sick to my stomach when I think about it.
They are closing his palate tomorrow.
Surgery starts Tuesday, March 12th, at 7am 
(we need to be there at 5:30am)
The surgery will be minimum of 2 1/2 hours
They will cut 2 circles around the inside top of his mouth
Somehow it all closes...moves into place, all the parts are there, they just need help.

We will be at the hospital for 2 nights, coming home hopefully, Thursday some time.

Prayers are so very much appreciated!
They hold us up.
They help him, he's going to be something great when he grows up
(he already is)

Please pray for the doctors and nurses that will take care of Simeon
and that he heals quickly!
Please pray for our family, it's so hard for everyone in different ways.
My 6 year old has cried several times this past weekend, 
saying "I miss you already mama", breaks my heart.
 She has a stapled together book of blank papers, and every time she misses me,
she's going to color me a picture.
(it's already 1/2 full)

Thank you so much.
I pray for all of you too.
I can do that, our God is BIG
He knows who you all are!



  1. Definitely praying for all that you listed! And who doesn't like to kiss baby toes? At any time of the day? They are just ripe for the puckering :) I totally understand the betrayal thing. Hang tough!! God WILL work through the hands of the doctors and nurses. All will be well again very soon! May the Mary's mantle wrap you in peace and grace.

  2. I've been praying and I will especially step up the prayers tonight and tomorrow. God is faithful, He hears, and He loves and cares for Simeon beyond imagination. It's good to know when our own arms can't be around our babies, God's arms are around them.

    I'll be looking forward to the update. Now, no guilt feelings, Mom! Although it's very natural for you to feel that, this is going to improve his quality of life so much in the long run and when he is older, he will be thanking you for it.

    A big hug to you, too! ((((Jamie))))

  3. Jamie Jo...I am setting the alarm on my phone right now for 7:00 Tuesday morning...the time your sweet one will be starting his surgery. We will storm the Heavens for you and your precious son and family, as well as the wonderful doctors and nurses.

    I know we are " new " friends, but I feel as if we have known each other forever. Will be checking back for updates. Take care of you, too mom! : )

  4. Prayers from AZ for strength and peace for Mom, Dad and family, and prayers for a successful surgery and quick healing. May God bless you always especially for all of this pain you have to go through.

  5. Dearest Jamie, my momma's heart goes out to your momma's heart. I will offer up Mass tomorrow morning for your family's intentions, especially--ESPECIALLY--that sweet little Simsters and his parents.

    Much love to you, Sweetie. Be strong. Be brave. Stay close to Mary.♥

  6. We've been praying, Jamie Jo (named after both of your parents! ) :) and will continue to do so!!! My kids are so used to Simeon's name now that they get confused..."wait, who is that again? Have I met him. Oh, is he my godfather's kid?" All b/c we have friends in Minnesota!!! (Hope to meet in person someday!!!!)


  7. You poor dears! I will remember your whole family in my prayers tomorrow (and today)! I hope it all goes perfectly and he bounces back quickly.

  8. Sending much love and prayers your way and Simeon's too. You are such an amazing mom, Jamie, and you have gone through a lot in these 14 months. Sim too.
    What a sweet little boy so many of us have grown to love and cherish. May you be filled with many graces these next several days and know that so many of us are praying.
    I sure hope we can meet Mr. Sim this summer. What a treasure he is.

  9. Many prayers for your family and your sweet little boy. He's such a cutie!

  10. We'll be praying for Simeon, his doctors, and all of you!

  11. We've already started praying for those doctors to do a great job...for your kids not to miss him too much while he's gone...for you to be strong during this...for healing and minimal pain during procedure and healing...we feel like he's part of our family.

    I hope you have another video of his siblings for him to watch as that seemed to bring him such comfort last time.

    God bless you all during this difficult time.

  12. I hope all goes well and recover is fast. He is so sweet dancing and I LOVE the noise in the background. That is my family also. SO much noise...all the time!

    I hope you have enough help.
    Sending hugs and kisses for you, Sims and the whole family.

    Kiss those baby toes for me too!

  13. I'm so sad for you, being in such a hard spot. We will be praying for him often!

  14. Praying for your sweet Sims! He will be on my mind and in my prayers constantly until he gets out of surgery. Prayers for you and your other kids, too!

  15. Of course I have been praying and will continue. My heart ached with yours, with the pain and questioning and wondering/knowing how Sims will react. But what really got me was your 6 year old daughter. What a sweet girl. I pray all goes well as it can!

  16. I prayed for him last night when I was laying in bed unable to sleep. (Sean ended up with food poisoning and was very sick all day and night.) Your description of having to gain his trust all over again just breaks my heart. I tried to imagine Sammy being in that situation and Sean and I having to go through what you and Tom go through. I honestly have no idea how you all get through it. My prayers are with Sims and your family and will be thinking of you all in the days to come. God Bless.

  17. Sending prayers your way! May God Bless all of you!

  18. Praying for your sweet boy, for the doctors, and for trust. Thanks for sending out the hey annoucement, it is an honor to pray for you!

  19. So very many prayers. We will be praying hard.

  20. Will definitely be praying here for all of your family. God Bless!

  21. praying. He is such a strong trooper.

  22. I couldn't get the video last night as I was not on my computer, but of goodness! What sweetness!!! I just love those little dances! So precious. Praying for you all day.

  23. I was finally able to watch the video on my tablet. Sims has got some real moves! Love Tom in the background cheering him on. Thats too funny. Hope he's doing well this morning. He's been in my thoughts all morning.

  24. Simeon should be out of surgery now and I wanted you to know we are praying and remembering him on this historic day!!!

  25. Praying for Simeon, and your sweet family.

  26. It is such a lot for a little guy to go through- maybe more painful for mommy and daddy though. Praying the surgery went well and that Simeon will be back to his playful happy self really SOON!

  27. Oh Jamie, I am seeing this now and the surgery is over. I do keep your precious Sim in my prayers. Your post brought tears to my eyes when you talked about his trust and having to regain it. God bless! May our Mother Mary hold you all tight in her loving arms!

  28. We have been lifting you up all tho I'm just now getting to a comment. Praying your little hero braved another surgery like a champ. Our hearts and prayers remain with you as everyone recovers!

  29. O sweety, will pray and offer up for your sweet Simeon. This is so hard but a lot of love is coming your way...

  30. I hope that you are in recovery and already getting to love on your baby as he heals. I can not even begin to guess what God's plan is for this sepcial young man in your life or for his siblings. I do know that the faith of my kiddos is so strong because of the troubles we have faced as a family with the health issues we have run accross over the years. We are a stronger family because of Possible's heart surgery, Bagel's appendix rupture, the twins early birth and my health at that point are just a few of the issues life sent us. WE KNOW GOD because of them. I suspect your kids do as well. While surgery is so hard, I am sure God will use you and your faith to spread his love to the world while you talk with doctors, nurses, and food staff. You all are in our prayers!

  31. We are praying & sending so much love to you. xo

  32. Had the date on my calendar and had him in prayer. Hope all is going better a week later.


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