Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Let's Talk!

Gosh, I love this song!
I just want to get you in the mood to be here!
I love Matt Maher's music!
I especially love this song. 
This song came on during my 30 minute treadmill walk,
last week
and I broke down crying (but kept walking)
It's just so powerful.
He is in front of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, 
which is why he's kneeling, 
with the Holy Father!!  
(for World Youth Day in July)

Powerful, I tell you, makes me want to fall down on my knees.
(but that makes it hard to walk on the treadmill)

 Speaking of walking,
I just had my last cup of International Foods French Vanilla Coffee today.
Last, because it takes up like 9  Weight Watcher 
points when I have a big cup like this for breakfast.

I like having this for breakfast because I don't have to think about what I want
I just make it and teach school while I drink it.

It's really not healthy for me at all.
It's just a pleasure.
I can give it up, right?
(OH, and the Weight Watcher thing, I"m trying, it's just that 
Halloween happened)

Speaking of Halloween, I find this funny.
Am I a mean parent?
(I didn't do this, I just find it funny)
(and kind of sick and sad at the same time)

 How about some cuteness?
I know, it's been a while!
The kids are doing great!
These little cuties are best of friends!
Here I am trying to get a pumpkin picture...
 "Simeon, sit down."
 He's escaping...
 "OK, there you go, hold the little pumpkin!"
 "OK, get a good grip, now look at mama!"
 "Whoa!  It's not a ball!"  Can you hear everyone laughing? 
 (they are, and they are running after the rolling pumpkin!)
Look at his face!! 
OH, hahahhahahahahahahahahaha!!!
OH, you little stinkpot!

He is SO FULL of personality folks, 
It's wonderful.

 One of my most favorite parts of the Mass.

 Full House!!!
We DVR a bunch of these during the night, 
to watch whenever
I LOVE it. 
This TV family is so wholesome to watch,
they do not make the parents look stupid, like the Disney shows do

 When Uncle Jesse married Becky
there was a show all about moving in together 
after they were married!!!!!
I know, right?!!!
I like these boots.
 I am not stylish at all.
But if I were, 
and if I had money,
I'd so wear these.

 Love this.  
It's so simple.
I do not understand in the least why this is even an issue.

 Oh, gosh, I feel this in my deep yearning for God daily.
Each time I pray, or go to Mass, or Adoration,
I can't wait til the next time!
 Since it snowed last night...
(it melted today, but it's coooold outside!)
 Now, I'm going to get myself in trouble with people.

That is not my intention, really it is not.
I like it for many things
Seeing my cousins and their kiddos
seeing my aunties, especially the ones that live far away.
I love it for religious things, images, pictures and quotes.
I like it for news worthy things and funny things

I do not check it with a phone, 
I check it like I check emails, 
you know, with a computer, at a desk, in my home.

I don't like it for the fact that I probably check it too much
I don't like it for the fact that I go to the computer to do something,
but my absent minded, mom induced ADHD distracts me and 
I end up doing nothing, except scroll down to see the 
The instant life
is passing by.
Talk about fast paced.
I need to slow down.
Don't we all?
I need to blog again,
I think blogging vs Facebook
is just slower.

I think I use Facebook for the wrong reasons.
I like to "LIKE" things.  
In fact, if you know me at all, 
I'd love to "LOVE" lots of things.  
Like almost everything that my friends post.

But the problem with that, is
when I really like something, since there is no "LOVE" button
to "love", I "SHARE" it.

I share it because in my mind, I'm saying to the original person,
"Yeah, alright!!  I agree with you!! SO much that I'm going to SHARE it!"

Problem with that is
sometimes those things offend others.
Which is not my intention.

like immunizing.
Way back when we had our first baby,
I met people that did not immunize.

At the time, I did not even know there was a huge debate about it.
I just asked "why don't you?"
Then we researched.

I did not get defensive
or mad
of huffy at all.
I was curious.
So I asked questions.

Why do people get huffy towards me? 
I don't want to debate anyone.
This is what we choose for now.
(to not immunize)

It's because of things like 

This article confirms that MMR 
was confirmed to cause Autism in some children.

