Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thankful For Everyday Life

 After my last sad post about Sarah
(you can still donate to help her family HERE)
all the sad sad things happening around the world, 
I wanted to post a Thankful post.

I love this picture of Sarah, posted by a friend of hers.
The joy in her face reminds me of the joy she must feel now,
in Heaven!
(and how much more glorious her smile must be!)
It's a happy picture for me, not a sad one. 
(OK, it's kind of sad, as tears well up and my throat has a lump in it)

 I've been really contemplating the meanings of the beads she created.
Thankful she not only created beautiful beads,
 but each bead has a significant meaning.

 My favorite?
The Rooster.
The detail, the meaning, so very fitting, especially now.
 Thankful my daughter also found the necklace Sarah made for me
I'd borrowed it to another daughter and the chain broke
The clay piece was lost, til the other day. 
I have since put a black cord through it, so it can be worn again.
The Immaculate Heart of Mary, 
given to me 4 years ago, the last time I saw Sarah in person.
You can bet it is even more special than it was before
(like, I'm not going to let any of my daughters wear it)
 Thankful we are making small home improvements, 
like here, I sprayed my GOLD fixtures a nickel color
 Thankful I got the back porches (steps) 
painted, it took me all summer, but I got them done!
Before above
 After...forgot to take a "before" picture, but trust me, it was bad.
 Since we are in the backyard, Thankful for my hydrangea bushes

 and the beautiful centerpieces they make

In the almost 3 hour time period we were at the local fair
I spoke to a young woman that had an abortion and another 
who unsuccessfully tried talking a friend out of having an abortion.
There is so much hurt out there.
I love the positive messages this Corporation gives
and it is an honor to work their booths

There is so much pain out there, people need LOVE, 
they need to feel LOVE.

 We decided to go back to the fair with the littles this time
Thankful for cute moments like this one, 
waiting for a pony ride!

 Thankful for fair food!
The kids each got to pick one fair food
The choices they made were ice cream, mini donuts and cheese curds.
I got a bite of each!

 Yep, I was there too.
 I let my 8 year old have the camera
I'm like, "OK, one more picture."
And he was done.

 Thankful we have plenty of milkweed to feed our caterpillar
and plenty of kids to enjoy watching him eat it!

Thankful for pretty August mailboxes

 and back to school pictures

I even got myself!
(well, my 4 year old did)
Only 2 left to do
Why back to school pictures you say?

 because we started school on Monday
(she's mad she had to wear the orange shirt, not because of school starting)
We have from left to right:
a 3rd grader, 4th grader, 7th grader and 9th grader!
 I didn't forget the messmakers pre-schoolers!
 I'm doing letters, numbers, Little Saints Preschool 
and lots of play dough
for a better idea of what we do!
Thankful I found 2 boards like this, one is with letters and pictures 
and the other is (red) with numbers and pictures
for $4.97 at Wal-mart!
Thankful for these awesome pens, really, no other pen compares.
(they are pretty cheap too)
 Thankful this year we decided to bind all the books we want to re-use 
for about $3-4 a book, done at Office Max, this is my favorite thing this year!
(next to the pens of course)
(this is last year's picture) 
Just a tip, I put each child's work in bins like this, it works well for us.
They are easy to pick up and bring to other rooms and they store little things
and the books are all upright so they are easy to read and grab.

 Thankful, among some of the things we are fixing around the house, 
the patio door is one of them!
This door has been broken for like 4 or 5 years.
Completely stuck shut.

We are getting a ton of stuff done!
 Like a screen door!!
So Thankful for a screen door!! 
 Thankful for get togethers with friends!!
Recognize these lovely ladies?
Me (with Minnesota Humidity mascara running eyes)
Margaret, (Minnesota Mom)
 Isn't she pretty?
If I'd have been on the ball and posted a 
single post on just this visit, I'd have called it
"Frozen Pizza and Whatever's In My Fridge"
Maggie here, only gave me one day notice!
That's OK, I can go with the flow!

 I always have lots of veggies in the fridge
And she can eat veggies! 

