Monday, December 16, 2013


Thankful I finally got a pretty good picture of our family for 
our Christmas card picture!
This is NOT it.
 This is the latest I've ever done cards...just ordered them this morning, 
hoping they are done by Friday,
(or sooner) so I can mail them by Saturday
 This did not make the cut either...I liked it, but the glowing head girls did NOT.
I will show you the one I picked later...after I've sent the cards out!
 Thankful for babies (OK, he's almost 2)
that fall asleep even though they may think they do not need a nap
 Thankful for what happened next..she came over right away and started kissing him
 then she crawled up and snuggled next to him...
(then, I took her off, because she was trying to wake him!)

 Thankful $1.99 flashlights provide lots of entertainment for littles
Thankful for bare toesies...
 Thankful for story time, I love reading Christmas books! 
 Thankful for my Special Sugar Cookie recipe I've been making since I was a young teen

Special Sugar Cookies

Cream together:
1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup white sugar
1 cup butter (softened)
1 cup canola oil
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp almond flavoring (I think this is the secret ingredient)

Sift together:
4 cups flour plus 1 heaping Tbsp
1 tsp salt
1 tsp soda
1 tsp cream of tarter

Add to first mixture and mix well.  Place by teaspoons full onto ungreased
cookie sheet.  Press down with glass dipped in sugar, sprinkle with sprinkles, 
or my favorite, cinnamon and sugar mix!
Bake 350 for 12-15 minutes

(these are crispy cookies)
 Thankful we celebrated the Feast of  St Lucy in our easy way...
Everyone helps...
 Just Crescent rolls with butter spread on each and
 sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar!
Easy peasy!
Thankful for  little helpers
 and big helpers, willing and wanting to wear the candle wreath hat!
St Lucia used to wear candles on her head, so she could carry food to christians 
hiding in the catacombs...

 Thankful for little girls and candy canes...
 Thankful for Our Lady of Guadalupe coloring...we never did get around to making
those Sopapias!
Thankful for forgiving kids 
(one in particular who really wanted to make them!)
I had to get groceries and teach school and I had a holy hour that day...
Sometimes we just need to let some things go...
 Thankful he loves it when I take selfies...hahahha!!

 Thankful for little boys that mess with the tree...
(Now if I only had one child, this would be the perfect Christmas card picture)
 We have found playschool buses, stuffed animals, cars, you name it 
IN the tree...
 Thankful...little honey, he's only tried to open a few presents...
 Thankful she likes selfies too!
 Thankful for this sweet boy who is growing so fast right before my eyes.
 Thankful for deer that constantly visit our yard

 Thankful for a sleep out by the Christmas tree last night!
(they were not asleep til 11pm!)
I slept on the couch, it was kind of neat.
 Thankful for Christmas past.
Here we are right before I was pregnant with my 3rd
They grow and change so fast,
Thankful for where they are right now.


  1. I am going to show Brian that deer...he has been chasing deer for the last month..not seeing anything!
    Did Sims get a hair cut? He does look adorable by the tree. Could frame that one!
    It is a challenge to get that "perfect" Christmas picture. I try for great these days because the kids are never looking right. I love the one at the end. Kids are so little. They do grow up so fast!

    1. Oh, gosh, he'd get a deer right away!! Come on over!!

      I did cut his hair the other day, such a stinker, it's pretty hard to cut it, so I have to work hard and quick!

      I know next year, I'm hoping to start earlier at trying to get a pose...

  2. I love the photo of Christmas past - beautiful. Your family is so truly wonderful, I love seeing your thankful posts. They truly do make me happy and thankful for my own family!

    1. Oh, I'm so glad, I want them to make people think about their own thankful things...just normal everyday things!

  3. You indeed have so much to be thankful for! I really love the sleepout by the tree.. the photo is marvelous. Blessed Christmas!

    1. My husband did not like the sleep out by the tree, but I did. I thought it was special. (the girls were up way too late and he didn't have me in bed with him!)
      I hope they remember it forever!

      Blessed Christmas to you too!

  4. awesome pictures and you look stunning in every one ;)

  5. Jamie Jo! IN that LAST photo, you are ME! I loved this post. I just loved it. Got so many good ideas for when the girls get just a little older. You're so awesome.