Isn't this good news?
Good news, because they can work on making better, healthier vaccines?

That's all I want, healthy vaccines.
Vaccines that have less side effects than the actual disease it is trying to prevent.

A bigger issue here is the fact that vaccines contain aborted fetal cells
but they are working on making them without them,
thank God!
See an updated vaccine list without aborted babies cells:

I don't really care what other people do or don't do.
I guess I do, I guess I find it interesting, 
not maddening, or anything.  
 This is interesting.
This is concerning, isn't it?

If it's not to you, that's fine, I don't want to argue with you
But if you find it interesting, let's talk about it.  
talk, not argue, not judge.

We all want what is best for our own children.
I trust you are making the decisions that work for you.
Can't you trust me too?

I'm still posting religious images, prayers and quotes on 
my Facebook page, but am really trying to not "like" things 
that make other people mad.
I'm trying to not comment, or ask questions of others when we 
differ on things, because I'm taken wrong. 

I just want to talk.

So, I'm sorry if I made anyone mad.
 OK, onto lighter things again.
Wouldn't these be fun to make for a Grinch Stole Christmas movie night?

 I am so tempted to do this, 
in fact when my kids scrub the floor
I almost always think of Cinderella.
(which I guess, you know who that makes me)
 A pointless job.

I know, I'm all over the place tonight.
Here, I'll leave you with some cuteness.  
My little cuties.


  1. I still can't believe at only 2 months, babies need 6 to 7 vaccines!!?? Have you heard many of the vaccines are made from aborted fetal cells? It's crazy what the FDA allows! This organization has done a lot of research on the subject:

    I view facebook the same way, at home on the computer, but I still feel like I look at it too often, I should probably take another 'vacation' from it!

    Love the song by Matt Maher, the grapes, and those adorable pictures of Simeon! He's getting so big. All my kids run away or do the opposite of what I want for pictures :)

    1. OH, yes, I know. The saddest thing is people either do not know or don't want to know what is actually in these vaccines. Or if they find out, they must not believe it? I don't get it. How can this happen?

      Kids and pictures....
      I'm already dreading the Christmas card picture!!

    2. I think the worst is when people know and then don't really care. I read once from a link from The Vatican.. it stated, "We have a moral obligation not to receive immunizations made from aborted fetal cells." Moral obligation=Big Deal!

  2. What complete cuteness! The look on his face when it's rolling away is priceless. I love Matt Maher, too. There's such a heartfelt passion when he sings that I know he believes what he's singing. And you are right- when on the treadmill, never fall to your knees, no matter how moving it is!

    1. Oh, hahaha! I know. I actually that day, listened to Chris Tomlin's version first and wanted to compare the two, so I listened to Matt Maher's next and yep. Matt Maher's won. I like his best. But I also like the other one...just did not bring me to tears.

      Simeon's face--I was so happy I got the shot!

  3. I bet we could sit and have a wonderful conversation over a nice cup of coffee. Sigh. I love all the pictures. Your kiddos are so adorable.

    We vaccinate but wait until the kids are older. I figure we homeschool so there is little they will pick up from their classmates.

    I love FaceBook. I wish I had had a way to stay connected when most of us were little. I remember feeling so isolated when I was "trapped" at home with lots of babies. I do seam to offend everyone when I like or share something. Recently I caused a family issue with my in-laws. Nasty stuff. In the end they told me that I needed to be more careful about what I post. My response was that they needed to mind their own business and not be so judgmental (can't say that went very well at all - ugh). FaceBook seams to empower people to tell you what they do not approve about you. Oh well. I am still thankful for the ability to connect with people from all over. If they don't like what I have to share then they can "hide" me.

    1. I have a feeling if I called you in real life I'd need at least 2 hours to talk with you. When would that possibly happen? I'd love it. Your kids are adorable too.

      I've always said I'd wait til they are older too, but now they are getting older. I have questions though, like if MMR is confirmed to cause Autism now, then it could still happen in an older child, right?
      Let me see, Measles, Mumps, Rubella....all livable diseases...skip that one.

      Oh, gosh, Facebook drama. I think Facebook takes away actual conversations sometimes. It can bring people together though, too, like with my far away auntie and cousins...Balance in everything. Finding that balance is hard though.

