Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Movie Reviews and Stuff

 This movie was not good.
It was a BAD movie, actually.

I don't do bad reviews usually.
I usually keep those to myself. 
But this time, I wanted to let you know.

This movie has an all star cast, 
and the acting is wonderful.
Really, the acting was superb, they all did a super job of portraying 
these nasty characters.

The movie was about nasty people and it stayed nasty the whole way though 
It had a terrible ending. 
Everyone stayed nasty.

Don't watch this one.
 Now, this movie,


You must!

I thought it was an awesome movie!
 In Walter Mitty's search for this photographer, played by Sean Penn,
I was not disappointed, he turned out to be a really good guy.

I like it when good actors play good people!

Do I need to tell you to watch this one?
Even adults with no children would like this one.
Ask my 2 year old.

(he thinks he's Olaf)

We could watch this movie every single day.
(maybe we do, maybe we don't, I'm not telling)
 This group, Anthem Lights was brought to my attention this week
I'm really impressed with them
I like their versions of the songs they sing better than the original artists.

I had to look up what a "Cover Group" was though.
I guess they do cover hits, songs by other people. 

That's what they do.
They do have some songs of their own though.
I hope they make it big, because I really like their voices.
(they are pretty cute too)

 that video and finding of that group, 
led me to this movie coming out in the Fall of 2014

This really looks like a great movie!

I have a date when this opens in theaters next week,
 to see this with some other MOMS!!
I'm kind of excited to laugh with other moms!!  

Want to come with us?

 I saw this and thought it was pretty dang funny.

Wonder Woman!!
Who used to watch this?
Someone once told me when my hair is wet, I look like Wonder Woman.

That's kind of stupid.
Why with my hair wet?

 Oh, yes, I see the resemblance...hahah!!!  (NOT REALLY)

Wish I had her body though.

 She's still a beautiful woman!!

Gotta love 70's TV shows...
not sure I could make it through a whole show now though!
(for sure not without laughing!)

This is SO not true.
At all.
You are going to try it anyway, aren't you?

 We had these new apples last week.
They are interesting.
 They are crisp and juicy
and really do taste like grapes. 
(but they taste like the fake grape flavor)

But when I'm eating an apple, I want it to taste like an apple. 
So I'm not going to buy these again.

 Oh, Easter candy, 
how I wish you'd only be here for one day.

What do you do with all your kiddo's candy?
Do you let them have it all and trust they will not eat it all in one sitting and puke later?
Or do you limit how much they can have?

(I do a little of both I guess...littles get like 2 pieces after lunch and supper and 
sometimes they get a snack)

I've been finding wrappers everywhere though...
like maybe they've been sneaking it.
Oh, well...can't wait til it's gone.

Found this one hour stuff!
It was 25 bucks (!) (at Wal-mart)
and had 4 days worth in it.
Supposedly same amount of whitening in this box
 as the stuff that costs 40 bucks and takes a week.

I have to do this about every year.
I think it works really good!
Do you use anything for whitening your teeth?

What are you having for supper tonite?
is what we are having for supper tonite!


  1. LUV your reviews, will take your recommendations with excitement and my daughter and I watch Wonderwoman and ISIS!

    1. What is ISIS?

      I'm glad you like my reviews....I try not to give away any details!

  2. HI JAMIE...I miss everyone. I told myself I cannot blog until I get the house cleaned. The crock-pot from Sunday is still in the sink....going to comment anyway!

    Wonder-Woman looks weird old...sorry but she had work done and I think it looks creepy when people look like lines..I love wrinkles, laugh lines.I love looking at my grandma and older aunties...I think it is beautiful...that flat pasty white stretched look...not so much. BUT I will take her hair. Oh my oh my what I would do to have thick hair. and her body too. Funny the other day, at the mall, there were two gorgeous bodies walking down the sidewalk. Could only see the backs of them. perfect bodies with perfect long blond hair...then we got to the other side of them and the one was OLD. They were mother and daughter but the mom was old looking!..but hot from the back!

