Friday, July 31, 2015

Thankful July

Very long post ahead....
Thankful for the 4th of July and parades on the 4th of July!
We  had 2 unicyclists in the parade and
 2 walking with the Kids Pro-Life Club
 And I had the 2 littles with me trying to get all the candy we could!
It's so kids are not very aggressive, and I'm like,
"Go get that one!  Get that one!  Over there!!"
Then we go home and have all this candy and I'm like,
"Why did I want them to get this candy?"
(I might be a little competitive!)
Thankful the parades this summer were so fun, especially for these littles!
 Our last parade....
We are wondering if there is some kind of unicycling club in Arizona....
 Can you tell it was really really humid?
 Thankful for our annual 4th of July drinks!
Diet 7-up
frozen strawberries
Blend in the blender
 Just ask him!
 Thankful we had a pretty low-key 4th of July after the parade
Just fireworks at home this year.
 Thankful for matching 4th of July jammies!
My flag shirt.
(that you can't see in my selfie here)
I love and am thankful for the way everyone dresses patriotic on the 4th!
It's so fun to see!

 Thankful Grandpa here took Tom and the 4 oldest kids fishing way up in Canada!

They had a really good time and we have enough fish for one more fish fry meal!
(we had enough fish for 3 total meals)

 Thankful I had time with only the littles.
It humbled me quite a bit.
It helped me to remember how hard some things are when there are no big kids to help.
We get kind of snobby, us older mamas with older kids. 
Yes, some things are harder, like meals are bigger and there is more laundry
and more groceries to buy,
but when I only had these two littles,
showers were out
(unless I put on a cartoon in my bedroom and did it real quick)
Life, somehow gets easier and harder at the same time.
 Thankful for Nutella sandwiches....
And Nutella faces
And Nutella smiles
and, heck, I'm Thankful for Nutella.
 Thankful for coloring on the porch....
 Thankful for this mama deer and her babies (she actually had 3)
that visited us almost daily in July.
 Thankful for summer blooms
 Thankful for my summer mailbox...
 Thankful we now have another teenager in our home!

Thankful she's not taller than me...(yet)
 Thankful for water fun in July

This kid, melt my heart!  He LOVES squirting people! 
Just give him a squirter and he's happy!
This video is guaranteed to make you laugh.
(in the very least it'll make you smile!)
Thankful Simeon has the greatest deep belly laugh ever.
(watch til the end)

 Thankful these girls are trying to be all serious and all
When total chaos is happening all around them.
(yes, Sims is running around naked squirting people)
 Thankful for summer memories....

 Thankful for beautiful Sarah (HERE)
Here she is in front of her beautiful garden
 Thankful for our friendship
 and our children's friendships!
 Thankful for easy popcorn and smoothie nights
 Thankful for games with friends
(this is Adam, my oldest's best bud)

Thankful for beautiful sun kissed shiny blonde hair!

Thankful for my best friend, my love, Tom.
Goodbye July!
I bet you are Thankful this long post is finally done.


  1. Summer is so much fun. Great pics. (Do you get any weeds in that flower bed? Or do you good helpers? It always looks good in pictures.)

    1. Oh, my goodness...we get a TON of weeds...I do the weeding. The kids help me water, but I probably water twice a week and weed then...takes a long time, like about an hour.

  2. All great pics! I like the re-caps of month to month. Will be great to look back on someday!
    Looks like it was coolish in Canada with the sweat-shirts on! That is a pretty special grandpa to do that~

    Fun you get together with Sarah. She does have amazing flowers!

    Happy Aug. 1st! Wow the summer does go by so fast!

    1. It was cold in Canada in the mornings I riding out in the boat and then by late morning, lunch on the shore was warm...

      You and I need to get together this summer before it's over!

  3. Great pictures! Looks like July was a busy month!

    1. Thank you, yes it was, and that makes it go all the faster, doesn't it? August comes and I want to slow down but I also want to fit as much in as we can because it will be gone soon!

  4. Another great month and fun photos! You were busy! It's a great idea to post the monthly wrap up because if you're like me, unless I take the photos I'm left wondering "what did we do all month?" or "how were we so busy?" Thanks for sharing your July and I'm so glad that I got to be a part of it!! :) Fun times!

    1. I'm glad you were a part of it also! Remember way back when I used to do weekly Thankful posts? I don't remember either.....How did I have time?

      We have to get together again in August before that baby comes!

  5. Loved all your photos, Jamie!!!!
    Especially those matching ones!
    I miss those days...
    Enjoy August, my friend! : )

    1. It is fun to do matchy matchy girls...doesn't happen much they are many sizes apart!

      You enjoy August too...I never can decide if I need to slow down for August or fit as much in as I can before it's gone!

  6. What a great July, Jamie! Wishing you a super August!

  7. Your flowers are beautiful! What a happy and busy July and your sweet family had!

    1. Thank you Mary...yes happy busy. I like that "happy-busy"

  8. Just had to stop by a week later to tell you that we tried those strawberry and 7Up drinks. They were a HUGE hit. I think I liked them the most. We didn't have the cool cups and straws this time around, but plan to do it all again with them. Thanks for the great recipe. It's a keeper.

    1. Yay!! No cool cups here either...those are paper/plastic cups!

      I do put in usually 2 sweet-n-low's per blender pitcher because those strawberries can be quite sour...

      SO glad you tried it!

      Have you ever done Mango with cream? It is amazing! It is just frozen mango (Wal-mart sells it in their frozen fruit section) and heavy cream....blend til it's a ice cream consistency. We all love it! It takes quite a while spatula-ing it down several times in the blender, but SO worth it!

  9. I'm late in commenting so you may never see this but just had to say that I loved to see all the pics and such fun stuff! I think what I like most about "watching" your family is that it's so relatable. All the fun things your kids do, I remember doing as a kid. Kids these days have missed on the simple fun. I'm trying so hard to get my kids to be more "outdoorsy". We have a few that love to swing on the swing set but as far as water goes, it makes my kids super hyper! Someone always gets hurt because someone else (usually the boys) are being too rough or something. And then there are others that get mad when they get squirted by a squirt gun! I'm like, it's part of the game!! Oh, one day they will learn I hope.

  10. Hey Jamie! How are you doing?
    I missed reading your blog so much.. I am here again after so many weeks.. And needless to say, looking at these beautiful pictures made me so happy :)
    Stay blessed! :)


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