      So sorry about what happened to you though. That stinks.

  4. I discovered yesterday that I cannot wear the riding boots I wanted and was ready to splurge for. My calves are too fat to zip them up. I'd better get on my treadmill with some music, but not tunes that make me cry!

    1. OH, my gosh...never even thought of that. Your calves are not fat, they are muscular. MUSCULAR.

      Yes, no cryin' tunes!!

  5. Wait! Our coffee has calories in it?????

    1. Yes!!!! I thought of you when I posted my coffee today....aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! If it doesnt' work, I'm off to Wal-mart to buy some....

      I don't like the fat free, caffeine free, calorie free stuff. In my opinion, it's nasty. And it makes me break out in a rash around my mouth for some reason....

    2. I agree! Only the real stuff for me! : )

  6. Jamie Jo, I love your heart. I also check facebook too much, even thought it's only through my computer in the morning, and maybe at noon...and maybe again sometimes at night when I am so bored of some movie that my guys are watching. I'm suddenly so insecure about posting or sharing much of anything because I wonder if my daily presence is annoying to just "too much Jenny". If I meet a new person, I generally don't want them to know me on facebook, so that a natural, spontaneous dialogue can develop first. So thank you for writing about your dilemma. I also enjoyed your photos. Your little ones make my heart smile!

    1. Oh, you get it!! Yes, that's it too. It's like Facebook has taken away that natural dialogue between humans that we all need. I supposed so has blogging. But with blogging, I get to "meet" people like you, that I wouldn't meet otherwise. We can get deeper into subjects with blogging. Facebook is the fast what are you doing right NOW.

      Thank you so much Jennifer!

  7. For anyone interested here's the PDF for current vaccines without aborted babies:

  8. Oh, Jamie. We're so sisters-from-another-mister. I get you completely on the immunizations thing. We're feel the very same way. I have a feeling you and your husband and me with my husband could have some conversations that went long into the night…with plenty of laughs, too! :)

    That pic of a pointless job cracked me up! That is us! All the way! It's never ending, but a joy nonetheless. Your home always looks SO warm and cozy. Someplace that you could always feel comfortable and relaxed. Home away from home. Well, I probably feel that way because it reminds me so much of my home. Haha! :)

  9. Btw- I CAN'T believe I didn't put this in the comment above! Your little cuties just keep getting cuter (how do you manage that?!) and Sim just melts my heart. My Joseph (my special needs boy) still prays for him. Always without fail. Children praying for children; it's a beautiful thing.

    p.s. Sorry for the typos. "We're feel the very same way" <--Say what? LOL! Ah, well. I think you got what I was trying to say. ;)

    1. Oh, gosh, I so wish we lived by each other, us by you, where the winters are milder--haha! It would be so fun. Makes me think about God actually and why He would put us all so far apart! :)

      Comfy and relaxed because it's always a mess...I get it. My friend says the same thing when she comes here, "I feel so at home here" What she really means is "your house is messy just like mine!"


      OH, those children's prayers are just precious and special. Thank you sweet Joseph, we will pray for you too honey!!

      God bless you Kelly!!!

  10. Hi Jamie Jo - I love this "stream of consciousness post." I so agree with you about facebook. Blogging is much better - requires more thought. The one I really don't get is twitter. Go figure. I am just not that tech savy, but twitter seems totally pointless to me. I think we should question things like immunizations and other medical "advise." We should not take things for granted. I am sure there are safer ways to immunize. I love the pictures of your kids. So cute. Good luck with the weight watchers thing. My weight watcher for the past several years has been my oldest son (now 23 and on his own). He has made some really poor, heartbreaking decisions and when that happens, I totally lose my appetite for weeks and even months. Not a good way to lose weight. I prefer weight watchers. Thanks for an interesting post. You inspire me to blog more often! Enjoy the rest of the week!

    1. I have not even tried Twitter and do not ever intend to.

      OH, I can't eat when I get stressed out either. (obviously it doesn't happen very much!!) That's probably when I'll lose my weight, when my kids grow up and move out, I'll be so worried about them!! haha!!

