Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Movie Reviews!

I watched this the other night.
Great movie!
Tom and the big kids left for Canada fishing 
and he left me with this movie and told me
I'd like it.
He does that sometimes, "pre-watches" a movie
Because I like happy endings,
I don't like a lot of blood and guts.
This is kind of a mystery type/ suspense movie.
And Tom Cruise,
I have to hand it to you,
You didn't even kiss anyone in this movie.  
This lady was in the movie, Rosamund Pike.
I couldn't figure out through the whole movie where I've seen her.
Just so you don't have the same problem:
One of my favorite all time movies ever!


Oops, I got lost in thought there...

(might have to watch that movie tonite 
when the littles go to bed)

This movie was an odd, quirky, kind of different, type movie.
I watched this a couple weeks ago.
It's a girl movie
about 2 women going through their own crisis,
switching homes half way across the world.
I kept thinking something bad (as in sex) was going to happen
(it is PG-13)
but nothing did, which made it a pretty good movie.

Now, this was a good movie.
It's a Christian movie,
 but I didn't think it had hokey bad acting at all.
Really good movie about forgiveness and overcoming 
hard things.

How's that for stocking up?



  1. I love your movie reviews because I think we have about the same tastes and you haven't steered me wrong yet. So these are going into the summer queue for us!

  2. P & P: one of the best movies (and books) EVER! (And I watched Jack Reacher with my hubby, and that one was pretty good, too.)


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