Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Remembering My Grandma

(The pictures with lots of people in, you'll have to click on to see better
If I make them big like the rest, people are cut off)
My grandma's wake is tonight.
Her funeral Mass is tomorrow.
My mom's family lives in California
(except one brother that married my dad's sister and lives here)
My grandma had 6 kids, was widowed when the youngest was only 8
She worked for many many years at May Company
(a California Macy type department store)
Most of my pictures are from when I was older,
because that's when I had a camera!
They are also almost all from vacations because of the distance.

My  mom has 3 older brothers,
 and one little brother and sister
Here she is holding my first born baby,
sitting with her 9mos older brother Larry
(he's the one who lives here in MN)
and Grandma
Uncle Steve is standing
He always teases that he's Grandma's favorite child.
(11 years ago)

Here's another photo showing
3 of my  mom's brothers-aren't they handsome?
This was 1992
Larry, Steve, and Richard
Here she is with my mom, my sister Brenna and myself
My 2 Grandma's, they always got along great.
They are just a few months apart in age.
This was May of 1991

Nice Jordan!
(this is my little brother that just got married!)
 I think this was 1993, we were headed to the Minnesota State Fair!
 Here's Grandma with her Minnesota grandchildren, plus Michael and Tom
(the two upper right boys) who are from California
This was 1997 right before her 1st Great Grandchild was born
(my brother's daughter)
 Richard, Mike, the baby brother, isn't he handsome? Grandma, mom and Larry
 Mom and Grandma
Proof that Diet Coke does not kill
My grandma lived to be in her 90's.
(click on picture, Diet Coke in lower right corner of picture)
 My mom's little sister!! Kathy, Oh, I love her so much!! 
She has taken care of my grandma for the last over 4 years.
Her love and sacrifice is not forgotten and we are so thankful for her devotion
I'm sure it was not easy, but done with love
 I love this photo
my 2 grandma's, with my grandpa (who is now in heaven)
peeking, smiling behind!  
Now, they would call that photobombing, I think!
I have to share some of my favorite memories of Grandma Foster. 
 When I think of her, I smile and can only think of good things.
 She was loving and fun to be around.
 Her oldest daughter is my mother.
 The first daughter born into the Foster family for like 100 years or something,
 so you can imagine how Grandma must have felt
 when she met a handsome young marine,
 named Jim, and quickly fell in love,
 married and whisked her off to Minnesota. 
 Grandma, being widowed as a young woman, 
with 6 children, she was no stranger to sacrifice.
 Growing up, we moved from Minnesota to California several times.
 This was not easy for us kids, but turned out to be a blessing.
 The blessing is in the time we were able to spend with Grandma. 
 We also vacationed many times to visit her and other precious family near her. 
 She vacationed to Minnesota
 to visit her Minnesota children and grandchildren every few years.
 (her son, Larry visited his "little" sister in Minnesota and ended up falling in love
 with her sister- in -law
 and so Grandma lost another child to the cold tundra)
 Because of the cold weather in Minnesota,
 Grandma almost always came in August,
 a promise of hot, humid weather for her warm bones,
 still, she almost always wore a sweater and froze here.

 (the day we moved back to Minnesota, the day after my high school graduation)

(us 4 kids with Grandma)

 When I think of Grandma,
 I think of the times I stayed with her and shared her bedroom,
 her in her curlers, night hat and face cream.
 I think of Grandma jammies 
(I think my mom wears those now)
 I think of late night giggles before falling asleep.
 I remember her smell. 
 A sweet, fragrant smell a little girl will remember forever.
 I remember making homemade noodles with her and talking about frozen milk
 (she'd freeze for us to have when visiting)
 and plants on her back patio-deck. 
 I remember the ice cream truck singing in her neighborhood every afternoon.
 I remember how she talked with her Missouri accent
 and how I loved to just sit and listen to her.
 Her laugh was infectious and made you want to sit with her just to enjoy her company. 
 She always called me "Kathy" or "Connie" but I didn't mind,
 I have since, found out that that is hereditary,
 especially when you have 6 kids!!
 She was always working on something she could make to give away.
 Beautiful afghans and Christmas decorations. 
 Beautiful crosses, necklaces, address book covers, she was always giving. 
  Her letters, I will always remember her beautiful letters.
 We have been pen pals since the first time I was able to write. 
Every time I WASH something,
 I will think of how she pronounced it "Warsh"
 and smile...so now laundry and dishes will become a little sweeter
 because of Grandma Foster.
 I miss and love you Grandma.
 Thank you for all you've been to me


  1. Dearest of Jaimes,

    I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved Grandma. Mine died of Cancer when I was almost eighteen. I still think of her and miss her every day. There is no doubt about it - Grandma's are very special! You, your Mom, and your whole family are in my thoughts and prayers! Much love, hugs, and prayers!


