Monday, August 30, 2010

What We've Been Doing....

Painting with a 1 year old is very tricky business.
Thank goodness for my older kiddos.
This was our school room before it was painted.
The dresser too. We use the dresser for "lockers". Each child has a drawer and baby gets the
2 bottom ones.
I finally figured out our old color!
Masking Tape.
That's the color.
Boring. Drab. Not me.
We decided on bright white.
Polar Bear White to be exact.
Clean, fresh, bright
I'll post pictures of the completed room after we get our pictures hung.
It took me a month to do the entire project.
My cabinets were full and in order to be moved needed to be emptied, which means they needed to be cleaned and organized.
We gave an entire 2nd grade Seton curriculum away and a whole garbage bag full of
games, puzzles, know things I "might" use someday.
The kiddos and I are very excited to start school next week in our new school room!
This past weekend, we moved around 4 beds, (taking 2 bunk beds apart in order to move them and get them out of each perspective room) in an effort to get our baby bed up from the basement and fit all 4 girls in their room. (which still needs to be done)
Babycakes needs someone to sleep with, so Ballerina Rosie is now sharing a full size bed with her, under the loft that Mary Hannah has now. (which used to be Jedi's)
Jedi now has a normal bed on the floor (not his loft) that used to be one part of the bunk bed that was in the girls room. (he loves it)
We still need to de-clutter and organize his room and somehow move one of the girls dressers into our room so we can get the crib in there.
Little Sweetie Pie has spent her entire year in our bedroom, in a "Pack-N-Play".
She no longer takes naps and is still (yes, still) getting up at least 3-4 times per night to nurse, because, she's in our bedroom and I'm right there.
She has to get out and we will have to do that "cry" thing for who knows how long to get her used to her crib....dreading that already!
We are also planning on painting our playroom, white also. (we liked it so much) It is currently a dark berry color. It's a nice color, but way too dark for that room.
These things on my mind this week:
  • taping, priming and painting the playroom
  • organizing Jedi's room
  • moving the crib into the girls room
  • getting "bumper guards" for the crib
  • being more organized and trying to follow a schedule for school
  • reading through each child's curriculum before next week
  • planning for Mary Hannah's birthday....she wants a "farm" cake and wants to visit here
  • taking off her birthday (Thursday) and just enjoying her and all the kiddos and live in the moment (at least for a day)
  • planning meals and breakfasts (thanks Barbara!)
  • exercising more!

I might be too busy to blog, but will post pictures of our progress...hopefully!

God bless you this week of busy-ness and getting back into a schedule and routine!

Oh, and Jill, John Deere Jill (that's what I call you) if you are reading, CONGRATULATIONS!!!



  1. Good luck with your projects. We're getting our schoolroom ready to go for next week too! (BTW, I love your new header picture!)

  2. I really like the new header picture, too! You certainly have been getting a lot done. I know the cabinets were a big job ... kudos for getting through it. You'll enjoy the facelift & maybe everyone will work harder/better/faster.

  3. Jamie Jo you have been a very busy gal and still have ambition for more. I really like the new picture on the opening page.

  4. Oh goodness you've been busy! Sounds like you've got a lot on the agenda this week too. You go Mama! I just love when others share their redecorating projects/photos. Keep them coming!

    As for the place Mary Hannah wants to go for her bday. Shop n Save usually has coupons for there and you might be able to save a little. I think if you Google it, you'll find it. Otherwise, it's on the Spirit 92.9 website :) Thought I'd mention it.

    Have a wonderful week!!

  5. I really really do not know how you do it with a baby. Cause I HAVE a baby too and nothing is getting done. In the heat of the day yesterday we stayed inside and made a zillion shrinky-dinks. It is addicting.

    I will not have salsa this year. boo hoo.

    But I do admire you and what you guys do. YOU ARE SUPERMAMA!!

    Good luck letting that sweet baby cry. My babies sleep with us like forever!

  6. When I'm ready for my just turned one year olds to be done nursing at night, I have a time in my head...say mignight or one and I won't let them nurse until then, after that they can nurse whenever... The next night it's an hour or half hour later and I do it gradually until they are weaned at night. It's great weaning at night at that age because they can understand your sad sweet voice saying, no sweetie, not now. It's time to sleep. Yes, they cry some, but it's a more gentle way of weaning at night. I've done it that way with all my five...I hope it will go well with you and her however you decide to wean!


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