Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Five Favorites!

 Joining Hallie again for my five favorites!
 1. V-8
I love it!
It's great when I get hungry in the afternoon, 
or to have with my lunch!
(watch out, they do give you some good farts)
 2. My old pink comb!
I've had this comb since I was a teenager.
(that's a long time folks, I'm 43!)
I only comb my hair when it's wet,
 as you will see in the next picture,
(because it's curly)
but this is it, if I lose this comb, I don't know what I'll use!
Seriously, I've never seen another comb like it.

 3.  Doing school on the porch!
(gosh, Jamie, you are looking so serious there!
and that's a real blanket, not a Snuggie)
Oh, I love our porch!  I love everything about it!
It's one of those things I couldn't wait for it to get warm out to be able to do!
I talk on the phone out there, (til the kids find me)
I like to pray my prayers out there,
read out there, and sometimes (very rarely)
I like to sit in the sun and soak it up and just smile.

 4. Our Magnolia Bush!
That white glow behind us in the "School on porch" picture,
is this bush, gosh, it's so pretty in the spring!
The white blooms come first and when the wind blows you can smell 
the sweet smell of them!  They don't last long, soon after the blooms die 
and the leaves come.

5.  That Power
Another great workout song! 
Love this one for walking on the treadmill
and dancing in the kitchen!


  1. Porches are the best!
    I was homeschooling on our porch yesterday day too!
    Ava was playing all of our musical instruments while Jonathan and I were making a homemade one for a 3rd grade project. OK!! that is a lie. I..just me..was making his guitar. It was out of styrofoam and I had to cut out like 7 pieces. took forever. Then he helped..a little. School projects are crazy. I just couldnt do the rubber band on the shoe box. SO I did pinterest and made some super hard project.anyhoo.

    There must be something wrong with me..every time this link comes up I cant think of my five things I hate. That bug me. I need a new attitude!

    V8 sounds so healthy...but it tastes so bad!! Is there a chocolate V8??

    yesterday was too HOT AND WINDY!!! ha ha had to complain!!!

  2. oops...meant to say "I can only think of 5 things I don't like. Hate is such a strong word.

  3. I wish we could do school on the porch. The wind blows like crazy out here, and pages always go flying!! I like V8...if it's mixed with beer ;)!!

  4. Love the porch...could sit there forever...or until the bugs come, or bats...ugh. And I am with Christine...chocolate V8 sounds divine. Have a nice evening, friend. : )

  5. I think you might be a southern girl at heart, Jamie, with porches and magnolias!

    You are amazing with how long you've kept your blow dryer and your comb. I am irresponsible because I go through them fast.

    Love your picks- they made me smile!

  6. I wish we had a porch, they are so peaceful to sit on outside.

    We have a comb just like that one, but green. I actually bought it for my husband when we were dating because he used to have really curly hair and needed something to get the tangles out!

    Your magnolia bush is beautiful!

  7. I was given that comb in a set by my oldest, probably for my very first Mother's Day. Which would be 19 years ago. It's still in my bathroom drawer! :)

  8. When I saw your comb, I immediately thought, "Wow! That is old!" LOL I can say that because I'm older than you AND had a few just like it! Love your porch, ( I grew up with one and all of the homes I have lived in since have one), and you have a magnolia bush. So, so pretty!


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