Sunday, November 10, 2013

Information I Must Share

Deb, challenged me to further research
the use of aborted baby cells being used in products we consume
after reading my last post.

I've been researching every chance I've gotten these past couple days
It's been mostly hard to find updated information.

I want you to receive the truth here
I want to lead you to decide for yourself,
with accurate information.

Just to explain, 
I'll link you to THIS article which I found explained the topic really good.

Please click the link, because they can explain it far better than I.

Now before you get upset at PepsiCo, 
(like I did)
Read this

Here is a list of updated (June 2013)
U.S. aborted fetal products:

The good news is that Pepsi, realizing
that they would lose a ton of business, 
(not only the pro-life people, but also the Pro-Choice people)
(for the "ick" factor)

Yay Pepsi!
Yay Kraft Foods!

BOO Nestles!!!

Now, Kari brought it to my attention
what the Church teaches and our moral obligations 
regarding Fetal (baby) testing, research and use in products
we consume, buy, use.

SO Here's a quote from the Vatican,
Pontifical Academy for Life (PAFL) from June 2005:

"Doctors and fathers of families have a duty to take recourse to alternative vaccines
(if they exist)" (pg 6) and "There is a grave responsibility to use alternative vaccines."
(summary pg 7)

Children of God for Life explain it in depth HERE 

Now before I go into the vaccines using aborted baby cells, 
aren't you OUTRAGED!!!?

Companies are researching the use of aborted baby cells to enhance flavor in food.

Let that sink in a little.   

Companies in America are researching
and putting aborted baby cells in our FOOD!!!

I have not even touched base on the research companies that use aborted baby cells    
to try to find a cure for diseases, 
like Cancer--see all that PINK stuff everywhere?
You are donating to the cause for sure, the cause for more babies to 
be aborted and used for research.

I have type one diabetes.
I've had it since I was 10
It is a LIVABLE disease!!!!!!
I live a happy, fulfilled life.
I've been in sports, gotten married, had children,
all with DIABETES!!!

I do not need the Juvenile Diabetes Association to 
come up with a cure using aborted babies.

Why are people so afraid to suffer a little?

Onto Vaccines.
Yay, huh?

Here's a current list of vaccines and their alternatives:

(I think you'll have to click twice to see it)

Do you still have questions about it?

Children of God for Life answer many questions about it

Remember your "Moral Conscience"
I realize there are no alternatives for 
MMR and the Chicken Pox vaccines, 
but the very least, the very least you can do is
use the alternatives listed.

Click HERE for it again 
(remember to click "try again" and it will show)

Here's another link explaining the proof that MMR
also causes Autism in some children:

What about the flu shot?
Have you gotten yours yet?

Want some information on that one?
Yep. you guessed it.
More aborted baby cells.
 And some other things I do NOT want in MY body.


That moral conscience thing, 
pray about it, ask what is best for you and your family.

I felt compelled to write this post, 
just to get the information out there.
I pray that it helps you make an informed decision or opinion.



  1. It's takes a lot of courage to write a post like that! Thank you Jamie, for having the courage and trusting God to write this. I sent you an email. God Bless!

    1. Thank you Kari, I don't know if it's courage or just pigheadedness....

  2. Thank you for such an informative post. I've bookmarked pages and subscribed to one of the sites you linked to. In the meantime, I am wishing I hadn't gotten 2 vaccines I had a few weeks ago, when I didn't have this information. Now I am almost sick to my stomach just thinking of it. I can't get "un-shot," but I pray others will know beforehand. THANK YOU AGAIN!!

    1. I really want people to just know what they are doing before deciding what to do. Be informed! It seems people just do things because we are told to do so.

  3. I wish I had known this before. All of my children are up are up to date on their vaccines and yes, one of my children has autism too. Another has PPD and ADHD. Sometimes I wonder if those vaccines are to blame for that, or maybe it's other things, who knows.

    All of my children just received their flu vaccines, except for me (and I need it maybe more than the others!)

    It is SICKENING to hear of this garbage, the aborted baby cells, in vaccines. And yet, doctors pressure you so much to receive them. I'm going to check out those links for the alternative vaccines right away!

    I am sharing this on FB too. Thanks for speaking out!

    1. Doctors do not get paid if we do not immunize. They get tons of money for each immunization, the insurance companies do too. I'm not blaming the doctors here, just trying to say it's a BIG thing. It's also a big part of why they don't tell us all we should know. I don't even think the doctors know.

  4. Thank you, thank you! I detest fear mongering type information, but always appreciate the facts (which are sadly, fearful enough). I so appreciate your gathering this information and offering it to us because I truly use this when making decisions but when doing my own research get so turned off by the fear mongering propaganda that I can't make my way to truth - truth does not need to drive the fear up. Again, THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you 9 Peas. It's hard to find fact and not opinion and updated info. I really liked the Children of God for Life Website, they had a ton of information. I just really want people to be aware of the bad stuff that is happening around us! (and be outraged!!)

