Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bringing Two Sisters Together!

This post is from Becky--I just wanted to help her out and get the word out there, this story is
so very touching!!!! 

Recently I've run across a really touching story about a woman who is trying to adopt a child from Reece's Rainbow. Actually, all of these stories are touching, it makes you want to help get the word out there for all of the kids! 

Anyway, Sylvia recently adopted a child from who has Downs Syndrome. Her name is Gabby. She's adjusted well and is very happy. But one day as they were looking at children from Reece's Rainbow, they ran across a picture of Gabby's old roommate, Ava. These two little toddlers used to share the same crib. When Gabby saw Ava's picture, she started to cry and point to the picture. Sylvia was surprised that Gabby still remembered her friend. Since then, she has not been able to get Ava off of her mind. Since then, she's resolved to bring Ava home. She knows that Gabby and Ava are meant to be sisters!

So now she has started a blog for Ava's adoption. She also has a little store, which she is using as a fundraiser for the adoption. The goal is $500 and so far, there nothing has been collected. Sylvia's blog is fairly new, so I'm trying to help get the word out there about her efforts. Please consider visiting her blog, and her store and help her get her little girl home!

Thank you!

OK, oops, I guess she wanted me to link this!!
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Well, they are both issues worth mentioning!!!


  1. I guess I missed this one on Becky's- thank you for sharing! This is so very touching~

  2. I missed it too Shelly, it never went to Google Reader....I found it when I went for todays post....and she asked me in the comments yesterday to link something, I went back and added that link too at the bottom!!

  3. Her story is a special one indeed. Also her web site store is very well done with a great selection of items. I will try to help spread the word. Have a great rest of the week my sweet friend.

  4. You are awesome! Thank you so much!

  5. what a beautiful child of God who needs a family, and God bless Becky and her family. thanks for sharing this story.

  6. Well just the name ...Ava...melts my heart.
    praying for a quick resolution and a warm homecoming and money for these to happen.

  7. I am so honored that you shared our story :) To clarify, we didn't adopt Gabby through Reece's Rainbow, she was adopted through another agency. However, we were able to get Ava posted to RR and now we are desperately trying to reunite the two. Family and friends are pulling together to help make this happen and I am so touched that you all are a part of it as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  8. Reece's Rainbow is wonderful. I'm so glad they are getting more attention. I'll head on over the links and see how we can help.


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