Friday, August 23, 2013


Christine, the other day,
that she found at Wal-mart and 
that they tried and that it was not good.

I went shopping today and 
could not find what the heck she was talking about 
at all.

Then, tonite while preparing supper,
cutting up my Jicama, 

I thought, 
maybe it was Jicama she was talking about...

then, I read the sticker on the outside 
and it read, "Mexican fruit".

Well, if I thought it were a fruit,
and it was my first time tasting it,
I probably would not like it either.

But it's a vegetable!!

Clearly, it is a VEGETABLE, 
to be eaten with veggie dip!  

20 some years ago, when I was early 20 something, 
I used to buy this all the time 
and bring it to parties

If you have not tasted it, 
it has a kind of potato, starchy like texture,
but is juicy, a little sweet and crunchy!

Give it another try Christine, with veggie dip!


  1. I put it in salad all the time -- we love it!

  2. That is funny. I have never had it either so I'm sure I wouldn't have even bought it. That's awesome that she did!

  3. We use it in stir fry like you would water chestnut. It gets called a Mexican potato but it's not starchy. It actually has more fiber than celery!

  4. Mystery solved! We love fresh jicama, and sometimes eat it with chili con limon (chili powder with lemon or lime on it). I love to cut it up and eat it in salads.

  5. I had no idea! New to me...the learning never ends here, Jamie Jo! : )

    Have a great weekend, bloggy friend!

  6. HA! That is so funny! I was at Wal-Mart today and saying the name of it over and over in my mind to tell Shelly. BUT BUT BUT it says FRUIT and it was in the fruit isle???? so vegetable or fruit?

    Never knew so many people actually at the stuff. You still think it tastes good with vegetable dip?? It seems like there is no taste or nutritional value to it.

    You sure buy a lot of good fruit! Lucky family! I bought chocolate for ME! ha.

  7. I've never heard of it either! I totally would have been the Christine version if it'd been me. Wow... I'll have to keep my options open. I'm not always adventurous with new food.

  8. lots of lemon, salt or pico de gallo(chile powder)and its a wonder treat. I prefer coconut but jicama is good too.


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