  5. Jamie, I love you and your family and your blog. I will never stop reading your blog or commenting! We do vaccinate and I think that we can stay respectful to one another. This article explains my feelings on the "aborted fetal cells." argument. I am not trying to change your mind, just give you the whole picture as one of the sites you linked to included Wikipedia as a source and that is not a scholarly site. The truth is still not good: there are cell lines derived from 2 poor babies who were aborted in 60s. The article goes on to explain my feelings on this more eloquently than I could. And again, you are within your right to still choose not to vaccinate. I just don't want you to think that in order for these vaccines to be made, abortions must continue to happen. Thank goodness that isn't true. We do use the alternate vaccines, when available. And we are very prolife over here. I certainly don't mean to trivialize the situation, only give a more clear picture to some of your readers who may not seek out information further from what is here. You may certainly delete my comment if it offends you. I will still be here reading and commenting about your beautiful family! (Unless you asked me not to.)

    1. Oh, Madeline, I would never delete your comment! This is what I want, people to do their own research, to be aware of things going on. I also respect your opinion.

      I read your link, thank you, I disagree that only 2 babies have been used for anything like the things I've written about, maybe in one particular immunization...but there have been more, I just read about 4 babies that were used, that were aborted before 8 weeks along in the 90's, for their "perfect" cell strain. How many babies have been used for flavor enhancers? I just want people outraged!! People should get mad over this stuff.

      I also do not think that in order for these immunizations to be MADE, as they are now, that more babies NEED to die, I think that they WILL, in the name of Science and Research. There is nothing to hold them back from using more babies in their research to get it better. Do you see where I'm coming from? I don't care if it was 2 babies or 2000 babies, the end does not justify the means. It seems there is no regulation on anything if they are used in the name of "research".

      Which link used Wikipedia? I thought I was careful with that one...I'll change that...

    2. You are right, the flavor enhancer thing is OUTRAGEOUS and sinful. It's maddening.

      And yes, I do see your point that they will use them. I still hope they won't but I do see how they could. I apologize, it must have been another link I was reading about vaccines that linked to Wikipedia as a source, I just skimmed through your links again and could not find it. Sorry about that.

      My BIGGEST issue with the entire debate is that there is so much misinformation out there, how can anyone ever know? Especially since the most reputable international medical journals require an expensive subscription to read. I call for more transparency! Why aren't people able to make more informed decisions without being forced to seek out their information on secondary sites?

  6. There should be a law against using aborted baby cells for anything. sick and sad.
    I accidentally washed a ton of my husbands white socks with a pink sweater and they got PINK. I told him to wear them only in oct. sick of the pink also. If not one dime when to planned parenthood then spread the pink from here to high heaven.

    1. There was but Obama vetoed it.

    2. Oh, they not only give money to Planned Parenthood, they also do fetal research. I hate it when I turn the guys' socks pink...

  7. I appreciate you putting the research into this, and it is a terrible thing that our society can use the parts of a person murdered before their chance to be born all in the hopes of making things more convenient/flavorful/"safer" or whatever.

    I only have an issue about your link that states that the MMR absolutely causes autism. There has been no concrete scientific evidence that any vaccine is the specific cause of autism. That article focuses heavily on Dr. Wakefield's studies, which have been completely retracted due to shoddy experimentation methods and falsified results (not a smear campaign). An Italian court did uphold the link between MMR and autism, but they also upheld a murder conviction of scientists who were not able to predict the date of a deadly earthquake. That makes me a little less willing to trust their treatment of scientific evidence. As for American courts, the vaccine injury panel denied 3 cases of vaccine injury regarding autism and MMR. They did approve one case , although it was an omnibus case that did not focus solely on an autism/MMR causality link. If we go strictly by the courts, that is a 3:1 ration in favor of the MMR not causing autism.

    I am not trying to "call out" parents who say that they had a healthy child one minute and as soon as the shot was administered, their child was autistic. I cannot speak to that experience because it has not been our family's experience with autism. As you can imagine, this is a real hot button topic in the autism community, and I have friends who come down on both sides of the argument.

    I can only speak to our experience and that is that my sweet boy showed signs of autism from birth. He was not vaccine injured. In the years of research and reading I've done, nothing points me definitively in the direction of MMR=autism.

    Again, I'm not trying to disrespect anyone else's situation. My own personal reading has lead me more and more to believe that autism is rooted genetically with an external trigger. I cannot come out and conclusively tell someone that the MMR vaccine will give their child autism.

    1. Thank you Aimee! This is what I want, people to be looking into things, to know what is going on.

      I really wanted to link the Autism link for people to be aware, to find out for themselves. I kind of got worked up in my post and threw that one in, along with the "Through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault" Because I think there is a direct link to our sins and our struggles in life. We add aborted baby cell lines to immunizations and think there will be no repercussions?
      Cause and effect. I'm not saying God is punishing people, but that we are doing it to ourselves.

