Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 OH, my gosh, I think August was the last time I've done a Thankful post!!
I love to find all the thankful's in my daily life, every day,
because if I don't they become negatives.  
They just do.
SO here are my Thankfuls:
Thankful for littles that can play with anything, even a styrofoam packing thingy
 Thankful for almost 2 year olds who love to show their big bellies!!  
(Tickle Tickle!!)
 Thankful for graveyard walks this November!
(we have a graveyard behind our little stretch of woods in the backyard)

 Thankful while the big kids watched Star Trek with their daddy,
the younger kiddos and I got this special time outside!
 (the babes was sleeping)
Thankful for good sisters, they love each other so much!

 The walk back to our home....
Thankful for the beautiful Fall woods and paths...
 Thankful for 4 year olds who love to pose

 Thankful I finally got around to re-doing our front door curtains
The old one on the left, new on on the right...
 What do you think?
Well, they are brighter and they look better than the old ones...
(I know, you are shocked I can sew...just wait, there's more!)
 Oh, my gosh, this project took me all summer, and I still hadn't done it...
It started as I was going to paint the wall white.
Well, it peeled and bubbled.
The wall bubbled, the kids peeled (constantly)
I painted primer over it and a certain 4 year old still peeled...

 Thankful this past week, I finally decided to just prime it and paint blue over it 
(and pray it stuck)
Thankful it did!!
(and I am not ever painting this wall again)
 Thankful these littles love each other so much, in the morning,
it is like they've been apart FOREVER!!! 
It's the cutest thing ever.
 I bought this flannel last year, in the hopes of making pajama pants
(well, I didn't teach the girls like I'd hoped to last year)
 Thankful I finally sewed the dang pants!!!
She loved them
 She loved them,
but my 7 year old hated them....(she's holding the 7 year old's)
 she loved them too!
OH, well, can't make everyone happy. 
But I'm happy, I know how to do it,
and I finished something that's been on the back burner far too long!
 Thankful for little climbers...look what he does, he pushes the bench, or chair or whatever
to the benches and climbs up, and look at his proud face!!

(No, that iron is not plugged in)
 Thankful for adorable 4 year olds...in rubber boots.
 Thankful, speaking of 4 year olds,
we painted a ton this past week.
I found this site  HERE
for great hand print letter things
 I used to be the "Sandpaper Letter" teacher at a Montessori school, 
so I teach her not-in-order sounds...easiest ones first...these are some...
Thankful they turned out adorable!
 Let me know if you want another post on teaching sounds/letters....K?
 Thankful for Monkey Bread!!!
 And Monkeys!!!
 Thankful for creative girls who make beautiful home made paper dolls and houses!
(see my messy sewing stuff on the counter in the background?)
Thankful for messy sewing stuff piles

 Thankful (did I already say this?) for these cutie pies...
Thankful for messy hair on little boys...
 Thankful for full reading charts and prizes to win!!
 Thankful for cutie pies...
 He's saying, "OK, that's enough of the hand around my neck thing"
 Thankful I had time the other night to make a huge salad with lots and lots of veggies!
(I ate it for days, and it made for some great farts!!)
(Oh, Jamie, Gross!!)
(What?  We all do it!)
OK, no more parenthesis.
Thankful for Saturday morning waffles...
 and Cinderella, I mean, kids who mop the floor by hand.
Look at her socks!!  My kids wear socks to run outside sometimes...and the trampoline
and in the garage...gross....Oh, well...
 Thankful for big kids and piggy back rides....
 Thankful for adorable 4 year olds (still)
 Thankful for hot cocoa days...
 Thankful, even though we have a school room, they almost always end up in the kitchen...
 Thankful for bundled up toddlers...this was yesterday, it was 22 degrees out, 
He HATED it!!
 Thankful for getting-along great rakers!!!
 Yesterday and today were coooooooldddddddd!!!! 
 Today, they decided to wear snowpants and winter coats (finally)
28 degrees was the high today
I am not even showing the big kids that argued and fought the whole time...drove me crazy.
 Thankful, I decorated a little for Thanksgiving...actually these turkeys are kind of bugging me...
I like it simple, pumpkins, that's it. 

 Thankful for messy haired little boys in dinosaur jammies sliding in the toyroom!!

 and messy hair little boys playing blocks at the counter...