    I accidentally bought too much candy this year. I just want to stop with the stuff. I didn't buy any stuff to put in their baskets...and then there was too much candy. I keep Ava's and let her choose two pieces a day. The older kids need to live and learn. They get their candy and I said no candy till the 4th of July parades..and you know that is just gross make this last!...all gone? too bad! Life lessons.

    oh gotta add..that Obama counter is super funny. I have little hope in people. They voted twice for someone who is so pro-abortion. I don't see how this will get better...but I have hope!
    I always give sugarless gum too. for Easter, Christmas and Birthdays...all gone?? too bad!
    Miss ya!

    1. Guess I kind of do that with the big kids too...Nicholas still had wrappers from St Nicholas's day in his bedroom overflowing garbage. Told him he had to empty his garbage before he could add Easter candy wrappers to that garbage.

      I changed the photo of Lynda Carter...maybe you can see the wrinkles better? I'm sure it's a lot to live up to being that beautiful in Hollywood and having or feeling like you have to still look like that.

      I bought too much this year too...brought Tom with shopping that's why...I saved a bunch for May Day...the springy looking stuff...

      I have more decluttering to do...need to finish my storage room this afternoon....

  3. Fun reviews. I will avoid that first movie. Have you seen "The Saratov Approach?" That is the last movie I saw and it is so faith building and uplifting. I highly recommend it. Have a great week!

    1. I'm going to have to check that one out...thanks!! You have a great week too Deb!

  4. Loved Wonder Woman!
    We watch mostly all old much better than the trash on today...
    We are currently watching Gilligan's Island and The Munsters. : )
    I'm weird, I know. : )
    Love your movie reviews!

    1. Gilligan's Island, classic!! Munsters too!!

      Not weird at all. OK, a little.

  5. I was wondering about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. When it comes to Redbox, I'd like to rent it. Did it have anything inappropriate in sexual things or language. My husband and I try to stay away from things like that in movies.

    No Wonder Woman here. I always hated how she dressed and I'm sure the remake will be even worse. Not looking forward to that.

    As for Easter candy, I limit it. I let them have a choice of what they'd like, but they only get one piece or small box. We don't give it everyday just sometimes. I remember feeling sick a lot from it when I was little, so I try to help prevent them from feeling that way.

    I did the teeth whitening a little in high school and college, but now even $20 is too much for us to spend on something like that....maybe one day. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt for my teeth to be whiter :)

    My husband wants to take me to see Mom's Night Out for Mother's Day! I'm looking forward to seeing some clean humor. I bet it would be fun to go with other mom's too.

    1. Nothing bad in it at all!!! But not for kiddos...too slow for them, above their heads. There is one part where he has to race to get a bicycle....the reason is because a bunch of men wanting to go to a strip club...very minor detail, he motions with his hands like he's touching boobs....because there is a language barrier there...that's it though. one line, one motion. (I thought, "Great, this might get bad" but it didn't at all)

      I didn't even know they were making a remake of Wonder Woman!! Funny. She was pretty risque back then...can't even imagine how bad it would be now.

      I waited months...I wanted to do the teeth whitening in January...but we did a few things to save money, which gave me the excuse to buy it...probably dumb, huh?

      Wish we could go to that movie together!!

  6. We just had Mississippi Roast last week. I changed it a little and made Italian Beef Sandwiches with it. It was so good, I keep thinking about it. My advice....add more pepperoncini. Yum.

    1. I just tasted it...I'm supposed to be cutting up potatoes right not but "quick" wanted to check emails...I was wondering about adding more of those pepperoncini's

      (it tasted really good!)

  7. Thanks for the movie reviews, that Osage movie sounds pointless, why make a movie that concentrates on nasty? I might try those teeth whitening strips, I have never done that.

    1. When I looked up "images" to put a picture of August: Osage County, there were a TON of images for plays! For PLAYS of this nasty movie. Like I said, good acting...I guess that is the reason....

