Thursday, August 15, 2013


 Today is a feast day!
I should be writing about this beautiful feast,
because it is special to my heart 
for so many reasons.
I have so much to say and so many posts in my head,
waiting to come out 
 sometimes it is just easier to 
do a movie review 
or two.

So, for now, here you go:

 Tom and I watched this movie over this past weekend 
and we really liked this one..
(I know, it surprised us too)
It's a kind of quirky,
 yet serious movie about mental illness
and really how this particular family deals with it,
or does not deal with it in order to deal.
I liked that it was real and raw. 
Sorry if I'm confusing you, it makes sense to me.

I know there are some kiddos that read this blog and 
I'd have to say this is a movie for your parents, not you.
(lots of swearing and a particular scene that is referred to often)
check out for more info

I know why this movie was nominated for so many awards,
it was good. 

This movie was pretty good (not great, but pretty good)
It is an alien movie, but not a scary alien movie,
which made this seem like I was watching an ABC Family movie
or show, in fact, I think they could easily make this into regular show,
but they solved everything within the movie
so I suppose there goes the show.

Common Sense Media gives it a 13 and up review
I might move that to 15 or 16

The almost end of the movie got a little long, 
but you need to watch til the end to be get that great ending
that I always like.
(although, I admit they could have done that about 15 minutes before that point)

Overall review, worth watching.


  1. Always love your movie reviews, Jamie Jo. So helpful!

  2. We saw Silver Linings, too, and I wasn't really expecting to like it, although we both did. Haven't seen your second one, but your reviews have always steered me to good movies, so will have to check it out!

  3. Cool! those were two movies I have been wondering about. Thank you Jamie!


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