 Thankful for boy jammies on girls...she picked them!  
(she also picked some cupcake and pink elephant ones!)
 Thankful, she finally let me cut her hair!
The ends were getting so tangley...
 Can you tell? 
It's adorable.
(and thankful it's still curly!)
Thankful for lots and lots of cuteness....
and half nakid boys waiting to use the mini trampoline....

Thankful they have so much fun together...
(when he's not pulling her hair or pushing her!)
Oops, dang parenthesis...
I'll have to get a video of him jumping,he's the best little jumper ever!

I'll end it with more
Thankfulness for such cuteness in this video of my littles
We are blessed.

Trying to notice blessings in every day life...


  1. I wish you lived closer so that Christopher could hang with Simeon. He loves climbing and playdoh and all that jazz. I bet he'd love jumping too! I would love a letters post. :)

    1. I'll do a letters post...I think I did once a few years ago, I'll try and look for it.

      It would be so fun to get together and Christopher is a little honey, my girls would love him too!

  2. Oh this was so fun to read, Jamie!
    I so love your love of motherhood, and family and home...
    I love the love in your house.
    I adore the beautiful photos of you and your babes...
    I want some of your yummy monkey bread. With a cup of coffee.
    I love 4 year olds in jammies...mine is almost 4!
    I wish we lived closer...our 4 year olds would be besties. With Ava too. : )
    And I need to stop. To give others room...
    Night my friend. : )

    1. I love your loves too!
      Come on over for coffee, wait, I gave it up...how about some tea? I know, yuck. My hubby has real coffee...

  3. I'm thankful for your blog! What a great post idea, I may borrow it but if I do I'll link back to you to share where the idea came from!
    The kids are just too cute, and your curtains + newly painted stairway look wonderful!

    1. Oh, YES borrow away!! I want it to spread! If I'm in the habit of looking for those little thankfuls, it just gets easier to take the hard things...

  4. Love the whole post! The curtains, wall, pajama pants, the food, and all those darling pictures! I love your 4 year old's hair! Sweet Lucia wants long hair so bad, but she inherited my slow growing hair. I think it takes me like a year for it to grow half an inch! We all take vitamins...I don't know what the problem is, but my kids don't start off with much hair either.

    I've been doing a lot of hand print activities for Lucia too. Mostly animals that go along with the letter we are learning about. Does your daughter like to write her name? Lucia wants to write her name on every paper I give her and on anything else too!

    1. Look at Simeon, his hair is taking FOREVER to grow...but I admit, the girls hair does grow pretty fast. My 4 year old did start out pretty bald, she didn't get those curls til around 1!

      I saw your hand print art, loved it! You are doing such a great job with teaching letters. She doesn't really like writing her name, but sometimes she does. That's cute how Lucia wants to!! Mine is still at the tracing stage! She finally loves to color! She has never wanted to color anything. She colors everything the same color, like a turkey will be all blue. But she colors every spot of it. So funny.

  5. My comment got eaten. Check the junk comments. :-(

    1. I didn't find anything...I'll look again though....Sorry.....

    2. It happens more often when I'm on my Kindle, but last night I was on the computer. Some days I am ready to chuck technology!

      The gist of it it was next time you are going to have to show some evidence of kids fighting, because that looked like an awful lot of getting-along-ness! Very cute.

      And Faith and I figured out how to get those darling ringlets in her poker-straight hair...rag rollers. They are so darling. Andto think some day Sweetie Pie is going to wish she had straight hair!

    3. I tried to get a picture of the big kids fighting and pouting and crying...but they ran away, my pics were blurry...funny how that happens with the big kids, when they are acting out, I take out a camera and they run away! (and the acting out stops!) The big kids were complaining about how much money they should get and who was doing more work, and the littler, happy kids were like, "We don't need money, this is fun!"

      I want the big kids to learn though, why does it have to be so dang hard?

      I bet Faith looks adorable in curls! We always want the opposite of what we have, don't we?

  6. Oh, Jamie, this is such an awesome post! I'm thankful that some of my kids are getting to know some of your kids at youth group, etc. So glad we're local.

    1. I know, I was excited they were at the same party! Jedi wants to do a either Lord of the Rings or Star Wars monthly get together to watch it thing....they are a great group of boys! I'm thankful we are local too!