      If you try the whitening strips, they work wonderful, but they do make your teeth a little sensitive while using them...that goes away though when you are finished.
      The 3D ones are the best. (in my opinion anyway!)

  8. What a packed post!! I am ashamed to say that I STILL haven't gotten to watch Frozen from beginning to end. Shame on me. I want to though really bad. Mom's Night Out...I hope to go see it too. There seem to be so many really good movies out now and lately. Never enough time to actually go see them though. When I do go out with some of my mom friends we always call it MNO (Mom's Night Out), so I think I'd totally love the movie.
    Easter candy. The big kids are good enough with it and have it in moderation/share. I take away the little girls' though. Gianna's especially since she is a hoarder and insists on carrying everything around with her. That includes her bag of Easter candy which she may or may not open when I'm not looking.

    I'm hoping you are doing a Thankful this week because I've got my post all ready to put up. ;)

    Happy Easter Jamie!

    1. You don't have to be ashamed of that!! I usually fall asleep during kid movies...but we did a "mommy date" for this one at the theater (with Angela) so I did NOT fall asleep. (that would be embarrassing)

      That's what we do with our candy too...only the "middles" I thought I could trust, after a day of finding them sneaking it constantly, I took it away and they have to ask now.

      I AM doing a Thankful this week!! Yay!
      Happy Easter to you too!

  9. Oh man!!! That Wonder Woman comment! You do!!! Lol
    Frozen? I think all but myself, and all includes my husband, know the words to that entire movie! Ha ha

    1. Oh, you made me laugh! Same husband sings right funny!

      I have to admit, I never tire of my 4 year old sing it or my 2 year old sing it his way (it's gibberish in the tune of the songs)

  10. Gosh, Jamie, our tastes in movies are identical. We had the same reactions to those movies as you did. I've seen those Grapples, but haven't tried them. Probably won't now, because I do want my apples to taste like apples! And I use the Crest Whitening strips once a year, too. Love them. I need to look back through your posts- have you all made a decision yet where you are moving?

    1. I love that our movie tastes are the same!

      OH, gosh, I need to do an update post on moving...we are leaning on San Antonio area. For lots of reasons. Our timeline has deal didn't happen, so it will take us longer to get down there. Tom will keep the business but needs to get it to basically run itself. The plan is to move and fly here once or twice a month to take care of things that need to be taken care of. That might take a while though.

      I'm liking the Beorne area...just from pictures of houses, I know nothing else though.
      How far are you from San Antonio?
      (I'm thinking pretty close?) :) (big smile!)

  11. Boerne is beautiful! And I'm only about 2.5 hours away from there- whoohooo! Of course, I'm praying everything work itself out for you all so you can tie up all that needs to be tied up. Oh, I did a little happy dance!!!

    1. Hahhaha!! Yay! Well, that is what we are thinking now...but things seem to change so quickly. Guess, I spelled it wrong...Beorne.....

  12. We really enjoyed "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," too! Surprisingly good!! Used to watch "Wonder Woman," too! She rocks! And I cannot wait for "Moms Night Out!" Looks great! :-)

    1. I was surprised with Walter Mitty too!! I was expecting it to be dumb I guess. Sometimes those are the treasures!

  13. My kids loved Frozen. I only saw bits and pieces -- pretty typical now-a-days. I really, really want to see Mom's Night Out. I would join you if I could! I dropped a not so subtle hint to my husband so maybe, just maybe, it'll end up my birthday/mother's day gift. ;)

    The Easter candy? Hate it - for the kids, for me. We tried to buy only a little but they still got too much from everyone. I let them eat what they want on Easter Sunday. I would rather have it out than mess with the emotions of a week-long sugar high. My mom always let us eat it. I would dole it out to myself to make it last but my brother scarfed his down. It's all in the personality. So far I have scarfers.

  14. I watched Frozen 2 days back! What an amazing movie! I loved Olaf the most.. Super-cute snowy guy he is :)

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