      I'll be to your blog tomorrow!!

  11. Jamie Jo - one more thing. I don't know if you heard about this. My 17-year-old son told me about it. I didn't believe it at first but checked it out and it is true. Pepsi (and until recently Campbell Soups) used cells from aborted fetuses as flavor enhancers. I know, sounds really far out, but google it and read about it. I am not sure how it all works, but maybe you can comment on it sometime. I am sure that Catholics would be against this. As for our family, we are no longer using Pepsi Products - sticking with Coke products, which, according to what I read, has never used the aborted fetus cells. Would love to hear if you have heard or know any thing about this. Thanks.

    1. OH, my gosh, I'll have to check that out. Makes me sick to my stomach just reading about it. wow. As Kari said, (the first commenter) we have a moral obligation to check those things out and not use them.

      I'm going to have to look into it, thanks so much.
      It's a sick sick world we live in....

  12. I had to take to notes on this post! LOL

    Drum roll…
    #1. Me, too. I LUV Mr. Matt's music. :)

    #2. Cheering you on with weight watchers and had a good chuckle at Billie Jo's comment. :)

    #3. Luv the Simeon pumpkin story line :)

    #4. I loved Full House. You just gave me a good idea about checking them on Netflix for my girls, whom I don't think has seen this series. Where've I been??

    #5. I love boots. Those are beautiful! I do have a real pair of genuine, authentic cowgirl boots :) So stink in' comfy!

    #6. FB - I try to stay positive most of the time, but there's some man in the W.H. that can make my blood boil. So I end up "feeling as though" I must "educate" those who voted for them. I then pull my self together and out of the political vacuum. Until the next round from the WH. :)

    #7. Vaccines. You are right. Each parent has their choice. I HATE when one group blasts another. It falls right in line with all the other pit her against her type of thing. With that said, I do vaccinate, but limit what my kids receive and/ or when they receive it. Dr Meg Meekler, ( do you know the famous devout Catholic pediatrician/ author?) has a complete explanation of some of the myth of aborted fetal cells. And she explains it beautifully without trying to tell you to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. I also love her books: Strong Fathers/ Strong Daughter.

    I guess that's it! Dang! You were lucky I had pencil and paper near by :) Just kidding!

    1. I am lucky you had a pencil!!! Fun, I love this!

      Those Full House's are on every night, during the night, found out that when I was pumping last I tape them during the night. But I'm sure Netflix has them too.

      You go Cowgirl!!!

      That same man in the W.H. makes my blood boil too.

      I'll have to check out Dr Meg Meekler, thank you. Thank you for talking about it too. See? I'm not huffy, you are not huffy, we are not huffy! (by huffy, I think I mean defensive)

      God bless you Patty!

  13. Fun to see all the pictures. I love pictures of your kiddos. Do you realize how big they are all getting!

    DO NOT STOP drinking coffee in the morning. You WILL die! ok...not you..BUT I would DIE! I would just not eat the rest of the day..ha. I love that stuff too. so yum yum.

    I would also love boots like those. Always comes down to money. Gas, food or boots...looks like gas and food win.

    Facebook..I really wish it would just be about family and friends liking cute pictures of stuff. I dont like when it gets all political. Everyone has such strong opinions these days.

    We vaccinate. but you already know that!

    need to get some sleep. pretty crazy days these days. miss you.

    1. Christine!!! Where have you been? I'm missing you too!

      I had a major headache from my forehead all the way down through my neck all stinkin' day yesterday!! I SO wanted to run to the store and just buy some coffee. I made it. I always tell myself it's not really coffee, but it is, because when I give it up, major headaches for a couple days!!!

      Geesh, I only have ONE cup.

      Yes, clothes for kids that they NEED, food, or cute boots and clothes for me? Hmmmmm...OK...

      Yes, strong opinions and it's so fast paced that no one really cares.
      (well, some people do, but in general)

      I know you vaccinate and I think we've always been respectful and can talk about it without getting defensive with each other? Right?

      Again, I am missing you too!

