Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cookie Rosary

I picked May to bring the snack for our Schoenstatt group (Little Crowns)
so I could do a cupcake rosary like last year, but decided at the last minute to make a "cookie rosary" instead. It took all day Saturday and Saturday night, but I actually think it turned out prettier. It was much easier to transport cookies compared to cupcakes!
I am not a great cookie decorator, but it looked pretty and was eaten up pretty fast!
Take a look at what Melissa did for the class, she and Amanda had this months lesson.
I did February with LCH (I see her blog has gone private, so no link).
It's a great group for our daughters, each mom picks a month to teach and a month to bring snack. There are guidelines to follow for each class, but it's very flexible for creative mamas to do different crafts and games as long as it fits the theme.


  1. You made large cookies! They don't look like sugar cookies, though; what recipe did you use?? I could do this at home with my kids easier than cupcakes ... we could just freeze a few after praying the rosary.

  2. Suzie, the recipe I always use for cutout cookies is this:


    I had to freeze as I decorated so I could stack them though, so it took soooo looooong!

  3. That turned out beautiful Jamie!

  4. How beautiful! And I am sure yummy!

  5. Look at you, creative Mama! Nice work. They look very yummy!

  6. Beautiful...love it! I'm dreaming of something like this for my daughter's First Communion next year! Blessings:)

  7. Of course I just had to try one when I saw a few extras on the table. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - good! It made me feel like my taste buds were sinning they were so delicious. Special Occasion calories never count though! Thanks for the tasty treat!

  8. I love this one because it is so colorful! Happy Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, and thanks so much for sharing your idea! :-)


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