      (not loco)

  7. I loved this whole thing. I laughed at the salad part (would NOT have lasted days in our house... probably one day... or two) YOU look fantastic! Just beautiful! I loved the handprint projects. Ava has some issues with her hands being painted, so we can't do all those fun things right now :( What great land you have. So fun to see the "non-fighting" kids raking with rosy cheeks. 28 degrees? YUCK... I'm not looking forward to it. I would totally have picked out those snowman jammies too! I'm afraid to cut Ava's hair and get rid of the scraggles... I don't want to lose one curl. Wimp, I know. Her hair looks great, though. Well... I miss you. That is all.

    1. It was a big salad--it lasted 3 or 4 days, big plates full, and I'm the only one who ate it. A couple of the girls are veggie girls, but no one else.

      That is a first child thing, look out for Clara!! She won't mind getting dirty at all. Jedi, used to "sit" in the sandbox, crouched down, without letting his butt touch the sand, wouldn't want to get dirty or anything...

      Hating the cold too...I think it's supposed to be in the 40's today though....Simeon will love it! He will love the snow when it comes I think, it takes their minds off the cold.

      Not much choice in the fabric, I got it on sale...so she lucked out and got the cutest one.....it's the one I had the least of!

      I miss you too...God bless you!!

  8. You are hilarious, my friend! Ha!!! I love these pictures. You look terrific, and the kids are growing so fast- is Sims already that big???? Love his tricks, too. I"m going to have to come eat with you- your kitchen must smell terrific. Love, love, love your thankful posts!

    1. So glad you get my humor! The kids are growing fast, all of a sudden, I'm like, "How did you grow so much?" I'd love if you came here to eat anytime! You'd freeze though, you'd have to come in July!!

      Have a great day my friend!

  9. Its such fun going through the pictures... Your kiddos are absolutely adorable.. No wonder they make you feel thankful. I loved the video in the end! :)

    1. OH, thank you Manju! They do make me feel thankful, especially looking back in pictures!

  10. We love keeping up with what goes on in your household! I have three little girls here who are watching along, thanks for sharing! They love it!

    1. Oh, I can just see them now, crowded around the computer with you! Sounds like my girls! Someone is always looking over my shoulder or on my lap!

  11. I love this post! What a fun home you have and such a sweet family. Truly so much to be grateful for. God is good! Thanks for sharing!

  12. fart fart fart...thats from being old.hee hee ha ha
    You have been busy. Painting and sewing. and hand painting the alphabet.
    We only have stick straight hair in the house. So super cute those curls are.

    Cannot believe you put that poor baby boy out in the cold! I have been staying cause I cannot handle it either. Me and sims would have the same sad face.

    Each family has their kids that have the personality that just rubs each other the wrong way. Teaches them though that not everybody is just like them.

    Love the video! You have a very sweet happy loving home and you are blessed. Thankful as always for you.

    1. Yeah, must be from being old, because I eat veggies all the time....

      I know, Simeon was like, "What the heck? It's freeeeeeeZing out here!"

      I told that to the kids, I told them that someday they will work with someone they don't like, and they will have to be nice....Didn't work.

      Thankful for you too!

  13. ""staying IN"" forgot that word.

    ps.can I just say I am so thankful you dont have the word verification ON..I dont comment on some blogs because of that. thing is I can never get it right the first time...

    1. Me TOOOOOO!! I just quit taking "Anonymous" that solved my prob of Spam people.

      I always forget who has it and who doesn't....but always get it wrong too. I figure they have their reasons...maybe they like it?

  14. You're so beautiful, Jamie Jo! Those pictures of you and your girls will be (are) priceless. And Sims? He matches right up with Zoe, even the trampoline. Zoe learned to jump before she walked! I love your thankful ppsts. Have a wonderful day!

  15. I was thinking exactly what Nicole wrote right above me. You are so beautiful, and the pictures of you with your daughters are fantastic! I love the sparkle in your eyes :) Are you Irish? I don't do turkeys either really. I use to when I had a basement up in Illinois and lots of space to store lots of "stuff". When we moved to the south where most homes do not have basements, I got rid of most of my "stuff" and keep things more simple now. Pumpkins. They go all fall until Advent ;) You are such a blessing you know. You take the time to see, really see all around you and all the good that is in this crazy world. Then you share it with the rest of us folks :)


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