Thursday, April 11, 2013

Theme Thursday--Grow!

 Nothing growing in Minnesota except Kids!!
(this was taken this morning, we now have 8 inches of new snow)

 Cari's theme this Thursday is "Grow"!
I've been reminiscing over old pictures all week
From 4 kiddos
 to 5 kiddos...
to 6 kiddos!
Sure makes me want to hold on to them
 and just love them right where they are right now.

I heard once 
that you should look at your kids ages right now
and think about how fast you got here,
then, double their age.
That time will go twice as fast.  

Cherish today.
(even if it's snowing in April)


  1. Love the kids pictures...hate the snow in April picture. Hopefully it melts quickly!

  2. It is after lunch and it is now longer snowing! So windy and cold out the kids dont really want to go outside. Not sure if I blame them. This snow day...we are popping lots of popcorn and watching a movie. Just too windy.

    It is almost hard for me to remember those girls in cute little girly dresses with pigtails. They have grownup so fast. Buy a crockpot that works...SLOW those babies down!

  3. Oh...Jamie Jo...those pictures are precious!!! And I know...they grow, don't they? Darn it anyhow...That snow!! Wow!! We are snuggling in today too, but with Thunderstorms! : )

  4. awwww we've gone through the 4 to 5 to now expectant 6. It's amazing how fast the time goes. My oldest will be 10 this year, TEN!! Can't believe that's even possible.

  5. Sure wish you all could get down here and go to the beach with me!

    What changes they go through, and you're right- so fast. Such beautiful kids!

  6. What precious photos from days gone by. Way too quickly. It's a good way to look at 'grow' through the camera lens as clearly there isn't anything about to 'grow' outdoors around here. Will there ever be green grass again?? :)

  7. A snowy day... perfect for looking back. Sweet pictures.

  8. I don't like either idea--snow in April or kids growing so fast!! It really is true...time flies by:(

  9. The snow! Oh!
    But your family shines so brightly. They're beautiful.

  10. Precious photos, Jamie!
    My oldest turns 29 tomorrow!!! (and my baby will be 6 this July!) I still can't quite figure out how that happened so quickly...

    The time does go soooo fast. Hang on to every minute you can, and enjoy those beautiful babies (and growing kids) now.
    Blessings to you~

  11. You have such beautiful children!

  12. Oh my goodness, when I looked at that first picture with your 4 oldest I didn't realize it was a picture of YOUR kids!! They look so different now. Yes, I've been thinking that our typical vacation week in August will have to change in 5 years when our oldest goes off to college!!

  13. Yes, hold onto and cherish! I'm grew tired of waiting for tomorrow only to find out I was wanting yesterday back!

  14. Beautiful photos. Makes me a little sad to see how fast they changed right there on my screen... and how fast mine will grow too. ACK! The snow will pass soon. It's one more opportunity for snowball fights and snowmen and hot chocolate to cherish. xo

  15. Oh goodness, I love the picture of all the girls with their bangs and pigtails! So cute!!!

  16. How funny, I have been reminiscing too about my own children. I sometimes get crabby because my nine year old still wants to be tucked in at night but then I think to myself that soon he won't want me to tuck him at all. Time goes too fast so I'm trying to make the memories happy ones.

    And yes, what is with this weather? Snow and now an ice storm!


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