Friday, March 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 7)

Jen has a substitute today--Hello Betty!
Flip Flops!
Yes, we needed to get flip flops for our upcoming trip to Mexico!
(22 days if anyone's counting)
We've (I've) gone through almost all the kiddos summer clothes
and only bought a couple cutie-cute outfits for the baby!
And a couple outfits for Ballerina Rosie
A few swimsuits purchased
Jedi needs to try on his shorts to see if they still fit.
It may sound too early,
with 7 people to pack for,
it's a big job!!
Tom actually packs for himself,
I need to ask the questions
"Did you remember to pack your swim trunks?"
"Oh, oops!"
"Did you remember to pack your underwear?"
(yes, this has been forgotten for fishing trips, as has his toothbrush)
It's so good to be needed.

Each child will have a backpack filled with the things they are planning on doing
in any down time, like the 4 hour airplane flight.
Yes, I said 4 hours.
Yes, I have an 18 month old
Yes, I have a 4 year old.
These are my biggest worries.
We have travel games, card games, coloring, drawing, paper, books....
what else do we need?

What the heck do I bring?
Yogurt covered raisins,
Goldfish crackers
(they come in so many cute little packages now in so many different flavors)
Gum for popping ears....
How much do I pack?
I'll need snacks for a week later
for the 4 hour trip home....
and what about snacks to eat while there?
Meals are taken care of but....but....but....
These are the things going through my head constantly.
Packing for 7 people
Big job
Big, big job!
We still have a ton.
We, in Minnesota (and I'm speaking for all of us)
are getting sick of the snow and cold.
The temps are lingering around the 20-30 degree mark for the next 10 days
I looked on the 10 day forecast.

Baby is getting sick of the snow too.
She just wants to run in the parking lot...away from the snow mountains!
Time for a warm up and snack in the van while the big kiddos play!
She doesn't know it,
but she can't wait to run through the grass and
swing on the swings
slide down the slides!
We are going to look on the bright side though, like,
in the Spring and Summer,
you won't be able to sit on that particular branch!

I'm still working out
every day.
See Leslie Sansone in the background?
This photo was taken by my son, and not wanted by me.
(at least he didn't get my whole body)
See my face?
It's saying "OK, take the picture and go away please!"
Not much, except the way I feel.
It's getting harder to get up early every day though.
The other day I got up later and ended up wearing my workout clothes all day.
til finally, while the gang ate supper, I worked out!!
I feel so much better when I get up early and do it.
Not sure I'm going to be able to stay awake for....

Tickets earned and being redeemed tonight.
Star Wars Episode II with chocolate shakes and popcorn!

I can't remember who I was talking to, but they said they had not seen
this movie!!
If you haven't, you must!
It is just what it says,
Our Lord's Passion.
It is a living Stations of the Cross.
It will put you right there in Calvary.
It will put you right in our Blessed Mother's heart.
It will put you right where you need to be,
thinking about our Lord.
I love to start Lent with this movie.
Oh, how the soul yearns to be close to God.
If you are planning things with your kiddos,
check out my Lent Link Up post from last year, HERE.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. I wanna run with baby in the grass too!

    I usually watch the Passion during Holy Week. It should be like a law...EVERYBODY must watch it during Lent.

    Happy Packing.
    I am the same. I do all the kids and me. It works.

  2. Hey! You did feel up to doing the 7 quick takes today! I'm glad, reading blogs in my spare time is what I look forward to.

    I'm with you on the Walking away the Pounds! I will be walking with you in spirit! You look very healthy and rosy! (Unlike me, I think I was on my knees panting yesterday.)

    So much work yet fun to pack for a trip to somewhere warm! Take lots of pictures!

  3. I agree about the Passion, but I can't get my DH to watch it.

  4. I alway agree with anything Jamie Jo says. Great post girl and you could never be boring like you noted on my blog. I always feel better after reading your encouraging posts. Have a blessed weekend. Speaking from experience on traveling especially to Mexico, pack light, you'll be glad you did.

  5. That is a lot of people to pack for! I always use ziploc bags to keep outfits together, so the kids don't go rifling thorough the clothes -- sit on them to squish all the air out.

  6. *through* the clothes, not *thorough*

    They are most definitely thorough when rifling but that's not what I meant. ;-)

    And sit on the ziploc bags, not the kids. Haha!

  7. I think you look BEAUTIFUL, Jamie. Sheesh!

    I bought my four-pound weights today (using them with Yoga and walking). I think of you every time I work out . . . or walk . . . I want to feel good, too. If I get the bonus of dropping a few pounds, fantastic. I just want to feel good.

    Glad you feel good.

  8. Wow, you still have all that snow. I'm in IL and our snow has finally melted with the weather being a balmy 40 degrees. We're getting lots of rain and the grass is still brown and muddy but I know it will soon be Spring! Enjoy your trip to Mexico!

  9. What great story i love this post and i will say to thank you for the posting.

  10. Nice image location photo shoot and and great story thanks for the posting I really impress and happy to after read this story.

  11. I alway agree with anything Jamie Jo says. Great post girl and you could never be boring like you noted on my blog.......


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