Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Five Favorites!

 Joining Hallie again, I'm liking this "Favorites" thing...hope you are too
 1. Tulips
My tulips to be exact.
My tulips are blooming!!
I planted a bunch last fall
and couldn't wait for spring to see them pop up and bloom!
(It's been raining for the last 5 days greening everything up)
 2.  This picture of Jesus
I got it when I was maybe 12, 
my mom gave it to me for a birthday
It's got broken glass, but it always hangs next to my bed
So He looks at me and I look at Him while in bed.

 3.  My all time favorite picture (this week)
Taking a picture of Sweetie Pie here before Mass, 
I set Simeon down, he was NOT happy.
(click on the picture for a better view of his moving arms!
He's moving so much he's almost ghost-like)
(I've got more stylin' 3 year old pictures coming up
she dresses herself)
4. Adoration!!  I took a holy hour at our Adoration chapel!!!
I gave up my holy hour a few years ago, when I had Sweetie Pie,
then got pregnant again and didn't get another 
There has been one hour open for the last month or so,
and I told myself that if it were open again this past Sunday,
I'd take it.
5pm Thursdays I'll be with Jesus.
(for non Catholics: We Catholics believe that the host, 
once consecrated during Mass, becomes Jesus, 
Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  
So an Adoration chapel, will have a consecrated Host,
in a Monstrance--the gold thing-Jesus hidden in the form of Host,
Hidden in the form of Bread.
Waiting for us to visit.
The chapel has Adorers signed up every hour to watch, 
to sort of guard Him.  He is never left alone.)

I cannot even put into words
 the graces I have received over the years 
through Adoration.
5.  Dynomite...another great workout song!
Hey, the treadmill gets boring without great moving music!


  1. She is stylin'!! And Simeon, oh what a normal toddler you are :)

  2. I love tulips too! I'm pretty sure our new house has some, I remember seeing some last spring, and a few leaves popped up, but then it got cold and nothing else came up??! I planted a few summer flowering bulbs early this spring and they're just starting to come up now, I'm excited to see them flower too!

  3. Tulips are my favorite! Our bloomed a while ago and are gone. Sad. And Dynamite, I love that song and it will forever remind me of my wedding/honeymoon. On the flight to Orlando a boy about 5 or 6 from England sat behind us. He sang the song to himself for 90% of the flight. Then as we landed asked "why all the theme parks are in Orlando." He was so cute with his little British accent!

  4. Love your tulips...and yay for rain and green!! Love your kiddos too, dear friend! And my mom had a very similar picture of Jesus in my house while I was growing up. Loved it. So peaceful... : )

  5. I dont do flowers except the hanging baskets I buy for the porch...and then that is it. I love your tulips. My MIL gave me some bulbs and keeps asking me where I put them. ugh.

    Adoration!! You are so lucky. Can I ask for prayers too. I will send my guardian angel that way to spend time with you and Jesus. You are many wonderful graces.

  6. I listen to that on the treadmill, too! And yay for getting into another holy hour. I wish our parish had an Adoration chapel. We only have adoration after morning mass on first Fridays and I am always with the children until it's over. If we had a chapel, I could go later when Rob is home. I'm glad you get to go :)

  7. Dynamite is a fave workout tune of mine, too! Love your picture of Jesus and the fact that you've had it so long. I saw Sim's ghost arms! Hope he got over his little photobomb upset fast-

  8. I just had my first adoration experience last month and it was incredible! I'm looking to make this a part of my regular weekly routine. Love tulips!!! Blessings.


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