Friday, November 15, 2013

Don't Forget Your Supplies!!

 Thanksgiving is coming quick!
I'm off to do my bi-weekly shopping and had to put these ingredients on my list
so, this is a friendly reminder in case you need it!

Put a little frosting on the top of the Bugle and dip in Fruity Pebbles..that's it!
 Cornucopia= Horn of plenty, overflowing with blessings

 Pilgrim's hats...
(these are old pictures from years past)

Both these treats are fun and easy for kids to make themselves!
Funny thing when I see this, it makes me kind of mad inside.
I Know, why you ask?
Isn't this the attitude we should have towards SUNDAYS?
You know, the Lord's day?

I asked a Wal-Mart employee friend if she minded working on holidays or Sundays
She said they get overtime pay, so that kind of made it better.

I'm not pledging to NOT SHOP
But I'm not shopping on that day.
Are you kidding?
Who has time to shop on Thanksgiving?
I'll be cooking and doing dishes,
 with a small 1/2 hour break in the middle
Where everything that's been prepared (all day) is gobbled up!
Am I right?
If some of us are with family on Thanksgiving,
we are working.
Right Barbara?
Sometimes shopping doesn't sound that bad
But, I know, it's all about family and thankfulness...
And the FOOD.
Seriously, it's mostly about the food.

And seriously, after a half hour, it's all over (for them!)
 (Just kidding--kind of)


  1. It sure would be wonderful if everyone had that attitude about Sundays! I love the cornucopias and pilgrim hats!

    1. I don't think the "keeping the Lord's day Holy" will ever catch on....

  2. There is no way anyone could pay me enough money to shop on Thanksgiving. I don't even shop on Black Fridays. Ugh. Love your cute cornucopias and Pilgrim hats!

    1. Oh, me either!! I think there are better deals after a couple weeks!! We just got back from getting groceries, and the kids are so excited to make them again this year...those darn Fruity Pebbles, though, got the smallest box we could find, they go to total waste, they are cute and all on the Bugles...but no one likes the cereal to eat.

      Cuteness has a price! haha!

  3. Those are such cute ideas and love the reminder not to shop on Thanksgiving!
    I saw some more cute Thanksgiving ideas here:

    Hope the link works!

    1. Thanks Kari--loved the grape/pear/blueberry turkey!! Fun ideas...How do I get these cornucopias on there?

    2. I've been wondering the same thing! I have no idea how to work the pinterest thing...I just look at the pictures for food and crafts.

  4. Oh my gosh, girlfriend. Can you imagine if we, like, got paid to work on Thanksgiving? Making overtime, we could, like, go SHOPPING! ;-)


    You couldn't pay me to go shopping on Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving or the week after Thanksgiving. I have an extreme aversion to shopping (in stores). In fact, Faith and I just dropped Noah off to a movie earlier at a VERY trendy and popular shopping center (not a mall -- more like a mall inside out) and Faith wanted to "run in to" the American GIrl store to get a birthday gift for a friend's party tomorrow. I was so disgusted by the entire thing -- the entire shopping center was like an ant hill kicked over -- people all over the place rushing from one store to another, all dressed in trendy expensive clothes, and expensive cars lining the streets. The American Girl store was 10x worse because there were hundreds (I am pretty sure) of unhappy little girls inside. None were getting as much as she wanted. I told Doug when I got home, it was a revolting indoctrination to the material world. Ugh. Yuck. (Can you tell I don't like shopping?) I think I need to go to Confession tomorrow for dwelling on unkind thoughts.

    Love ya, babes.

    1. Oh, I laughed at your story!! (sorry) I am dreading doing my normal grocery shopping after Thanksgiving. People just get crazy. I always shop Wal-mart you know, so the few times I've gone to Target, it feels like a fine department store, all the people are cool and dressed so perfect, must be because it is connected to the MALL!! I'm sure you've seen the kind of shoppers that shop Wal-mart, of course I am not one of those people (I hope) but, they have the best prices.

      I do not like shopping either. But these past few months, I've been bringing only one older kid with me and it has become kind of special time together. We get something to drink, or go to breakfast or lunch...sometimes it's the only way I can fit in that time alone with them! you too!!

  5. I hate shopping. period.
    I always think its so weird when people go to the movies on Thanksgiving Day!?? Sad sad sad that people would be shopping instead of being with family.
    love the food ideas!

    1. I think my in-laws go on Christmas Eve...all their kids celebrate that day with others....

      Sometimes people do not have good family to be with--that is sad.

      Same food ideas as always, but the kids love them!!

    2. To the movies, they go to the movies on Christmas Eve...

  6. Not a shopper. On Thanksgiving or any day.
    I literally hate shopping. The people, the confusion, the wait, the bags of stuff coming into my home that need a place.

    I am an online gal. Being that we live hours away from any major stores makes it easier too. That and the fact that I rarely leave the comfort of my home anyway. ; )

    I love Thanksgiving. Here at home. With my fam.

    Night, dear friend!

    1. I'd love to order everything online. We did that one year, I loved it.

      Don't you have a Wal-mart close by? Doesn't Wal-mart go to small towns everywhere?