 We met at a famous flower garden in our city
where my almost-5 year old played in the fountains
 and Maggie's 5 year old played in the fountain
(Yes, I'm thinking match made in heaven, or at least at the flower gardens)
 I love the instant friendships that happen.
(I stole this picture from Sarah!)
 I got almost all my kids in a picture!!

Gosh, if you are still here, reading, aren't you Thankful it's over?

Thankful for August summer carefree days in the sun!

Enjoy it while you can!!


  1. Fun post to see & read, Jamie. I've been reading, even if I'm not commenting! Love the back to school photos; our day is coming. Greg started early, the rest will begin after Labor Day.

    The steps look great, and you'll enjoy the easy access to the outside from the patio door. Isn't it crazy how long it takes us to get things fixed? And then we wonder why we took so long...well, at least I wonder.

  2. What a great Thankful post. I mean, they all are ALWAYS, but it was so much fun catching up.

    I really don't even know where to begin because there was so much. I am grateful for the little school reminders (hello, forgot that I spiral bound books last year and loved 'em) and then there was the pic with the ABC board and I want to rush out to Walmart like RIGHT NOW. It would be great for my little girls! I just hope I can find it. By the school stuff near the front of the store right now?

    I also like reading because every photo I can place exactly where that is in your house (creepy, right?!). Now I just need to have you come visit so that you can do the exact same thing with my photos. lol.

    Mr. 12 Lives + 1 I think is going to be everyone's favorite guy. He will be tackling those forgotten/never gotten to projects for many a person. I think my parents are on his list for a few things at their house too.

    We enjoyed our time with you, your frozen pizza and the good friendship. As I said, Balm to the Soul. I needed it. I've now been having a big salad for supper every evening since and using Margaret's vinegarette dressing recipe. I am so in love. Which is saying a lot because I am pretty picky on dressing taste. yum.

    Ok, there was so much more, but I don't have the time to remember it all. Any way, so great to be Thankful with you today.

  3. Such a great post! And I am in awe of all of you homeschooling moms with little ones! It's hard for me to work with a 3 year old, imagine doing school too! Crazy how fast the summer has gone!

  4. Oh, such a happy post and how fun to meet up with other bloggers! I love it!!!

  5. Hey, that Mr. 12 Lives + 1 guy keeps forgetting to bring disc #3 of the Fulton Sheen series to your house. So very glad the patio door worked out and your steps are beautiful. We're starting school this coming week. Or so I keep saying.

  6. Loved it all, my friend!
    Happy Back to school!
    Always enjoy sharing your days and ideas and family with you...
    And how wonderful you met up with those lovely ladies! : )
    Have a wonderful weekend, Jamie!!!!!

  7. Happy Back to school to you and your kiddos! have been busy painting. I remember fixing up the place to sell...and then didnt want to move because everything looked so good. I still cannot believe you guys are leeeeeeeeaving MEEeeeeeeeee!!!

  8. Precious post. I did not know Sarah, but it takes my breath away every time I think of her passing (and I can't help but think of it often). I am so sorry for your loss and that of all those who loved her. I am blessed to have received a chaplet that she made as a giveaway on someone's blog.

    Working on feeling thankful with you! I love all of your school pictures.

  9. Looks like you are all ready for back to school. Have a great weekend.

  10. Great pictures! I'm ready to settle back into Thankful Thursdays. Everyone's a little snippy over here (me included, probably the worst of the lot). We all need a little -- lot -- of thankfulness in the midst of joy, sadness, and chaos.

    The steps look good! Isn't it a great feeling to finish up little projects like that? I had a whole summer of projects planned only to be waylaid by my husband's very busy work schedule (THANKFUL!). But last night we edged our front walk way -- took about ten minutes -- and it looks so much better! Makes me a smidge eager to tackle the overgrown landscape bed again.

    God bless your new school year!

  11. All beautiful and happy pictures of a happy life! I love the mailbox and wish I could grow hydrangeas here.
    Happy back to school! You have a full load.

  12. You forgot to mention that you made me EGGS! Or let ME make eggs, which was just as good.

    It was such a fun day, the best ever. You took my mind off my missing my hubby & kids. Thank you again for being you, (i.e. spontaneous and generous and wonderful) and tell those kids I miss them!

    Also, forgive me for taking forever to comment. It's a back-to-school headless chicken thing.


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