Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thankful (Link-up too)

 Bonnie, at A Knotted Life, is hosting the Sheenazing Awards again this year!
I was nominated again this year in a couple categories.
Smartest Blog (?)
Best Blog by a Mom (OK)

I am trying to be humble here, so I only even mention this, 
out of Thankfulness and respect for those who nominated me!
(Thank you!)
I know there is only a very small chance I'd even actually win,
but, am very honored just the same.


Oh, there are a ton of wonderful, faith filled bloggers out there.
Bonnie's list is amazing. 

 Thankful for piano recitals
(we have 4 in piano now)
It was wonderful.
 Thankful for another foot of snow
Yes, I'm thankful for the snow, it's the cold I don't like.
(that makes sense)
 Thankful our weekly kitchen helper is working out really nicely.
I'm loving the company and the extra time it takes to teach 
how to cook and prepare is going to be so worth it someday!
(she's making homemade pizza here)

My dough is wonderful:

Pizza Dough
1 cup self rising flour
1 cup plain greek yogurt

Knead for 5 minutes
You will need more flour than mentioned, 
and have to coat the counter several times.

That's it.
I bake the crust for like 7 minutes before adding toppings.
 Thankful for our cute snowman plates!
 Thankful for little boys in overalls...
and yes, that's another big bump on  his head.
His bigger sister was trying to give him a piggy back ride.
(he didn't hold on)
 Thankful on Monday, we compared the temps around the world, 
and Minnesota is only the 3rd coldest place out of about 12 random ones...
(next to Antarctica and Russia)
 Thankful I'm officially planning on moving to Hawaii.
Today, we graphed (for 3rd grade math) 25 state capitals and their temps.
Yep.  St Paul, Minnesota was the coldest city.

I'm already planning on just giving away everything
and starting over in Hawaii.

Are there any jobs in Hawaii?
(for my husband)
 Thankful these bulbs in my window, are blooming right now, 
and my kitchen smells like SPRING!!

 Thankful for 4 year olds always ready to give me a smile!
 Thankful she loves to bake...
 and he loves to help out in any way he can.
(oh, little honey, let me keep you just the way you are right now)
 Thankful for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
always good on a cold day
 Thankful for my old, old directions or can figure it out, 
can't you?
 Thankful we can still see our mailbox.
 Thankful she is now officially a dish washer!!
She is wonderful and she loves it.

What's not to be Thankful here?

Thankful the noise level is humungous in our house.
 Thankful when picking up something for the man I give a ride home to from church,
at the dollar store, I found these!!!
1 buck each!!
They are totally JAMIE.
 Unlike our old ones, that are now in the garbage, chips and all.
 Thankful for raisins, his new favorite snack!
Thankful for cute little toddler fingers...
 And Thankful for Play dough!!
 Look at that bump....
It's yellow today.

 Thankful for cute toddler profiles...
 Thankful for Mancala
(I played like 25 games between 4 kids yesterday!)
 Oh, did I already say Thankful for play dough?
Well, I am.
It kept these two busy all morning today.
 Thankful for busy little hands...

 Oh, my goodness...Thankful for busy, screaming, spunky little boys.

Here's a good view of his top teeth.
He has a "clinic day" tomorrow.
It starts at 10am 
and goes til about 3 or 4
We will meet with the speech people, the plastic surgeons, the nutritionist,
orthodontist and dentists....I think that is everyone....
Oh, and the ENT people, (ear, nose, throat)
and of course the woman that is head of the Cleft Clinic.
He will not have another surgery til he's about 6, 
when his permanent teeth come in.

SO Thankful for that.

So, I made this a link-up,
but they charge like 20 bucks a year to allow pictures...
so it's just a name link-up unless I start getting a lot of
you to link-up, then I'll think about the picture thing!
There are no rules and no special day to do it on,
just look for those blessings in your life,
no matter how small and link up if you want!



  1. Congrats on the Sheenazing nomination, Jamie Jo. The recognition is well-deserved!

  2. We were just thinking about getting C some raisins. We decided we should start with a small box instead of the Sam's Club bag just in case he doesn't like them. And now I really really want oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They're my favorite.

    1. We actually got the bag of dried cherries at Sam's Club, you know, the ones that taste like candy and are gone in like 10 minutes? (at least in this family) And there is always someone who says, "Hey! I didn't get hardly any!"

      He loved those, so I tried Craisons, he loved those, then, I tried some!! We are mostly doing raisins...I love those cute little boxes!

      Now all the kids are loving them too!

      My favorite cookie is oatmeal choco chip too!!

  3. Thankful for your thankful posts. And can I just say that after one day at home for a huge snow storm, I would be SO FAT if I lived where you do? All I wanted to do was bake and get cozy on the couch. How the heck do you guys have any normal semblance of a life in that frozen winter tundra? You're doing something right because your kids sure are happy!! :)

    1. Tell me about it!!! At my holy hour tonite, I was begging Jesus to give me some motivation to exercise!!! (that would include warmer weather though, I think)

      Think how THIN I'd be if I lived in Hawaii....

  4. I love your thankful posts! I will gladly join you in Hawaii! I am at my mom's this week and it is not quite as cold as you, but still in the single digits at night and only in the 20's during the day.

    1. Yay! Let's all move there!!

      20's actually sound balmy right now.

