Friday, April 19, 2013

One More Chance!

With a new foot of snow outside, today, April 19th
Believe it or not, this is rare even for Minnesota
 We've gotten snow every day since Sunday
The kids were starting to get sad and even mad about all the snow.
One of the girls was asking why God would do this to us...
A hard question to answer,
so, I decided we needed to praise God for this,
instead of complaining about it.

(I guess we won't be grilling this weekend!)
So, Thank You God for all the snow we have!!
It's perfect for making snow forts & snowmen
(it's the heavy, wet kind)
You've given us one LAST chance to play in the snow,
come inside for hot cocoa and fresh baked cookies!  

The attitudes of the kids changed immediately 
now they are planning on movies and popcorn in the afternoon!

Only God knows the reason for the especially long winter here in MN, 
I am thinking He wants us to really appreciate SPRING & SUMMER this year!
Sing with me now,
"Rejoice in the Lord Always, again, I say AMEN!"

OH, and it's Christine's birthday,
go wish her a happy birthday!!


  1. When our children were small, we moved to a mountain community near Santa Fe, NM. The kids thought they would never get tired of snow, but when it snowed in early May, I heard wails of "Is it ever going to stop snowing?!" Good for you to teach your children to praise God and find the good in things!

  2. My kids would love seeing snow. They've never seen it before and I've never seen that much! Maybe you could also tell them not all children get to experience snow. I hope the weather gets warmer soon so you all can enjoy Spring!

  3. How wonderful, Jamie Jo...not the snow as much as your reaction to it and using it as a teaching moment for your littles. Enjoy that last chance for hot cocoa and snuggling in day! Have a happy weekend, friend!

  4. It was so pretty out this morning on my birthday...I did thank God. So white and puffy-fluffy!

    Still made it to Colette's drs. appt this morning. My mom wont come until tomorrow now. Will make it to Jonahs appt. and go out to eat. The roads are very icy!!!

    Attitude is everything in life. I want to take the kids out in the snow, however, the wind is just blowing like crazy. It actually is pretty cold out!

    Cheers to you friend..thanks for all the love from you!

  5. It does look very pretty, but I feel your frustration. Hot chocolate and cookies sound good to me! Disney movies were our favorite back in Boston on snow days. This will all just make for a warm, welcoming summer! God bless and have a wonderful weekend, TGIF!

  6. I'm also from's hard not to think negative about all the snow.....but, it sure makes you appreciate the nice sunny days!

  7. Wow, more snow! We've been flooded with rain in our area. Many roads are shut down and houses flooded. We are ok though. We only experienced big puddles of rain water in our basement. Some neighbors experienced 1 inch and then in some areas up to 6 feet of water. Unbelievable.

    It's a trial for the ones with so many feet of water. They do not live in a flood zone and do have insurance to cover the clean up.

  8. I love your attitude, Jamie! I would freeze and die on my first day in Minnesota, I know, even if it was summer time. Hope spring comes your soon...

  9. I can't even count the number of times I've said, "Let's play out in the may be our last chance until next fall!" Now, the kids just roll their eyes at me and say, "Yeah, we've heard that before!"

  10. Hi Jamie! Great suggestion about being grateful... but its kind of hard because we got just OVER 20 INCHES!! On April 19!! We keep cryin' "Uncle!" but Nobody's listening....
    I was grateful that Craig didn't even try to go to work, but he spent all day outside trying to get us cleared out. Normally he'd use the truck and plow us out, but the truck was snowed in! There were 3+-foot drifts, and he wouldn't be able to get thru that. (sigh) He dug the old snowblower out and put it through its paces.

    I sure hope we get Spring, and not just jump right into summer.
    Blessings to you~

  11.'s like a snow globe, that area you live in, and God keeps shaking the heck out of it!!!

  12. Maybe next April we can do a home swap. My kids would love the change to include snow and you guys can get super hot super early. It will be 81 today and swim team starts today as well. We can't wait until later because it is then too hot to swim. Same country different extremes I suppose. We need to plan vacation in the middle. Have a great week and may it be warm.


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