  14. Jamie, I'm with you on everything here... Vaccines, Our Lady not being an issue, blue, boots, Full house values, and thank you for the heads up on Matt maher? I've loved his music on the Christian station but that video of Adoration, got me emotional.

    1. Oh, Anabelle, isn't it powerful? I picture myself in front of Jesus every time I hear his song...he has another, might have to play it here, it's beautiful!!

  15. This should have been about 5 different posts! I want to comment on everything, lol! The boots, YES! The candy thing, we finally watched it last night and some of them were truly horrible! Some of the reactions were shocking. Some just plan melted my heart. My favorite was the African American girl and her cereal.
    As for immunizations, I get it. We do an alternate schedule and don't do all of them. MMR being one I don't do. My older kids have all of them, well, that were available when they were babies. No Gardisil, of course. Anyway, immunizations are so tricky. I really like the Sears book on immunization. It helped me decide with the education to back it up on what we would and would not do.
    Oh and the Disney shows! ACK. They just don't make family TV anymore. I was so dissappointed when Once Upon a Time started pushing the envelope. I just started to let Rogue watch it too and now I am rethinking it. Either the parents are stupid or they are swearing, or... you know. Ugh.

    I think I might introduce the kids to Full House again! Just watching the fashions should be a flashback for me! I remember everyone watched it, but never wanted to admit they did, lol.

    I am probably forgetting something! So much good stuff!

    1. Oh, I know, I just don't have time to do posts every day, so I end up stocking up!! (sorry)

      I watched last year's video of the candy stealing parents, and it was better, there was one girl who said, "It's OK mama, but next year, let's share, OK?" So adorable and sweet. Another said, "I forgive you, I just want you to be happy" So sweet. Not sure I want to know what my kids would do....

      I have always said we don't immunize when they are little, but now as they are getting older, we might have to just pick the most important ones....I might wait til they are 16.

      Oh, don't get me started on Once Upon a Time...makes me SO mad, we watched as a family, (except my hubby--not really a fairy tale man) anyway, now that we can see where the Mulan character is heading, we just can't watch, my kids don't need to see that, me either. We were watching, last year while I was pumping (breastmilk) so much, Good Luck Charlie...but I noticed huge attitude changes, disrespect towards us parents, and just lots of complaining and well, it's hard to explain, but when we stopped watching it, within a week, they were back to their normal pretty good kid selves...(hahahah) You know what I mean, right?

      With Full House, it's just good. We've exhausted all the Little House shows...over and over....

  16. OH! Are you actually doing WW? Or is it just something you are doing on your own? I have been curious, but don't have time for meetings and such. Actually, I really am not keen on the meetings, lol.

    1. I am going from what I meetings (no time) just trying to write down what I eat, keeping track of points, the older way, 1 point for every 50 calories, rounding up. I did sign up a few years ago, pre last baby, online, and I really liked it, but some days it's hard to get here on the computer to put my meals I'm not wasting money on it....good ol' pen and paper will hopefully work. I signed up for that daily mile thing and half the time, I forget to come and record it...I think it's for people with smart phones....

  17. I'm thinking Full House needs to be on our watch list. We recently realized we are like the frog in the water slowly turning up to boiling in what we are watching as a family, the envelope got pushed and pushed and then suddenly I'm finding myself saying "We don't do that, etc..etc.." Problem solved, we reigned everything WAAYY back. It is hard when you have adults down to 6 year olds though.
    I love the boots, your thoughts on immunization and the photos of your cute kids!

    1. Oh, I know about that frog thing....we find a show that we think might be OK, like Once Upon a Time and then slowly, they start adding non moral things.....It's hard with olders and youngers, that's why we are liking Full House, there are years and years of seasons and my 4 year old likes it as much as the oldest ones...

      Sometimes pulling those reigns in is what we ALL need. It's a great way to find out balance again!

  18. It gives me immense happiness seeing Simeon growing up well and is all happy now! Such a little cutie..makes me wanna kiss my computer screen! LOL I love kids too :)

    1. OH, thank you Manju!! He is even cuter in person with a HUGE personality! (little stinker!)

  19. Hehe! I love the cute names you call him..Stinker and Stinkpot! LOL! Cute kiddos has a supercute Mum!


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