Monday, November 16, 2015

Thankful October in November!

I can't believe November is over half over already!
I'm late with my October Thankful's!
I wanted to get them out here though, so I can do November's soon.
Thanksgiving is coming!
Thankful for kitchen helpers!
Lots of kitchen helpers!
We decided to bake "fall cookies"
because we have a fall book that we read and in it,
these 2 little boys play in the fall leaves and then their mama bakes them cookies.
(she makes it look so easy)
It's a mess.

Thankful for fun memories of baking fall cookies.
Now when we read that book, we can say,
 "Remember when we baked fall cookies?"
Thankful for littles in jammies!
(it means they will be in bed soon!)

Just kidding!
Thankful for pumpkin carving!
It was really fun this year.
I did them a couple days early,
which makes all the difference in the world! 

Keep your eyes on that photo bomber in the background!
(she's trying to do her math!)

Of course we save our pumpkin seeds!

We roast them and that's what brings teenage boys around!
Thankful for teenage boys!
And Hot cocoa!
Oops, I caught this picture mid drip...but her eyes were beautiful.
 Finished pumpkins!
Thankful we just do them the old fashioned way...nothing fancy here!
(hey, this is fancy compared to when I was a kid, we just did triangles and a smile with teeth)

This is a crouching tiger, I think.
 Thankful for warmer weather and easy costumes
(that's my graduation gown!)
Thankful my teenage son loved handing out candy!
(he got to keep the leftovers)
We did celebrate All Saint's Day, but, this mama didn't get any pictures!
 Thankful for girls that still love to put in curlers!
 And wear party dresses!

 I'm going to leave you with my favorite veggie soup!
It's a "free" soup!
(all free veggies as far as calories!)
I just sauté onions and garlic with a little oil, add some basil,
green peppers, beef or veggie broth, salsa, and tons of veggies.
Green beans
Put it all in the crockpot and eat it all week!
Blessings to you!
Remember to be Thankful for even the smallest of things.
Thank You God
for faith, family, food and home.
 I'll be back soon for
my November Thankful's!


  1. Such cute pictures of your sweet children. Thanks for sharing. Happy November!

  2. Oh my! Love this so much Jamie.
    You know, if we were neighbors, life would be great.
    Have a wonderful day with your sweet family! : )

  3. Love it all! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. That is a very pretty dress your daughter is wearing. I have such a hard time finding dresses for Colette. That soup does look amazing! LOVE your new header picture! We are getting so much rain!

  5. Your family is just the cutest! I am thankful for friends like you who continually bake and create with your children. You inspire me everyday. J and I have made a difficult decision for me to make. We have decided to make a move here in Houston to another home. I am so happy to rid ourselves of this house that no one likes and get a house that works better for us. I am sad that it is still here in Houston and not north enough to see the beautiful fall leaves that are in your pictures. I think it will give us a much needed fresh start. One goal was to find a kitchen that would give me the ability to cook and teach my kids to cook. You have posted so many pictures of them helping through the years. I hope to now have the counter space to do just that. Thank you for the inspiration.


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