Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Checking In With a Few Things

 I'm not back from my blogging break...just checking in
to get some things off my simple mind.

Like these dandelion pictures.
This is my attempt with my expensive to me camera
nothing like Christine's pictures at all.
I'm such a copy cat.

 I kind of want to try this, set a dandelion on fire.
Kind of but not really, I'd be afraid my kids would get burned...
OK, I might have to try it.
I don't think I could light it and take a picture.
 My good friend insists that I put my ONE good tip on my blog.
Here it is:
Are you ready?

That's it.
That way you can clean as you go, wiping counters and whatever.

(yes, that is me, I always smile like that while I wash dishes)
 Am I the only one in the world that heats up pancake syrup for her family?
My kids say I am the only one.
I've spoiled my kids, they only like heated pancake syrup now.

I broke down and bought this more expensive purse 
(for me),
 it was like 28 bucks!
I usually buy those cheapie Walmart ones

like this one, but they break easy, look at those handles...ready to break.
My problem is the black purse, with the long strap, so I can wear it diagonal,
and cool like Christine, well, it is just a floppy mess.
It has no "compartments" for my stuff.
It's not organized.

I have realized I am an organized purse kind of person.  
Do they make organized cheapish purses out there with long straps?

No picture for this next thing

If your name is Nicholas and you tell everyone that your name is NICHOLAS,
would it bug you if people called you Nick?  Without asking?
Just assuming.
Like if you were to get your hair cut and you gave your name, NICHOLAS
to the lady at the counter but when they called your name, they 
called out "NICK"?  
Would that bug you?
Wouldn't it?

It bugs the crap out of me.

I thought, water balloons?  That sounds like fun, I'm patient enough for that!
4 outfit changes later from each little child,
I'm not.
Patient, that is.
I'm not patient enough to do water balloons


OK, I think I've gotten some things off my mind.
I told you I was simple.
I'm planning on a Thankful post this week, 
I have so very much to be thankful for.
(that was a warning, it's going to be a long post)
(I'm NOT pregnant)

Here's a cutie to leave you with:


  1. A hint? What are you hinting at? I'm very intrigued!

    1. Oh, gosh, no news here....sorry about that.

  2. The name thing would bug me, but probably because it bugs me when people shorten my daughter's name. We always introduce her as Annamarie, and it bugs me to no end when people call her Anna. Despite us always referring to her as Annamarie. Yes, some people might assume that's her first and middle name, but why don't they ask if they're unsure? Besides, I don't know many people who introduce themselves with first and middle name unless they go by that.

  3. We're the same way with Christopher. There are a few people who just cannot not call him Chris, even though we have never ever called him Chris. For water balloons my tip would be one night spend the time filling them up with your hubby and putting them in buckets and coolers. Then let them have their fun the next day and pick up the balloon pieces. But yes, water balloons are a special treat thing not an all the time thing.

    1. Love the balloon idea of getting them all done at once! And you get it totally with the Nicholas thing.

  4. Hi Jamie Jo! Looking forward to seeing what you're thankful for. :)

  5. If I ever called you Jamie instead of Jamie Jo I'm waaaayyyy sorry :) Love the new family pic. Great to see you!

    1. Oh, gosh, I was not talking about me....I actually go by Jamie or James or Jame or Jamie Jo....I did the Jamie Jo thing because there were other Jamie bloggers--I MUST stand out (haha)!!

      I might have a "Nicholas"...

  6. My husband's name is Andrew, and he HATES when people shorten it to Andy! It drives him crazy. Also, you totally spoil your family with heated up syrup ;-) Can I come to your house for breakfast? Never mind the incredibly long drive...

    1. I have to say, it does NOT bother the child named Nicholas. It just bothers his mama.

      Yes, come for breakfast, the syrup will be on!

  7. Oh, the name thing would bother me, especially if it had already been told to them correctly.

    Love your new purse! I don't always smile when I'm washing dishes...

    Can't wait to hear the news, and love the pics!

    1. I know! What is it with the name thing? People are weird. Shhh!! Don't tell them.

      I was KIDDING about smiling while doing dishes!

      No news...just thankfuls...

  8. Hi there...love the soapy water idea...and that smiling lady right there is my hero! : )

    Water balloons...ahhh yes... a necessary evil, no? : )

    Have a nice evening, friend...

