Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another Home Photo Shoot!

 Since our last "home photo shoot" turned out pretty good,
I decided to try again, only this time
use natural light from outside!
Here's Little Red, age 20 months!
(he's always got watery eyes, so we decided to go with it)
Of course we had to use Spider Man somehow
 Sweetie Pie--age 4

 "Colette" (you know that is not her real name right?)
Gosh, I hate using fake names on here, but Tom says I need to be safe
Anyway, she's 7
  As you will see in the outtakes, 
this was not easy to get.
Let's just say the outside was calling her real name!

 Sweet "Mary Hannah" age 9
She's not happy with any of the poses we did,
we tried 3 different times...this is what we picked.
 The perfect model, no matter where she is, she is so photogenic
"Rosie" age 11

 "Jedi"  age 13
We also tried several times
I had a hard time with the reflection in his glasses
til this picture, I think I got it!

Looks simple, doesn't it?

Here's some outtakes:

 Girls, please come back here!!
 Can you put your chin down?
 Please don't touch the tree...

Ummm, the sun is shining in your face...
Take one of us together mom...

Ummm, OK, the hand on the tree,
not such a good idea with you Sweetie Pie

 Simeon!  Look at mama!!  Simeon!!  Come on, Look at mama!!
 How about a side shot mom?
 I'm tired of taking pictures mom!
 Get me by the bushes that turn red....
 Try to look natural by the post....
 Ummmm, OK, maybe not...
 Please don't lean forward...
 OK, you look a little stiff there, and your glasses are reflecting...
 Mom, I want my hair to be blowing in the wind...
 I don't like any of these mom...

 Simeon!!!  Come back here!
 Peek a boo!!  Please look at mama!  
Simeon!!!  Where's mama?

OK, I give up, we'll go with what we've got!


  1. Your kids are gorgeous and so photogenic! It seems, though, that they are all growing way too fast.

    Little Sims cannot be that tall already- can he???

    Your are a great photographer, too, my friend. You and Christine should get together and do some kind of photo book~

    1. The last time I mentioned "photo-books" to Jamie..well..she sorta freaked out on me. TRUTH be told. AND she was also stressed at the moment. I guess I need to give her a break.

      I love taking photos and putting them in a book. It is the only creative "thing" I am doing at this time in my life.

      Jamie..PHOTO BOOK!!!!! ha

  2. Your children are delightful! Great pictures. Congrats on your brother's wedding. My oldest daughter is 15 years older than our youngest son -- similar age difference between you and your brother. It is so refreshing to see a happy bride and groom - sadly these days so many never bother to "tie the knot." A big part of our society's problems, in my opinion. Have a wonderful week and God bless you!

  3. Ohhhh Jamie Jo! You did a beautiful job! Of course, with your kiddos it was an easy job! They look wonderful...frame the all! : )

  4. Wonderful pictures! And a good reminder to do our yearly pics. Where's the time going??!

  5. You did a great job. You also have great looking kiddos. I love Colettes picture. All your kids are getting so big. You should posts some pictures of when they were so little (like I remember them) Billie Jo does!

  6. Great job! I posted some of my own today too, but Anna did not get in on the picture taking. Maybe another day.

  7. Gotta love those outtakes...and I do.

    These are great, Jamie, especially the line "the outside is calling her real name." Tell "Mary Hannah" I love ALL her pictures. Those freckles! Kissed by an ANGEL!!

    (My "Felicity"has a sweet smattering of freckles too.)

  8. Natural light is the best! Did you take them each out individually? Gosh getting the perfect pose isn't even worth it, the outtakes are much better!!!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. So beautiful!! It takes the patience of a saint to snap great photos of toddlers and pre schoolers.


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