    1. Wow, there's a few things I'd like to tell that young me!! HAHAHA!

      You are awesome too!

  6. That is the BEST St. Lucia idea ever. We used to study St. Lucia in school (I'm sure it tied in to Minnesota History with all the Swedes or something because I was a public school kid.) and I have always wanted to celebrate it but the woven bread ring always seems daunting. What a blessing your family is!

    1. That's funny, because our daily Mass priest said the same thing, that he grew up in Milaca and Milaca is full of Swedes so he grew up thinking St Lucia was a Lutheran saint, but she is not! He said, she was very much Catholic!

      Oh, and I always have a goal of making some fancy bread, that needs to rise, but it NEVER happens. This year, I knew. We skipped the white robe and red ribbon too!! If it's too complicated, it won't get done!

  7. I'm thankful for that sugar cookie recipe! I'm also thankful you don't clear the stack of books on the counter in the background. Cleared backgrounds are suspicious:) I'm certain those says are over out here. You'll be happy to hear I ordered plenty of glitter this advent for cobweb Christmas ornaments. God bless you friend!

    1. You made me laugh, because I almost didn't put that picture on here because of the messy piles in the background!!!

      Yay for glitter!! It all vacuums up!!

      God bless you too friend! (and that sweet little baby)

  8. Awww, you have so much to be thankful for! We find a lot of fun things in our Christmas tree too ;) Love that last pic . . . remember when :)

    1. Glad we are not the only ones with extra "ornaments" in our tree!!

  9. Love these, my friend!
    Your pictures are perfect...
    Your home is filed with love and kids and yummy food and sweet naps nd I love that!!!!
    The last pic! Love it : )

    1. And that would be "filled" with love...
      Guess I should preview, right?!

      Wait! Another one..."and" I love that...


    2. Oh, I could tell that young Jamie a few things!! Thanks so much...Homes should be filled with those things, right?

  10. Hi Jamie, your photos are darling! You have a beautiful and happy family. I agree, if you had one child, the picture with your youngest, would be perfect! Have a Blessed Advent!

    1. Thank you Noreen!! You have a blessed Advent too!

  11. We have that very same book - I haven't read it to the kids yet this year. We like to count each of the items...they really add up quickly!

    Have a blessed remainder of Advent and Holy Christmas season!

    BTW - does that teething necklace work? Peter is an absolute crab as he's cutting two molars and a bunch of other teeth all at once. I'm ready to try anything!

    1. Read it? We HAVE to sing it!! Isn't it a fun book? I think it's one of my top 5 favorites! It is fun to see it all add up. Simeon loves to see the raccoon, he looks and points to him on each page..and when we get to the foxes (ladies dancing) He gets really excited! He dances and moves his head along with the song!

      Oh, and teething necklace...have to say I'm not sure, but I am NOT taking it off him!! hahah!! He went through really bad teething phase about a month ago that lasted FOREVER, and I thought "stupid necklace!" hahah!! A friend made ours and she only charged us 10 bucks....I know you can order them on Etsy.

      Oh, well, if they don't work , at least they are cute!

      Blessed Advent to you and your beautiful family!

    2. Oops, I meant Fiddlers daughter said Ladies dancing....the foxes fiddle!!

  12. Your Thankfuls are still my very favorite, Jamie. You remind me to take a step back in my own daily life and see the best things to be thankful for each day. Simeon makes me chuckle with his sweet smile every time. And I just love your selfies. You are so gorgeous, Jamie. When I grow up I wanna be pretty just like you. :)

    1. My sentiments, too!!! I love all the pictures, Jamie Jo!

  13. Catching up on blog reading... Love these. How in the world does your little one not wake up the baby? (I know, 2 now, not a baby - it's hard to let go.) My littlest refuses naps. It's so exhausting and when she actually wants to nap her 4 year old sister keeps her awake because "she wants to lay down too" but makes too much noise or will wake her up. I still love the snuggling though.

    The campout by the tree is great. I have memories of similar stake outs. :)

    God bless.

  14. You know Jamie, my baby is almost 2 too. And he is still my baby! They always will be. I can't believe, however, I don't have another one on the way yet. How about you? :)


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