      Do you host Thanksgiving? I really don't mind the work that much, I was trying to be funny. (but it is a lot of work) But I might need my coffee that day! (haha)

  7. Amen to Billie Jo's comment. I don't enjoy shopping either and I have no plans to go out on Thanksgiving. I have already done most of my shopping at Amazon too! I totally agree with you about shopping on the Sabbath as well. Many years ago, my hubby and I made the comment to Just Say No to shopping on Sunday. That is God's Day of Rest ("Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep it Holy") and a trip to Walmart (or any other store) just doesn't feel "holy." Thanks for this post. Those Thanksgiving treats are so cute. Going to make some!

    1. We actually made a commitment to not shop on Sunday, not a comment (sorry can't spell this late at night :-/)

    2. (I didn't even notice the word was wrong til you told me...knew exactly what you meant!) I really try to not shop on Sundays. Sometimes it happens though. Usually only stuff we "need" not a wasted trip... I always justify it with, I have a big family, I shop when I can, or we go to church, putting God first, but they are just excuses. I should just make a commitment and do it.

  8. Those treats look fun and easy!

    Why does Thanksgiving feel like so much work? People eat and run it seems. My house was "volunteered" this year and it's for all family and friends with nowhere else to go.

    As far as shopping, I get in a rare mood once in a great while but shopping on Thanksgiving? Uh, no, never. Or black Friday or the weekend after. I try to not go out on Sunday. It is something I am working on, but sometimes the week gets away from me and I need to get a few groceries (our Monday is full). And sometimes it is due to extended family who don't care about what day it is and will plan something out.

    1. I always make a homemade pumpkin cheesecake, but buy my pumpkin pie and maybe apple at Sam's club, and so I go back Wednesday (I know) just for the pies. It's actually not that bad, only having to get one thing. If I had to get everything, I'd go's a madhouse!

      I always find shopping deals are better closer to Christmas no black Friday here either!!

  9. I try TRY to get everything I need for the feast a week prior to Thanksgiving because I do not want to go near those stores on that day or any day close to it. We seriously would rather do without than venture into the crowded mayhem. Very cute cornucopias!

    1. OH, I dread the "normal" grocery shopping from Thanksgiving til Christmas, it's so crazy. People are not even nice.

      I shop every other week(paydays) and really try not to go back for more inbetween....except Bananas...I need to get bananas!!

      I do go the Wednesday to get my pumpkin pie at Sam's Club,( I make a homemade pumpkin cheesecake) it's not that bad having to only get one thing...kind of funny actually, seeing everyone scrambling around.

    2. I meant to say "the Wednesday before Thanksgiving..."!

  10. Hi Jamie, it has been way too long since I have commented; I check in on you and your beautiful family often. I seriously do not know how you keep up with all you do; I am put to shame by all your crafting and creative baking, and um the blogging- do you ever sleep? And no matter what you say about you looking tired and old, I think you look great, and I still look forward to meeting you in real life again.

    I have been wanting to contact you for a while to let you know about a nutritional product that is helping me and my family immensely. We have kids coming off their medications, my husband and I are nearly pain free and more energetic everyday, and there is the most amazing 5 calorie brain energy drink that has saved me a time or two from a phsyco crazy homeschooling mama of many melt down; helps the teenage girl meltdowns too"). I think it could be such a great booster for your precious Simeon. Please email me,

    God bless you,

    1. OH, baloni, you are wonderful and do so much!! You do not give yourself credit where it's due!!

      Great to hear from you Meredith!! Your new nutritional products sound wonderful, but those things always cost a ton!!

      I'll try to email you this week, although, I'd love to meet in person again's been years, hasn't it?

  11. Forgot to ask you to pray for me and our new little belly bean. I am right about 7 weeks and have had some spotting. thanks.

    1. OH, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! How exciting. I prayed for you and that sweet baby this morning during Mass, I'll keep praying. Spotting is so scary. Please let me know how you are doing...

    2. Thanks for the prayers, so far so good. I will probably try to get into the dr just to double check. Yes, nutritional can be expensive, but it is so worth it. I haven't taken the kids to the doctor for a sick visit in almost 6 months; I barely need to go to the chiropractor, and kids are coming off their super expensive medications. Please do email me; information is free :). Happy Sunday!!!


    3. Meredith,
      You don't know me, but I'd love to pray for you and your little one too in my daily rosary. I really love to pray for Moms and their unborn babies for a happy, holy, and healthy pregnancy, that everything goes well, and for a safe delivery!

      May God Bless all you Mamas - I'm praying for you!

      Maria In Mass :)

  12. I love the Pilgrims' hats--genius! My kids are all grown, so they probably won't need to make them...but I'm sure if I do, they'll eat them. :)

    And I remember when stores were all closed on Sundays...and we all survived. It would be great if that tradition came back.

    1. Wouldn't it be great if stores were closed on Sundays? I remember it too. I could see gas stations, but really, everything else could close.

      I seriously doubt that will happen though.

      Oh, I'm sure your boys will eat those Pilgrim hats!

  13. When the guys came to deliever my appliances they were talking about having to work on Thanksgiving. One said it was a bummer because it was the one time of the year that he gets to see his step-brothers, but the overtime really helps at Christmas. I don't do Black Friday or such, TOO scary! But I guess if you think about the fact the workers (who get paid min wage mostly) getting overtime it might actually make their Christmas a little better.
    But trust me, I won't be there! lol

  14. Oh and in Europe about 20 years ago, mind you, the store were closed on Sundays and at night. It was so rare to find a 24 hour store! It was hard sometimes when you had a late night emergency, lol, but other than that it was nice! You would have family time instead!


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