  2. Jamie Jo, this was the sweetest post! I loved every word. Your grandma was such a beautiful woman...both inside and out! Of course, growing up in MISSOURI my favorite line was "putting out the WARSH". LOL I never took on that Missouri-ism, but I have lots of girlfriends that pronounce the word that way. I didn't realize you moved so frequently. I bet Minnesota was "cold" to her California bones! My mother never let us swim in the pools or lakes of Michigan unless it was late July or August...she swore her Missouri children would "freeze to death". LOL Hugs to you on your loss. Beautiful tribute!

    1. My grandma was from Missouri, but somehow ended up in Iowa, then her husband moved the whole family from Iowa to California, and he died on my mom's 16th birthday. SO she was stuck there. Her family is still in Missouri I think, except her sister Berndett. (who lives in CA) Fun to hear about your past, your childhood! My mom calls it warsh too, we used to tease her all the time. Now I just chuckle to myself. (or roll my eyes!!)

  3. Jamie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your precious memories of your sweet, loving grandma... She was an amazing woman, and a wonderful influence on you.

    Prayers for all of you who mourn her. May she rest in peace.
    Love and blessings~

    1. Thank you Lori. Amazing how our heritage, our grandparents form us....Thanks for the prayers--for her too please!

  4. Oh Jamie Jo...this is beautiful...the way you detailed the memories you have of your grammie makes me feel as if I knew her. : )

    Hugs and prayers for you all, dear friend.

    And may I just add...you are BEAUTIFUL! : )

    1. Thank you!!

      I think you meant "was"right?

  5. Love this tribute. My grandma said warsh too ;)

    1. My mom does it too...and I roll my eyes....:)

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss, Jamie. How beautiful she was, as is the family she created. I'm keeping you all in my prayers.

  7. You had the kind of relationship with your mom's mom that I had with mine. She's still alive at 97 (we share our birthday) and I know the day she goes is going to be a hard one. Prayers for you, Jamie, and your family, and your sweet grandma.

    1. Oh, I'm sure things like this help you to cherish her even more. The loss of someone who has always been there is so very hard. How special to share a birthday! Thank you for your prayers.

  8. I'm so sorry for your loss, Jamie. How wonderful to have these pictures of her!! She was obviously very loved. Hugs to you!

    1. My mom never took pictures, so I am the opposite and love to take pictures...but I have no young pictures of when I was little, of her!! My mom might have a few, but not many.

      Thank you, (((hugs))) right back

  9. Who is that young young Jamie! gotta tease.

    I enjoyed this tribute to your wonderful grandmother and seeing you..like you had your nails polished in one of the pics! I guess I dont know if you still polish your nails?! I dont. well I never have, i guess.

    I like the one with your brother sticking his tongue out. Cute.

    Prayers and hugs to your and your family. Thinking of you also.

    1. Hey! Tom thinks I'm prettier today. (so there!) hahaha! Yep. I used to grow my nails long and paint them!!! They were painted in almost every picture. (I love the things you notice) In the overall pictures, I was married to my ex. That's how I know the year. I can see the ring.

      My little brother sticking out his tongue, he's the one who just got married!!!

      Thanks for your prayers...prayers for my grandma too!! Her middle name was "Gertrude" so been praying that St Gertrude prayer for the Holy Souls!! Plus, her funeral is today, the feast of the Guardian Angels!! Maybe the Angels will take her soul to heaven today!!

    2. Oh, and I do not paint my fingernails or grow them long anymore...too much work wrecks them and they take too much time to keep them nice!! When I'm old and my kids are grown, I will grow and paint my nails again!

  10. What a beautiful tribute, and I am loving the old pictures of you! Your brother looks like he could be your son in some of those pics!

    1. Because he is 16 years younger than me, I used to be kind of embarrassed, when in high school,going places with him, I always thought people thought he was mine. He was not. Then, when I got older, I loved going places with him!

  11. This is such a wonderful tribute to your grandma, Jamie. She must’ve been a great matriarch to all of you. Just imagine how she managed to raise six wonderful children all by herself. I must say, you were very lucky to have spent some quality time with her. Not everyone was able have that kind of opportunity you got with your grandmother. So, those memories you had with her should always be treasured. Thanks for sharing!

    Marcia Sherman @ Comfort Keepers


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