      I also agree with you, in that I also t hink that autism is rooted genetically with an external trigger, but how do we know which kids have this? In my mind, the only way to be safe right now is to skip that particular vaccine. That is also why I put "in some children".

      At the bottom of that article I linked on MMR/Autism, there were more links, I found more court cases...unless I'm reading too fast with too many interruptions, (that's probably it!!)

      Thanks Aimee for keeping the peace!

  8. Thank you, Jamie, for taking the time to research and post this. My heart is heavy and my sense of outrage is at full bloom. I will be sharing this with others.

    1. That's the way I was Friday when I first started researching, once I got over the shock, (the food stuff) I had to pray about it. And pray for the people that could possibly even think of doing this in the first place.

  9. The issue of the use of aborted babies used in research and products is horrific. Thanks for the research you did. There is also the issue of using live embryos for research, which is even more horrific. So many not-for-profit groups do research using live embryos -- embryos that have been frozen in the process of in vitro fertilizations, and parents release the embryos to be used. USED. KILLED. So, so sad. Our Blessed Mother warned us.

    Google "organizations promote embryonic cell use"

    1. Oh, my gosh, does the horrific-ness of this ever end? Wow. I guess I did not know about the live embryos from people willingly giving them for this purpose. Just so sad. How sad our Lord must be.

      Thanks for the google info...I'll do that.

  10. Thanks for taking the time to research and pass along this information. I was totally in the dark about this and find it all abhorrent! Everything to do with abortion is totally outrageous and disgusting. I take my stand as "pro-life" and will act and consume accordingly! Thanks so much Jamie Jo.

    1. Yes, I do too. Being "pro life" is so much more than words, it's knowledge and justice.

  11. One more comment - the public high school where I teach had "pink" month in October and we were all told to where pink to support Susan G. Koman and breast cancer research. This was my last October for doing this. I did not realize there was the connection between Susan G. Koman Cancer Research and abortion. Now I know better. Thank you!

    1. I have a list somewhere that lists all the organizations that support research using aborted babies...I'll have to do some more research on that, I know last time I checked it is just about every one we know of. American Heart Association was not on the list (last I looked) But all research for MS was...I used to do that walk every year til I found that out. The MS website states on there, something like this: "We have no qualms and will use every possible means for finding a cure" (not an exact quote) Yes, Susan G. Koman is bad...they are big promoters of Planned Parenthood too....

  12. Jamie Jo,
    Thank you for this amazing post. I have been doing some research lately, as here in Canada, the latest push is the HPV Vaccine, and we have 5 girls (so far, baby 7 is overdue!) Our parents and doctor and nurses are questioning why we won't vaccinate our 13-yr-old, like we are endangering her by not doing it. So thank you for sharing and equipping me with more info to help my fight! As we have more kids, we become more conscious of all the junk and I know I question more now than I did with my first. I do know that my kids who have had more vaccinations have all kinds of allergies, and I hate to think that it may be from their shots. God bless your family and your effort to inform us moms. We are thankful!

    1. I just saw something on this, how the vaccine is a big fraud, and is not helping anyone, only hurting and they did not do proper research before approving it. Kari below my comment, has a link for you. You can't worry about what you've done in the past, just go forward. Do the best you can, make informed decisions. It seems we all go in blindly and do whatever they tell us without question.

      God bless you too Marcie!

  13. I've heard some terrible stories about the HPV vaccine. Thought I would share this link for anyone interested. Found this on ALL.ORG


    After declaring a popular vaccine to prevent a sexually transmitted disease safe for girls and boys as young as 11, the federal government has now paid almost $6 million to victims of the shot – including at least two who died after receiving it. And the government hasn’t even settled half of the 200 claims against it. The public interest law firm Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain documents with that information from the Department of Health and Human Services, or HHS. The documents show that HHS’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, or VICP, has awarded $5,877,710 to 49 victims in claims made against the HPV vaccines. That includes payments for two claims of death caused by the vaccine.

    1. Thanks Kari, I was going to look for something on HPV today, now I don't have to! I just read something about this too. (not good of course)

  14. Wow! Nicely done Jamie! Synomyx is in on making everything from aspartame to food enhansers not required on FDA food labels. It makes my head spin. So much so, I think I'll move to the country, homeschool my kids, raise my own food, grind my own flour, purchase everything through organic buying coops, and try to forget about all those boxes of macandcheese we consumed in the good old days! Seriously, your info made me want to spend time reading and learning more! Time well spent this morning! Thanks for the education!

    1. That's what I told my husband, well, kind of, I said, "people are going to need to only eat whole foods" That's the really hard part is nothing is required to put on food labels...and their in code anyway, like MRC-5 and HEK293 (Human Embriotic Kidney) (can't remember what MRC stands for)

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