Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for beautiful babes with beautiful curls and bright eyes to take it all in with....
(click on the picture for some up close babyness)
Thankful for our House of Love
and all the comments that particular post got.
Christine wanted to know more of what I was thinking about...
I guess I was thinking about our start.

I'm thankful we started out small.
Before we were married, Tom bought a little old home, over 100 years old,
and lived alone,
in a pretty empty house
til the evening we married.
When we started making it a home.
We did daycare in that home and painted it all throughout.
We installed new windows and painted the outside blue.
We planted flowers and a garden.
Then, we moved to a little bit newer home (less things to worry about)
it had a big yard,
but we ended up outgrowing that home,
with 3 girls and 1 boy in one bedroom
and one bathroom for all and
wall to wall "stuff".
We then, moved to our current home, where we now have
4 girls in one bedroom,
1 boy in his own room,
we have 4 bathrooms (which personally I feel is too many)
and room to grow, but
with any growing family,
there needs to be some adjusting, changing of rooms, furniture and that "stuff"
that we all accumulate.

My husband and I have these plans in the 5 year future to add on a bedroom on the main floor for us, so at least 2 of the girls can move into our old room,
and remodel our kitchen to make it bigger,
especially the dining room, where
we hope to someday accommodate our kiddos' spouses and families.
House of Love,
Room to grow.

The above picture is our old diaper changing area.
I have bins next to the changing table
that have Sweetie Pie's clothes.
Now we bought dressers a couple years ago,
knowing we would need one for the new baby.
One dresser was a long one with a mirror, for Ballerina Rosie,
who moved to basement bedroom, which we fixed up, painted purple,
got all new bedding and curtains....but that only lasted
2 months, til the bugs and spiders came out in the spring time.
In which she moved back upstairs with the others.

(I actually don't blame her. I hate spiders and there are a lot down there, even though it's fixed up--we live in MN, basements are not meant to be lived in--my personal opinion)

Since then, that beautiful dresser with the mirror has been empty in the basement.
in an act of my constant decluttering
we moved the beautiful dresser with the mirror upstairs for the girls to use,
They love mirrors.
What little girl doesn't?
We moved the dresser that was up there, down to the main floor in place of the diaper changing table and filled the drawers with diapers and all that goes with that,
and finally Sweetie Pie's clothes.
No more bins,
No more messy diaper changing table.

Now, those perpetual laundry baskets....can't do anything about those.

Much neater.

And the girls room?
It now looks much bigger.
BoldYou can see the bunk bed in the mirror,
with a full size bed on the bottom, we
easily fit 4 girls in this room.

Thankful for our Artillery bag and
how it has me thinking about
what we can and need to add to it.
Lent is the perfect time to do that.
Thankful lent is coming to renew our souls.
Thankful for this constant yearning God has put in my heart
for Jesus in Adoration, for praying the rosary,
for daily Mass, for Confession.
As hard as it is to not always have the time to fulfill this yearning,
it brings me to tears just
typing this,
I know my place is here,
where my soul can continue to yearn and grow in love for Him.
Thankful for this faith of mine.
Oh, and Thankful for POPCORN!!


  1. Jamie-
    I, too, have been thinking about your post. I am happy that Paul and I also started out small. I remember those early times when we were first married and living in on-campus married student housing at his grad school. We had a hot little 'box' but it was home to us. I didn't have a dishwasher or laundry in my apartment. I was SO thankful when we moved to an apartment when he got his first job that had laundry and a dishwasher. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.
    We've been married almost 11 years and we've had five different homes together. We've changed and grown and piled more kids in. :) But, it is fun to imagine us in that first apartment with the creaky steps and the old green bathroom...where I cooked my first dinner as a wife...took my first pregnancy test...

    Anyway. Didn't meant to ramble on so much.
    I like seeing the way people configure their rooms.
    Now we are very lucky to have 4 bedrooms so the girl gets her own, and two boys in each of the others, and one for us. But, in Europe we had two bedrooms. So, we had Henry with us and the three big kids bunked together.

    Ok, said I would stop rambling. I just always love your posts!

  2. Your baby girl is getting so big! Solution to bugs: Bug bombs. I wish I would have known about these growing up and having to live in a basement. once or twice a year, we let off these bug bombs you can buy at Lowe's or where ever. We have to evacuate the house for a few hours, but it is so worth not having to worry about what is under that piece of laundry I threw down the the stairs the other day!

  3. I too remember those days...we've been married 17 years and have lived in 3 homes. Our first home belonged to my was a total bachelor's pad and when I moved in after marriage it soooo needed a woman's touch. That of a wife! It was only a 2 bedroom/1 bath ranch over a crawl space. My washer/dryer were in a utility closet in the kitchen...which had carpet. ugh! :) But, 5 miscarriages, 3 kiddos, and 2800 square foot later, I sort of miss the innocence and simplicity of those days! (Not that I would trade my three precious gifts for anything!)

    BTW...your sweet pea is adorable! What huge eyes!

    Blessings to you. I too am looking forward to the Lenten season and a renewed effort to connect on a daily basis with our precious Lord and Blessed Mother.


  4. What is there not to love about a "Jamie" post? I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful home and how you got started. All my girls are gone and grown so it's just Linda & I and of course Rocky.

  5. Love the dresser switch! Looks great -great idea.
    I remember with fond memories the last house of yours - crammed with love!

    I think back of our 8 moves in the first 7 1/2 years of marriage and the blessings (and frustrations!) that followed with 6 children these past 12 1/2 years!

    Thank you, Lord, for a warm, safe home to fill with love!(and thank you for the extra basement space to put in a much needed bedroom, and a wonderful handy husband to do all the work ;)

  6. Wait until your girls are'll be very glad you have that many bathrooms!!

    -youngest of 4 girls who all shared a bathroom ;)

  7. Thankful for a friend who will listen to me when I call and complain about ....really nothing. It is nice to know you are there.

    Thankful for a beautiful goddaughter...healthy sweet baby.

    Success is a happy home filled kids and babies. We have one shower....WE NEED MORE BATHROOMS!!!

    Thankful to have 2 toilets! Sometimes we need more but we survive. Thankful we do not have to go outside and pee in an outhouse. That must have been horrible back when.

    I hate spiders. Bug bombs sound great but I wonder if the chemicals would be bad for kids????

    Popcorn.....we are microwave. Just too lazy.

  8. ps..I like your "big families are a blessing" button!


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