Monday, September 23, 2013

Movie Review!

I watched it.
When I first saw that Brad Pitt was in a new movie and it was about 
some kind of war, I was excited.
Until, I found out the "Z" stood for Zombies!!!
 Zombies did not deter my husband though
He wanted to see it.
Oh, he tried to trick me, by disguising the movie 
with words like, "Brad Pitt is in it, it can't be that bad."
"Come on, it's a Brad Pitt movie"
 OK, I admit it.
I like Brad Pitt.
I don't care if he showers or not
I like him.
I like this woman he is not married to too.
I really like her.
 I actually couldn't really think of many movies he's been in 
except the Ocean's Eleven movies...and that first one that I remember,
 you know,
that western horse one
 where he falls in love with his gone to war brother's wife.
(Legends of the Fall)
Ooooh, Seven was good...
Anyway, I like him
Good movies, bad movies, I don't care.
Hey, he has 6 kids
(so what if they are zillionaires and probably have servants doing everything for them?)

They know some normal crazy
Look at that picture (above)
That's normal crazy (taking 6 kids to the airport)
And so maybe that's why I like him.

And maybe that's why I watched his Zombie movie!

That, and my friend Jen encouraged me to do it.

I give it a thumbs up!!

I say watch it!
I'm going to tell you why now, 
this is a spoiler alert here
so go no further
 if you don't want to know
 one detail
that made me actually like this movie.
Had I known
 this detail
 before I watched
I might not have doubted it in the first place!  

 They are called "Zombies" because of a lack of a better word
think along the lines of 

Think of movies like Contagion 
and Outbreak
 Only no monkeys
I liked that there were no swear words (that I remember)
and no gore, really, no blood, not much anyway.
All the "Zombies" do is bite. 
 This is as gory as it gets
It is suspenseful though
Very suspenseful.

I kind of thought maybe this doctor Zombie 
maybe could only get work working as a Zombie,
because he reminded me of the Sprint Zombie
(Why am I capitalizing "Zombie"?)

 But upon further research....
Clearly, he is not the same Zombie man.
(bottom one is the Sprint one)

So, yep, I watched a Zombie movie
Once in a while I'll surprise you...

And in the end, of course, Brad Pitt is the hero
And he's kind of a cute hero
whether he showers or not, I don't care.


  1. I like any movie that has no sex scenes and no swearing! :-) It can be any type of movie as long as it's clean. I like Brad Pitt too but not as much of a fan to watch a zombie movie, although I have watched enough of those before. Not really a zombie fan myself but my husband saw the movie and said it was really good. Maybe some day I'll watch it. What you SHOULD watch (if you haven't already), is "Healing Hands." Ooh, it's so good! It's on Netflix--no swearing, clean movie, true story about a doctor. Really good movie!

    1. Thanks Becky! I'll have to check it out!

  2. We saw it last week and LOVED it! But, I am a weirdo about zombie movies/end of the world/disaster movies :) They are my favorite ;)

  3. I was just saying to John last night that I wanted to watch this movie together. LOVE you, Jamesters! And I [heart] your reviews. "I don't care if he showers or not." Ha! Me neither.

    (Note: I will have to finish reading this later, because I dutifully stopped at the Spoilers Alert mark. Hate me those spoilers!)

  4. I was scared to watch this cause Zombies totally freak me out. If you can handle it..I can too!

  5. Really? I mean REALLY? I will only consider it because you said to now... maybe. ;)

  6. So I found out this movie is based on a book and because I'm weird that way I thought maybe I would like to read it first--since you gave the movie such a good review!

    My mom thought it was one of my teens' books!

    I'll let you know how the book is....


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