  5. How wonderful and well deserved! I got my votes in for you. Little Sim's hair is such a beautiful red- and I still CANNOT get over your snow....

    1. And where has Christine been? Haven't seen her blog since I've been back-

    2. Thank you for your votes, you are the greatest! I know about his hair, I hope it stays the same, he's the only light one!!

      Christine....? I told her to blog. She doesn't listen to me. She'll be back. I know she will.

  6. Thankful for the snow and not the cold is the story of my life! no snow here and too cold ot leave the house :( very sad for this winter loving girl

    1. I hope you get some snow....come on over to MN, we have plenty!!

  7. Why is it that biggish sisters insist upon giving little brothers piggy back rides? It never ends well over here either!

    My folks are heading to Hawaii in 2 weeks. We all want to go along...perhaps stow-away in their luggage? :-) I do love the 4 seasons and typically enjoy winter, but its too dang cold for the kids to even play outside. Luckily we have some exercise equipment at the house, or we'd all be in trouble!

    I do plan on linking up with you...just not this week. I need to get back into my blogging. The grandparents really like to see the pictures of my kids which should be motivation for me, but sleep sounds so good too!

    1. I know about those dang piggy back rides. The one who dropped him, then asked if she could do on her back, if she were on all fours, you know like a doggy? OH my.

      I think your parents are allowed like 2 suitcases each....we can fit into their extras, right?

      Link up anytime. I'm going to try to do these weekly, but people can link up on any day til the next one...then link on that one...make sense?

      Sleep is better than linking up though.

  8. I voted for you yesterday, I was so excited to see your nominations! I'll have to link up, but it will be much later today (and I'm so glad you are doing a linkup), it grocery shopping day and my little heart goes pitter pat when I get to make those lists, LOL - so I'll be busy!

    1. Oh, 9Peas, thank you, that is so sweet! Last year was totally different categories, and it was like I've lost some of my "coolness" I guess. (haha)

      I get to make my list tonite! Although, my heart does not go pitter patter....more like poopie plop. Gosh, I dread it. Link up whenever....

  9. Prayers for your clinic day today.

    Be sure to put Columbus, Ohio, on that graph. We've been just a few degrees above zero for days now. Next Tuesday is predicted to be 19 below which is pretty unheard of in central Ohio. Brrrr.

    1. Ohio was too far down the list, we only did the first 25 alphabetical ordered states...sorry. We had 30 today (shock!!) but back down to around zero with windchills again tomorrow....and all next week. I know it's winter, but it's been so cold that the kids hardly get to play outside. A day here and there, that's it.

      Clinic day was loooooong. Just think of 6 or 7 doctor appts in one day, waiting for each one too. I offered it up today, because we had burgers for our 30 minute lunch! I'll try to update everyone with a post....

  10. Jamie Jo, I love all of these pictures. The mailbox one stuck out the most though! Oh my gosh! I may have to send my crocheted hat up to you!! Blessings to you always. Enjoy your weekend and have a blessed Sunday!

    1. You can send me a hat anytime!! I'm so proud of you learning how to knit!! Someday...someday...nah!! I'll probably never knit. (I mean crochet)

      God bless you too! Enjoy your weekend too!

  11. I hope all goes well with the LONG LONG clinic day. It can be hard for a two year old.

    and CONGRATS on your nomination. voting and crossing my fingers that YOU win. one likes meeeeeeee! waaaaaaa! ha.

    I love those plates. gotta love color when winter white outside goes on forever. Made cookies yesterday also. I eat too much of it though. Are you a cookie dough dipper? I am. so guilty of that little pleasure.

    I would love to link up here. I have a lot to be thankful for. thankful for your bloggy and your friendship and your prayers and and and Soup that lasts me a week!

    1. OH, my gosh, it was looooooong for the 2 year old. And the 42 year old!! (I mean 44, but 42 sounded better) We got home around 4pm. Think of 6 or 7 appts all in one day, waiting for each one.

      Yay! You are the first person to mention my cool new dishes!! I love them, can you tell? Bridget calls them the "rainbow dishes"!

      I'd like to lick the spoon on cookie dough...but usually the kids do. I"m one of those "stop eating all the dough!" "We want some cookies!" kind of mama...I don't care about eating raw eggs in the dough though....I"m bad.

      I won't win. There are too many super bloggies out there. It's an honor though that someone nominated me.

      I'm thankful for you.
      Love you, have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Should NOT be on blogs this morning but I yam and I yuv you.

    Thx for the smile. I will bring it to the {homeschooling} table this morning but need to wake the kids--still sleeping at 9:00 a.m.!--first.

    It's more fun reading blogs. : )

  13. I hope the clinic day went well. Oh, the "coziness" of winter. I definitely get you about the snow and cold. That's what drives me nuts. One cannot enjoy the snow if it is too cold! It felt almost like spring yesterday with temps in the 20s. The birds were singing and I was able to go outside for a few minutes as I popped in and out of the car with only a hoodie on without fear of instantaneous freezing. :)

    The math graph is great. Maybe we'll do something like that. I'm sure that involves the computer which it's always more fun to include (for the kids...).

    I'll have to link up sometime. I always love to see your thankful posts, and while I try to list my thankfuls each day, it would be nice to capture it.


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