Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Five Favorites!

Joining Hallie, no joining Camp Patton this week, who is filling in for Hallie!

I'm going to try to hit on a variety of my favorites each week!  Here goes:

1.  Mentos Gum!
I love Mentos Gum.  I have some in my purse, some in my diaper bag, some in my van and some here at my desk.
I buy these big jugs of them.
I only like peppermint & spearmint.
Don't even try to give me other flavors. 
(unless it's sugar free bubble gum, because that's fun to chew)
I love to brush my teeth, and if I can't brush,
                I chew,
          Mentos Gum.  

2. Kelly Clarkson's hit song, "Catch My Breath"
is my number one workout song, 
If this was the only song on my i-pod, I'd still be happy!
Doesn't it just make you want to dance?
It's one of those "I am woman, hear me roar" songs!

3.  Now, here's an old favorite:
My Vidal Sassoon hair dryer and defuser!
I've had this since I was a teenager
(I'm talking 24 years ago folks)
I said it was old.
It still works, it's the only one I have,
and now, I use the defuser on this little cutie in #4
(she's got curls and we're getting baths at night
 now that it's nice out)
In the winter, which just got over last Friday here in MN,
we get baths in the morning.
Now that spring is here,
the kids get dirty,
 really dirty,
 need a bath at night dirty.

For those of you who do not know what a defuser is, you can put your curls
into that bowl thing, that attaches to the hair dryer and it dries the curls
without making them straight.
It's also supposed to be better for your hair,
 it's not direct heat on it.
4.  Truck Jammies!
She saw these and wanted them really bad
"Mama! Mama!  Look at those trucks!"  
"I want the trucks!"

"Oh, look! Hello Kitty!" with a tilt of the head and a look of admiration,
"Oh, I yike deeeese!"

Me:  "And there's pink ballerina ones too."
"Which ones do you want Sweetie Pie, 
The truck ones or the Hello Kitty ones, or the ballerina ones?"

"Hmmmmmm, I want the truck ones!!"
"But can I get the Hello Kitty ones next time?"

 They're great--look at that face!
5. Baby with bowed legs looking out from the porch.
He's the only one with bowed legs.
He walks like his grandpa.
Only it's cute on him.
He has hair like an old man too.
(that would be none.)


  1. Love your Favorites, Jamie Jo...and we do the same with baths here...spring and summer=night baths. That is one of my fave things in the whole world ...freshly bathed, lotioned, jammied kids all ready for bed after a day outside. Your daughter looks sooo sweet in her truck jammies! So happy! Happy Wednesday, friend!

  2. That's incredible you've had that blow dryer for so long. I once had one that worked well for about 6 years, but I think you hold the record!

    Those cute little bowed, chubby legs, and that beautiful curly haired girl- so glad the weather's getting warmer for you all.

    P.S.- Your giveaway prize is on the way- a sampler basket of Aunt Aggie Dee's pralines. They should be arriving in 5 business days!

  3. Don't all babies have bowed legs? I've never really thought about it? I remember seeing diffusers under the bathroom sink and having no idea what they were! Ha!

  4. A truck girl - how cool is that! Put her into some cowboy boots and send her to me.

  5. Mentos gum, I haven't tried it. I may just have to since you suggest it. There seems to be some ingredient in certain flavored gums that give me a horrible headache, so I"m kind of choosy with them. Currently, good old fashioned Doublemint is my favorite. Weird.
    I love Sweetie Pie and the truck jammies! Couldn't resist those on her. Very sweet.
    Sim is like a small, young version of an old man, but I just love that about him! Can't wait to play with you all this summer!

  6. They made stuff better back when. I am like on my 5 blow drayer!

    Curls are the best. You guys are blessed!

    Love those baby legs too. He is saying..let me out!!! I wanna run!!

  7. First, your kiddos are PRECIOUS!! I also love K.C's song -it was on my marathon playlist!! And, my boys are obsessed with Menthos gum. They literally save up so they can buy it at the grocery store!

  8. Just catching up here!! I have to tell you...I want to just reach into the screen and grab and kiss those cute baby legs!! :)

  9. Love #4 and #5! Too cute that she wanted truck jammies. My Lucia loves Thomas the train things, I think because it's something she can share with her brother.

  10. In response to your sword-toting, truck loving girl, my little Esther said this tonight while I was reading her and her sister bible stories before bead. "Mama, I want that one where the guy gets killed!" (David and Goliath) Sugar and spice and everything nice...yeah, right!


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