    1. I know!! Wish I could be that lady...wear an apron, have my hair so nicely fixed and look so elegant while washing dishes.....she's probably really thinking, through her teeth, "Why in the world do you want me to smile?"

      Oh, gosh....have to give kiddos good kid memories, even if I'm not patient with the many wet outfits they go through. (they even got their pajamas on and went back out and did more!)(that's when I yelled--"No more!")

  9. OH..so glad to see you in bloggy world. Enough of this break stuff..it is fun to see this post. You always have great stuff to share.

    Never heat up syrup..SPOILED KIDDOS. They should thank you every day. Sounds yummy too!

    Sweetie-pie and dandelions is precious. She has the best curls in the world. I am curious to where you took that..lots of dandelions and the grass is so long!!(is that your yard??!! hee hee)

    I have to have a purse over my body so I dont forget it or lose it. I worry about that before being organized..which I am totally not. ya know me!

    The name thing..that would bug me too. I am going to do a post on Doris Cornelius. That was the name of the baby girl that was just baptized at our church.

    anyhoo...water balloons are huge here at this home. I dont have anything to do with it except yell when the big kids throw them at Ava. she dont like it.

    looking forward to your "thankful post"....hope there are some good stories from your camp-out!

    ya linked to me twice..you are so sweet.How come there are no new comments!!!!!!! ha just kidding.

    1. Oh, I"m kind of still going to be on a break...not reading as much....no link ups....

      Syrup? I get that smaller microwavable bottle and refill it with big Sam's club syrup....easy to heat. BUT when they have syrup anyplace else, they are like, "cold syrup is not as good as moms" They better not forget it! haha~!

      Do people try to shorten your name? Your cuz this past weekend was like, "Christine? Christine? OOOOOHhhhhh, you mean Chrissy, or Chris!" And I was like, "No, she's Christine!"

      Yes, that would be our yard. But our mower is fixed and our yard is mowed. Our neighbors are happy.

      Water balloons: They kept changing when they'd get wet and then going back out...I just can't wash that many clothes!!!

      Gosh, I should do a separate post just on our camping trip....it's gonna be long!

      Everyone--comment on Christine's bloggy. There. I told them.

  10. You mean you don''t always dance around your kitchen smiling and singing? :-) Glad to see you back!

    I hate nicknames unless one actually goes by one. I hated when people called me Nikki. Ugh.

    The burning dandelion looks so cool. You definitely need a long stemmed, sturdy one.

    Pancake syrup. I never heat it. Actually, I am the odd one out as I like it cold.

    And water balloons... big dislike. The filling, the mess, the waste, who hits who... On the rare occasion we did do them, it was my husband's doing all the way.

    1. Nicole--Nope. I don't. I do when I'm not washing!! hahah!

      Yah, if I try that burning dandelion, it will probably fall onto my lap and burn me. Maybe I won't try it.

      Pancake syrup...cold? Yuck. Doesn't it make your food cold? (I don't even use the stuff...just the kids)

      I like Madeline's idea of making all of them ahead of time, then there is only one big mess instead of several messes all day!

    2. I don't know. I like the mix of warm and cold. What can I say? I have strange food habits. :) But it's very nice of you to warm it up for your kids.

  11. oh my gosh! I just started implementing the dishwasher rule in our house this week! It is working out fantastically!!! And, the name thing is one of the many reasons we cannot come up with a name for our 3rd id. The thing is, I am afraid to choose a name that I know people will shorten, if I don't like the shortening...so...this leaves me with nothin!

    1. Isn't it a great idea? It makes you feel like you are accomplishing so much and it's such a little thing!!

      OH, I know...I remember my mom saying no matter what name you pick, people will find a nickname for them.
      Why do people do that? I mean, if you said, "my name is Nicholas." Why would people then immediately say, "OK, Nick, let's go...." It happens all the time.

      I have noticed though, that people are more respectful of our girls names...like we have a Katherine and no one shortens it, they ask, and we say no, and they say it right.

      Maybe it's one of those sexist issues...hmmmmm....

  12. Oh, I always start cooking with a full sink of hot soapy water. The dishwasher is not my territory at all. Hubby and the kids use it. I always have to ask how to use it.

    That name thing is argh annoying. I hate when people assume that they can shorten your name or manipulate it somehow, but that is just me. We have other issues. My husband's name is a guy's name in Germany, but it is a woman's name here in North America.

    Never knew dandelions could burn like that. Cool. I might have to try that sometime when the kids aren't looking.

    Love that picture of your little guy. Those eyes get me every time.

    1. Me too!! I do not even know how to start the dishwasher, it's terrible and kind of stupid, I know, but I like washing. When Tom and the big kids went to Canada fishing, I washed dishes the whole time.

      Yes, dandelions when the kids are not looking, great idea.

      hubby's name, I hope people don't make fun of a grown man. People are stupid.

  13. It was so great to meet you and your lovely family over the weekend. Esther kept walking around looking for her "new friend" on Sunday morning. Love that picture of your little man - he is such a cutie pie!

    And the nicknames - my Madeline is so sick of people automatically calling her Maddie. She's shy and never corrects them, but it noticeably irritates her. I really think that is bold and arrogant to assume you can nickname someone - particularly within minutes of meeting them...just my humble opinion!

    1. Oh, Happymom!!!!! It was great to meet you and your beautiful family!! (Bridget is waiting by my side to see pictures of Esther right now) You will be in my "Thankful" post!

      Might have to be a separate post on Camp Lebanon!!

      That's interesting about Madeline, because people will ask Katherine, but they seem to respect her better and call her that, but it's like boys don't get that same respect....maybe I am not on to something like I thought I was...I agree with you. When it happened at the hair cutting place, a complete stranger, asking his name to be called and then she changed it. It's really weird actually. I always play dumb..."Do you mean NICHOLAS????!!!"

    2. Ahhh....playing dumb. Yes, I know that card and play it well! :-)

  14. I'm with you on the name thing. Really, if someone indicates their full name, clearly that is the name they want to be called. I usually follow the lead of the child or parent and know when not to shorten.

    I thought the dandelion photos were cute. Made me smile. I have my expensive camera and still my photos aren't like Christine's (always love hers!). I really need to go to a community ed class to learn how to really use mine. Just never enough time. I keep saying I'll find one online and watch a video, again, no time for that either. Oh well.

    I'll have to remember the dish water thing and perhaps mention it to my husband. While I love that he loves the kitchen, he always uses twice as many pans/dishes than I do. lol.

    Looking forward to your Thankful, even if there is no pregnancy announcement. ha. It's funny that we have to always add that there is no pregnancy announcement because otherwise people reading our blog assume we are going to announce a pregnancy. Btw, I have no pregnancy announcement either. lol.

    Happy Wednesday, Jamie!

    1. Makes me really want an expensive camera---you know like a thousand dollar one, but even to type that, I cringe. I cannot even imagine spending that much on a CAMERA!!! But I LOVE taking pictures!! Look how hard it is to spend 28 bucks on a purse for me! Yes, someday I'd love to take a class too, but no idea when that would happen, and I'd need that expensive camera to take the class right?

      I think the dishwater thing is a feeling of getting something done while making a mess....it's a type A thing I think....

      Your last line made me laugh right outloud! At camp (which we missed you at!!), there were a lot of 1 1/2 year olds and a lot of 3 1/2 year olds, but not a lot of 2 year olds. I told the kiddos that means next year there will be a lot of newborn babies...they got excited and said "you too?" I had to kind of say, "probably not, I'm old" Really made me sad. Going into that next phase of life. Oh, gosh, that's another post.

      Happy Wednesday to you too!

  15. We ALWAYS heat up the syrup! I can't stand cold syrup. Why take the time to cook hot pancakes and then put cold syrup on them....lol.

    I have never carried a purse/pocket book. Diaper bag, but no purse. I never saw the point in dragging everything but the kitchen sink around with me (my Mom would carry that too if she could...lol).

    We're not fans of water balloons either. Always afraid one of the little ones will choke on them. I do enough laundry daily, that would drive me INSANE!

    Hope you are enjoying your blogger vacation. I really need to start blogging again, I just can't find the time between home schooling, my own schooling and being sick for the last 4 weeks. I started a post but have yet to finish it.

  16. We heat up our syrup, too! Looking forward to tomorrow's post!

  17. Nicholas has always been on our short list. But we hesitate because Nick plus our last name??? Doesn't work. Nicholas is one of my all time faves.


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